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Fortnite Summer Escape: Tips to find and eat Ice cream cones in the game

Finish one of the easiest quests in the event!

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games in the market. Epic Games does its best to keep the game interesting and challenging for its players so they don’t get bored of it. They often introduce new skins, weapons, quests and challenges with each new update and the players wait eagerly for it. Now the developers have yet again introduced a new event consisting of various quests that will go on from July 4, 2023, to July 18, 2023. The event is called Fortnite Summer Escape and one of the quests requires the players to eat ice cream cones. So here’s how they can do it.

Ice cream cone locations in the Fortnite Summer Escape event

There are different types of ice creams available on the island and players will need to eat at least five of them to complete the quest successfully. Upon completion, they will be rewarded with 30,000 experience points in return. 

Fortnite Summer Escape eat ice cream cones
Image via Epic Games

These ice cream cones don’t have a specific spawn location so players can’t pinpoint where they might find them and so it might take some time to come across all five of them. But they can look around POIs such as Frenzy Fields and Creeky Compounds as they have higher spawn probability for these items.

How to eat Ice cream cones in the Fortnite Summer Escape event

After players have successfully located an ice cream cone, they simply need to pick it up and add it to their inventory. After that, all they need to do is equip the ice cream cone like a weapon and click on the fire button which will make the character eat the ice cream.

Fortnite Summer Escape eat ice cream cones
Image via Epic Games

After eating it, players will gain a special perk depending on what type of ice cream cone they are. There are a total of five ice creams available for this quest and each of them provides a different type of perk to the players. So here’s every type of ice cream along with the special perk it provides:

  • Ice cream cone (Common) – Restores HP
  • Spicy ice cream cone (Common)– Restores HP and increases movement speed
  • Frozen ice cream cone (Common) – Restores HP and makes the player’s character slide faster and longer
  • Guzzling ice cream cone (Uncommon) – Restores HP over time
  • Lil Whip’s special serve (Legendary) – Restores HP and shields along with also having a special slurp effect.

And that’s all about this easy quest.

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