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Fortnite x Dragon Ball: Dragon Balls locations and where to find them

The quest to grant one wish!

Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the market right now. It is an action-packed battle royale game from Epic Games, known for its frequent updates and collaborative events with popular franchises. This is the second time that the game is collaborating with the hit anime Dragon Ball and a lot of new quests have been included because of it. One of them is to collect all seven Dragon Balls and here’s how one can find their locations in Fortnite

Dragons Balls in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

As a part of the crossover event, Adventure Island has been reintroduced in Fortnite where players will need to complete a quest by collecting seven Dragon Balls for Shernon which are scattered all across the island.

Players might come across some hints to help them find out where the Dragon Balls might be located, but one might miss them by mistake and that’s why we’ve listed all the locations for the players from where they can obtain the Dragon Balls to finish this quest easily.

How to find locations of Dragon Balls in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

To start the quest, players first need to get themselves to Adventure Island. They can do that by either entering the code 5642-8525-5429 on the Island Code Tab or by simply heading over to the “Discover” tab and selecting the Adventure Island map from the Creatives modes section. 

After getting to the island, the hint for the first location would be provided to the players and the rest of them will be given from the radar which can be seen in the anime. Here are all the locations where the seven Dragon Balls can be founded but players should remember that certain criteria would need to be fulfilled before they get access to some of the locations.

1. Quest Board

Fortnite Dragon Balls quest board
Image via Epic Games

This location will be tipped off to the players at first when they first load into the Island. Here they will find their first Dragon Ball and after that, they will need to look at the radar on the table which is nearby and will point to the other locations of the Dragon Balls.

2. Goku’s House

Fortnite Dragon Balls locations Gokus house
Image via Epic Games

For this location, players will need to first enter the spaceship which can be done by standing on top of the raising platform which is located just outside the fighting arena. Once one gets access inside the spaceship, the need to select the switch for Goku’s House. After reaching there, players will need to craft three different kinds of fish right outside the house, and doing so will reward them with another Dragon Ball.

3. Docks

Fortnite Dragon Balls docks
Image via Epic Games

The Dragon Ball in this location is hidden and won’t be visible in plain sight so players need to make sure that it pops up on the radar and know its exact location before they go and look for it. Once the players activate the radar, a marker will appear which will lead them to the Dragon Ball which can be seen sitting right next to Bulma.

4. Room of Spirit and Time

Fortnite Dragon Balls locations room of spirit and time
Image via Epic Games

Players can reach this location by going through the spaceship by using the door which is located at Kami’s Place behind the pedestal. Once one reaches there, they will need to complete an obstacle in the way before they can get their Dragon Ball and also gain a good amount of experience in the process.

5. Kami’s Place

Fortnite Dragon Balls Kami's place
Image via Epic Games

Players can teleport to this location by using the spaceship they used to get into Goku’s House. Once there players can notice the markers for the race. They’ll need to grab a Nimbus Cloud and ride through the jet streams following the path that the green markers make as they appear. After finishing the race, a Dragon Ball will appear on the pedestal from where the player started the race near Vegeta.

6. Beerus’ Planet

Fortnite Dragon Balls beeru's place
Image via Epic Games

Same as for a number of locations, players will need to use a spaceship to reach this location too. Once there, they’ll need to destroy multiple rocks using the Kamehameha ability and when they’ve successfully destroyed the required amount of rocks, a Dragon Ball will appear next to Beerus’ table.

7. Resort Area

Fortnite Dragon Balls resort area
Image via Epic Games

After the players have collected all six Dragon Balls successfully, they’ll need to head back to the Resort Area from where they first started this quest. There they will see that the seventh Dragon Ball is placed on a pedestal beside the Quest Board. Picking it up will mark the end of the quest and the player will be teleported in front of Shenron where one can choose between yellow or blue as the flowing energy to their skin as a reward.

What are your thoughts about our guide to finding locations of Dragon Balls in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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