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Fortnite OG: Tips to get all the Eminem skins in the game

Feel like a rap god!

Fortnite is going to host the BIG BANG event on December 2, 2023, and it is going to be its biggest ever update ever. In this event, Fortnite is going to collaborate with none other than Slim Shady himself. This won’t be the first type that Fortnite is collaborating with a pop star. Eminem won’t just feature in the BIG BANG event in Fortnite OG but also will have his own cosmetic set and skins for you to collect in the game. Here’s everything that is coming into the game as a part of this collab and how to get it

Eminem skins in Fortnite OG

A total of three different skins of Eminem will be available for you to acquire in Fortnite OG. One will be his classic rap outfit, another a superhero outfit, and at last a more dapper outfit. You will also be able to get a limited-time special Edit Style for one of the outfits if you participate in the BIG BANG event.

Fortnite BIG BANG event to bring Eminem-themed skins
Image via Epic Games

 The skins have been available for you to buy since November 29, 2023, and will stay well into the new season. The new skins of Eminem are a part of the Icon Series and it comes along with more cosmetic items based on the rapper. Here’s everything you need to know about it

Slim Shady Bundle

The whole bundle will cost 2500 V-Bucks and will save you 1700 V-Bucks in turn which would be wasted if you would buy all the items that are included in this bundle separately. Here’s everything you’ll find inside this five-item bundle.

1. Rap Boy

This version of the skin is based on Eminem’s early song Without Me. In this, he played a parody version of Batman’s sidekick Robin. Since Fortnite was not allowed to use the actual design of the character, the designers needed to get creative and find a way to pay homage to the song. If bought separately, this skin will cost you 1500 V-Bucks.

2. Shady Double Saw Pickaxe

This is a brightly colored pickaxe that works from both sides. It is available for 800 V-Bucks in the Item Shop and is reactive even when hitting weak points.

3. Slim Shady

This is the iconic outfit of Eminem which he used in his popular song The Real Slim Shady. This skin is available for 1900 V-Bucks in the Item Shop and comes along with three different styles. The first one is the iconic blonde Hair, T-shirt, and jacket which were used in the original music video.

Fortnite OG Eminem Slim Shady skin
Image via Epic Games

The second style features Slim Shady wearing headphones while the third style comes with a built-in emote. It is known as the Mask Up emote and makes the character put up his hoodie and wear a diamond-encrusted mask that has glowing orange eyes.

4. Shady Boombox Back Bling

This is a reactive back bling that comes along with a detachable microphone and speakers which react to what is going on. You can wear it on your back and carry it along everywhere. This item comes along with the Slim Shady skin itself which means you won’t need to buy it separately.

5. Real Slim Shady Emote

This emote is a must-have for die-hard Eminem fans. It will play the iconic The Real Slim Shady song along with some funky animations that go along with it. It is available in the Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks.

Marshall Never More Bundle

This one is a five-item bundle that comes for 2000 V-Bucks and will save you a total of 1200 V-Bucks which would be needed if you buy all the items in this bundle separately. Here’s everything that comes along with the bundle.

1. Marshall Never More

This skin is based on the much more recent album of Eminem which goes by the name of Music to be Murdered. It features the rapper wearing a clean black suit along with a fedora of the same color. It can be bought for 1500 V-Bucks and comes along with four different styles.

Fortnite OG Eminem Marshall Never More skin
Image via Epic Games

The first style is the default one which shows Eminem in a buttoned-up black suit. The second one is called the Sleeves Rolled style and features the character with the top button undone, the tie loosened and the jacket completely gone. The third style is the Marshall Noir style which shows the skin of Eminem grey in colour with the tie now being red. The last one is called the Marshall Magma style and is an exclusive for the Fortnite OG BIG BANG event which features Eminem with cracked magma eyes and skin.

2. Raven’s Stare Back Bling

This back bling comes along with the Marshall Never More skin which means you won’t need to buy it separately. It features a sharp and evil-looking raven which is made out of metal as a crest and has Eminem’s logo engraved onto it showing the letter ‘E’.

3. Mom’s Spaghetti Back Bling

You can buy this back bling for 400 V-Bucks from the item shop. It is based on the popular lyric of Eminem from his song Lose Yourself. The back bling features a bag that can seen carrying some nicely cooked spaghetti and meatballs. It is a great reference for every diehard Eminem fan in the game.

4. Raven Express Glider

This glider comes in two different styles and will cost you 800 V-Bucks. The first style is named Raven Express while the second one is called Jet Fighter and will help you make an entry into the map in style.

5. Axe ‘Bout Me Pickaxe

This pickaxe is dual wielded which means you’ll be able to use both of them at once. They are made out of wood and have ‘E’ written on the metal blades, which is Eminem’s logo. You can get this pickaxe for 500 V-Bucks.

How to get the special Magma Edit Style in Fortnite OG

The BIG BANG event is going to be the final event of Fortnite OG. It is going to begin on December 2, 2023, at 2 PM ET. It will be a live event and if you can attend it successfully you will rewarded with the Marshall Magma edit style as well as The BIG BANG loading screen which will also feature Eminem. You’ll need to purchase the Marshall Never More skin beforehand so that you can use this edit style once you come back for Chapter 5.

Fortnite OG Eminem skins bundles cosmetic items
Image via Epic Games

All the Eminem skins and bundles are available in Fortnite OG as of November 29, 2023, and will most likely stay in the game for a few more days even after the current season ends. It is still unpredictable as to how long they will stay in the store so if you have plans to buy any of the items mentioned above, you should get them from the Item Shop in Fortnite at the earliest.

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