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Fortnite guide: Tips to play Rocket League in the game

Have fun with League cars in Fortnite!

The cool thing about Rocket League is, it makes soccer interesting by letting you play the game with cars. This simple premise made Rocket League a sensation since its release. Recently, Rocket League has collaborated with Fortnite, allowing players to have some fun with the League cars in the game.

Since the collaboration of these assets, fans have been hammering away at completing a Rocket League-type map in the game. We will share all you need to know about this new update and the Rocket League Creative map codes.

How to play Rocket League in Fortnite via the Island codes

You can try out different vehicle features in different levels that are developed by Epic Games or creator-made. 

Rocket League Octane (Island Code: 7335-2078-5523)

Rocket League Octane
Image via Epic Games

This has to be the hottest map to test the full potential of this new feature as Epic released this prior to the official release. The ramps and obstacles in Octane make it the perfect playground where you can test the manoeuvres of the League cars. Using sticky tires to drive on walls can be helluva fun for players. But unlike the original game, there’s no ball you can push around.

Rocket League Octane Template (Island Code: 7808-4434-5127)

This map is bigger than the one created by Epic. If you want to master vehicle control, this might be the map you are looking for. You can use the boost and perform combos and tricks to earn high XPs.

Open-world octane race (Island Code: 1866-3345-1848)

While this does not really fit in the traditional idea of a race, this map will help players earn experience every time they drive through special tokens. Players can use the octane vehicle to explore new areas and structures like towers and ramps. You can simply drive around the map to gain experience.

Open-world octane race Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Apart from these YouTuber GKI has been able to create a Rocket League game inside of Fortnite. There are two different map codes for playing Rocket League in Fortnite. 6741-7927-4171 for the 1v1 version and 8310-0861-6739 for the 3v3 version.  This is a nascent stage with limited experience. With more creative players contributing to the gameplay we can expect more experience and modes in the upcoming days.

Did you find our guide on how to play Rocket League in Fortnite helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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