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Fortnite x Star Wars: Tips to unlock the Stormtrooper reskins in the game

Unlock various Stormtrooper skins as a part of the Find the Force event!

Fortnite has yet again come up with a new collaboration in their v24.30 patch update and it’s Star Wars this time. There are hardly any popular franchises left that have not collaborated with Epic Games’ battle royale. Even though Star Wars skins have been available in the game before, the Find the Force event is the first-ever large-scale collaboration the franchise is having with the game. A lot of new cosmetics and skins are a part of Fortnite and Star Wars collaboration with Stormtrooper reskin being one of them, here’s how players can get their hands on it.

How to get the Stormtrooper reskin in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA

As the event has just started, players will need to take some time and complete the weekly quests of the Find the Force event. This will help them increase their Galactic Reputation.

Fortnite Star Wars Stormtrooper reskin guide
Image via Epic Games

When they will reach particular milestones, they’ll be able to unlock particular cosmetic items amongst which Stormtrooper reskins will be a part of the rewards. If players are interested in getting access to the skins, they should hurry up in finishing the quests and challenges as this event will be live till May 23, 2023 only. But the catch is, to unlock these rewards, players will need to pay additional money to buy the event pass even though they have already bought the battle pass of the current season.

Fortnite Star Wars Stormtrooper
Image via Epic Games

If players choose to buy the event pass, a lot of skins will be unlocked for them to retrieve along with the Darth Maul skin at the end of the event. Players can also choose to wait for the skins to reappear in the Item Shop and buy them using V-Bucks if they somehow miss out on them this time round.

Did you find our guide to unlocking the Stormtrooper reskin during Fortnite and Star Wars collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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