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Fortnite Guide: Deployable Launch Pads locations and where to find them

Traverse the Island easily with these launch pads!

Fortnite developers continuously update the game to keep everything fresh for the millions of players. Fortnite’s unique content is one of the reasons for its huge success as a battle royale. The game’s Building Mode includes one of the oldest pieces, the Launch Pad. The Launch Pads are released with some updates. Now players in the Zero Build mode will get a new deployable version in Fortnite.

There are some higher positions on the Island, only accessible by launching the pad from a building. However, the latest version of the Deployable Launch Pads will allow players to get to higher positions without a building in Fortnite.

Deployable Launch Pads locations in Fortnite

The Deployable Launch Pads often spawn on floor and chest loot. Players will have to explore the places where the Launch Pads have the maximum probability of spawning. The various POIs on the map are Tilted Towers, Rave Cave, Chrome Crossroads, Rocky Reels, and Sleepy Sound. These are most likely to have the maximum number of both chest and floor loot.

Fortnite Deployable Launch Pads
Image via Epic Games

Almost all players who want to grab a Deployable Launch Pad are eyeing these POIs. So, you must remain vigilant while landing in these areas because you are most likely to encounter other players.

The functioning of these Launch Pads is very similar to their functioning in the regular building modes. To use a launch pad, players will first need to deploy it on the desired position in front of them.

Fortnite Deployable Launch Pads
Image via Epic Games

After the pad has been deployed, players need to jump onto it. And this will instantly launch them into the air. Players will be able to redeploy their glider once they are in the air to cover more distances.

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