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Fortnite Mobile: 10 Best Guns to dominate every match

It’s quite important for the players of Fortnite Mobile to understand the fact that proper selection of firearms is a very important part of the game. The weapons that you choose greatly influence your chances to win that Victory Royale. Here we have listed out the 10 best guns in Fortnite Mobile in order to give you an idea of which weapons to keep for the whole game, and which weapons to replace before you get to the final circle in the game.

What are the best guns in Fortnite Mobile?

Jules’ Drum Gun

best guns in Fortnite Mobile, Fortnite Mobile best guns

Jules’ Drum Gun is filled with so many bullets, that you’ll be able to mow down your opponents, whether that’s their health or their builds. This gun can easily destroy an entire build battle in seconds with its highly impressive fire rate. Not only this, but it also has huge ammo capacity and good damage output. Using this gun in close-quarter combat will quickly eliminate any enemies you come across.

Tactical Shotgun

best guns in Fortnite Mobile, Fortnite Mobile best guns

The Tactical Shotgun not only has high damage in close-quarter combat but also has a high fire rate. When fighting somebody up close, it is easy to spam the trigger and still land a few shots due to the fire rate. Since the Pump Shotgun has been vaulted, the Tactical Shotgun is definitely the primary choice for low range combat, being much faster than the Charge Shotgun. Another plus to the Tactical Shotgun is that it shouldn’t be that hard to find, as it’s fairly common all over the map.


best guns in Fortnite Mobile, Fortnite Mobile best guns

The SCAR. The legendary and epic rarity of the assault rifle which is essential to get to the victory royale. This gun has an impressive 198 DPS (damage-per-second) output and can mow down any opponents you see. The SCAR is crucial for medium-range and long-range combat. You can use it even for short-range combat if you use it well. The only disadvantage of the SCAR is its reload speed, with other common, uncommon, and rare assault rifles having a slightly faster reload speed. However, the massive damage output makes up for this slight disadvantage.

Rapid Fire SMG

best guns in Fortnite Mobile, Fortnite Mobile best guns

The Rapid Fire SMG is a weapon with extremely high DPS. This weapon has more DPS than both the P90 Submachine Gun and Jules’ Drum Gun! Be careful though, even with high fire rate and low reload speed, you’ll have to hit most of your shots on point if you want to land an elimination.

With only 26 bullets per magazine, you are probably going to be eliminated if you don’t manage to hit your shots correctly on an enemy.

Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle

best guns in Fortnite Mobile, Fortnite Mobile best guns

Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle will fire a burst of three shots per second when you pull the trigger. This allows it to annihilate opponents with accurate shots. You’ll have an upper-hand if you’re fighting in long to mid-range combat. However, be careful with this weapon in close-quarter combat, because it really struggles to be effective in that case.

P90 Submachine Gun

best guns in Fortnite Mobile, Fortnite Mobile best guns

The P90 submachine gun is a very strong weapon, especially when it comes to close-quarter combat. However, it may not be as strong as other close-ranged weapons, such as Midas’ Drum Gun. The P90 is a great alternative if you don’t manage to find another close-ranged weapon.

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

best guns in Fortnite Mobile, Fortnite Mobile best guns

The Bolt-action sniper rifle can obliterate an opponent with one shot (if you land a headshot), even if they have full health and maximum shield, making the bolt-action the best sniper rifle in Fortnite Mobile. The only downside to this gun is that it only has one bullet per clip, and the reload time is very long. If you prefer long-range combat over medium or short-range combat, this gun should be your best friend.

Rocket Launcher

Fortnite Mobile rocket launcher

If a rocket is hurling towards you and you see it even a second too late, you can say goodbye to that victory royale. The rocket launcher rips opponents to shreds, and paired with its outstanding range will prove to be very useful in the final circles. The rocket launcher also allows you to ride on the missile if you time it correctly. This might help win a game if you’re playing duos or squads.

Hunting Rifle

best guns in Fortnite Mobile, Fortnite Mobile best guns

The Hunting Rifle is the only alternative to the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle in Fortnite Mobile right now. It can be useful because it holds more ammo per clip but doesn’t do as much damage. If you’re new to Fortnite Mobile and aren’t as accurate, then try picking up the Hunting Rifle. However, the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is usually a better choice when it comes to long-range combat.

Legendary Pistol

Fortnite Mobile legendary pistol

If you find a legendary pistol when looting, don’t drop it just because it’s a pistol. The legendary pistol actually has fast reload speed and has great damage output and damage per second. It has 195 DPS, which is more than every assault rifle in Fortnite Mobile (except the legendary SCAR). Don’t take this weapon over other assault rifles, though, as this pistol only holds 16 bullets per clip. That may be enough to do some nice damage only if you can hit your shots.

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