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Fortnite: List of best 1v1 Map Codes in the game

Settle it out with your pal in the map of your choice!

Fortnite is a world-famous battle royale game from Epic Games. But other than that it also provides players with the option to fight against each other in a 1v1 setting in various maps. This is a great way to fuel it out with one’s friends in a private location which gives the complete opportunity to prove who has got the highest set of skills. There are a lot of 1v1 map codes available in Fortnite. Each of them has a different setting and design and it’ll take players a lot of time to decide on which is the best one. So in this guide, we’ve listed down some of the best Fortnite 1v1 map codes to save them from the hassle.

Best Fortnite 1v1 Map codes

Here’s the list of some of the best 1v1 map codes available in the game which can be used by players to battle it out with their friends, test out new strategies, and so on. They just need to enter the code provided in the Island Code section of Fortnite and they’ll be able to get into the map easily.

1. Enigma 1v1 Build Battles! Mystics Map Code: 8157-0341-1605

Fortnite Best 1v1 Map Codes
Image via Epic Games

This map includes all of the best weapons out there in Fortnite. Players can choose from mythical weapons and weapons of lower rarity if they want to. All-time favorites such as the Pump Shotgun and the Scar are available on this map.

2. The Ultimate 1v1 Map Map Code: 3229-8027-4424

Players might already get the hint that this is the best creative mode map out there at the moment as the name suggests. It consists of various weapons of several rarities and is a wide open space that forces players to create buildings to survive. So the only way to win on this map is by having the best building for cover and other crucial reasons.

3. FPS 200+ 1v1 Map Code: 4154-2792-1713

Fortnite Best 1v1 Map Codes
Image via Epic Games

As the name suggests, this mode pushes the devices of the players to their maximum frame rate extents. This mode makes Fortnite run incredibly fast and smoothly and takes the game to speeds never seen in a normal battle royale mode.

4. SlowMo 1v1 Map Code: 8378-8516-6514

As it is already clear from the name of this map, it allows players to slow down time and is available as a toggle feature. This means that they’ll be able to turn it on to train their aim, and practice their building skills for intense situations and also for 1v1 battles. It works as a very useful training ground for players to test their skills before they use it in the Battle Royale.

5. One Tap Combat 1v1 Map Code: 6031-6088-2046

This mode helps players improve their accuracy as every shot counts as it is a matter of winning or losing. No matter what gun the player has, if it’s of high rarity or not if one successfully lands a shot, it will be lethal enough to immediately eliminate the opponent. This is a great map for experienced players of Fortnite who want to try out and showcase their skills.

6. FOV Slider 1v1 Map Code: 0368-8691-4307

Fortnite Best 1v1 Map Codes
Image via Epic Games

This map allows players to customize their field of view (FOV) in the game in whatever way they deem fit. This provides them with a completely new perspective while fighting in Fortnite which they won’t be able to get in the battle royale. This is what makes this map very unique but it’ll also take some to get used to by players who have never been to here before.

These are all the best Fortnite 1v1 map codes available in the game as of now. Players should keep in mind that this list is completely subjective and they won’t be wrong if they don’t agree with everything mentioned above. This list has been made in such a way that it caters to as many players as possible and their different needs successfully.

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