FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23 2021/22: Best teams to target and avoid

Plan your moves accordingly!

The globally-unwanted pandemic is still raging on and has seen a major uproar in recent weeks. Matches are being canceled all over the place, and there is no certainty over what will happen going forward. Similarly, Fantasy Premier League is a major mess, with unexpected blanks and injuries causing mayhem amongst the FPL community. Whilst the enjoyment of making the successful decision has been diminished recently, there is still the ability to impact a little of what is controllable. Having a squad of active players spread out amongst all teams is likely to be a game-changing factor ahead of the hectic weeks forthcoming. This article, FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22, covers the higher priority teams to target, and the less preferable as well accounting for the next 5 gameweeks.

FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22: Fixtures to Target

These teams have some good fixtures to look forward to amongst the next 5 gameweeks. Their assets are worth looking at to transfer in ahead of the schedule.

1. West Ham United

West Ham has rightfully established themselves as serious competitors in the league this season, after their strong run last campaign. Having beaten Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City (EFL Cup) this season, they are definitely a team to be afraid of playing against. They currently sit at an impressive 5th, ever since their defeat against Arsenal which knocked them out of the top 4. Luckily, the Hammers will face mostly comfortable opposition from now though. Southampton, Watford, Palace, Leeds, and United are the next 5 teams on West Ham’s fixture schedule – ideal for any team. Four of the five opposition sides sit in the bottom half of the table and the majority also ranks low in many defensive stats as well.

The Hammers are also tipped for an early double gameweek, potentially in GW21. If it were to happen, Crystal Palace and Norwich would be the ones paired together – both very good fixtures.

FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22: West Ham United

This is a great time to transfer in some of the many available West Ham attackers. The side rank 4th for the most goals this season, and has produced the 5th best xG this season. The first player that comes to mind from West Ham is obviously, their star striker Michail Antonio (7.9 million – 40.1%). Despite having dropped firm in recent weeks, his high ownership could make him an essential if he finally starts returning points. The next best option would ideally be Midfielder Jarod Bowen (6.5 million – 7.5%), who offers a much more differential outlook.

West Ham defenders aren’t the most reliable options as opposed to the attackers, since they’ve kept just 4 clean sheets all season. However, despite that, Fabianski (5.0 million – 2.3%) has been tallying up the save points in the background. He even saved a penalty in the last match for his first double-digit haul of the season.

2. Watford

The recent COVID outbreak for Watford meant that they haven’t played since GW16. However, they still offer some explosive, affordable FPL assets and have a pretty comfortable fixture schedule lined up too. Wolves, West Ham, Spurs, Newcastle, and Norwichmake up the next five fixtures for Watford, which may not seem utmost flashy, but are the best types of fixtures for budget rotation players, which Watford have an abundance to offer. Games against Wolves, Newcastle, and Norwich are ideally when the Watford players make the starting XI in FPL teams.

Watford is one of the 7 teams that look likely to have back-to-back double game-weeks. In GW21 and GW22, they will come up against Tottenham/Burnley, then Newcastle/Crystal Palace respectively.

FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 18-22 2021/22
FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22: Watford

The main two Watford players who are the most popular right now, are obviously Emmanuel Dennis (5.9 million – 38%) and Joshua King (5.8 million). Dennis is the highest-scoring forward in the game, having asses 84 FPL points this season. He has 4 double-digit hauls and has established himself as one of the most popular picks this season. King may not have made as strong an impact with just 2 double-digit hauls, but his lower ownership makes him a strong differential pick with a high-risk-high-reward theme.

3. Arsenal

Arsenal has recently bounced back from a sudden dip in form and now looks like quite a strong team. Having just beaten West Ham and Leeds to secure the top 4 of the league table. The next 3 fixtures feature Norwich and Wolves, both being winnable games for the on-form Gunners. Though the view declines a little after, with Manchester City and Spurs following, it would still be advised to hold on to the Arsenal assets, as the games after still include some appealing opposition, including the home game against Burnley in GW23.

Arsenal haven’t the brightest prospects ahead of the double game-week mayhem, however, they do enjoy a potential double in GW22 against Spurs and Chelsea. Both are top 6 teams and strong rivalries, so anything could happen.

FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22: Arsenal

A variety of names have been popularised in FPL from Arsenal this season. The most owned player is Smith Rowe (6 million), who although is a good option, it is worth knowing that there may be rotation in future weeks. Martinelli (5.2 million) has risen to the occasion and has started the last 5 games whilst ESR had his injury. As a result, there is now more competition for the English youngster which doesn’t necessarily guarantee a starting position. In addition, Martin Odegaard‘s (5.5 million) good form makes the CAM position prone to rotation as well. It is advised to choose selectively amongst Arsenal attackers.

Since the Gunners have kept the 3rd most clean sheets this season (8), Arsenal defenders should be the ones to target. Ramsdale (5.1 million) is one of the best value keepers in the game, and any of the back 4 could also be profitable.

4. Aston Villa

Villa has seen a reassuring resurgence under Steven Gerrard‘s new management, with 3 wins in the last 5 games, only losing the 2 inevitable ones against Manchester City and Liverpool. Now up to 10th place, Villa will be hoping to grab some more points with their decent-looking schedule coming up. Between GWs 18 and 22, the club will face Chelsea, Leeds, Brentford, United, and Everton. Although there are obviously two top 6 sides, the other 3 are all good-looking fixtures and can make life much easier for FPL squad rotation.

Villa will be put through a potential double in GW22 against United and Burnley, which is something to look forward to as well.

FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 18-22 2021/22
FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22: Aston Villa

The main Villa asset is Ollie Watkins (7.7 million), who has come off the back of a 12 point haul against Norwich. He is the leading outfield points scorer at his club and is the ideal pick in the coming gameweeks. Other promising options include Emiliano Martinez (5.5 million) who may not have had the same impact as last year in FPL, but is still a top-quality keeper to own, if the budget is available.

5. Everton

A very rocky ride this season sees the usually strong competition in Everton, drop down to 14th place. Their last 1-1 draw against Chelsea could be a source of hope though, as the fixtures look promising. Although Everton’s GW18 match against Leicester was postponed, the matches after still look appealing. The Toffees face Burnley, Newcastle, Brighton, Norwich, and Aston Villa in the following five game-weeks, which is a great opportunity for the side to regain crucial form and climb back up the table.

Everton is another one of the many teams with a potential double game-week around the corner. The Toffees could be up against Norwich and Leicester in GW22, which will be something to keep an eye on.

FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22: Everton

The abundance of injuries to many key players has hindered Everton’s progression and limited the number of assets too. Demarai Gray (5.6 million) is the best pick by far, both budget-wise and potential points-wise as well. His 66 points all season are the most out of his teammates, and his cut-price is another plus. Pickford (4.9 million) could become a differential goalkeeper, who put in a strong performance the last game-week against Chelsea. His 9 saves contributed to a respectable 8 point return.

FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22: Teams to Avoid

These sides have either been the most impacted by injuries/postponements or have not got fixtures worth looking forward to. It is advised to avoid transferring these players to your FPL teams and look elsewhere for better options.

Note: Some FPL managers may still own some players from these teams already. If that is the case, it may open another separate decision on whether they are worth selling or not. For each team, a suggestion for this is indicated.

1. Leeds United

The recent 7-0 thrashing against Manchester City would have caused the player’s confidence levels to drop drastically. Arsenal then piled on the pressure, even more, thrashing the Peacocks 4-1. Leeds face Liverpool, Villa, Burnley, West Ham, and then Newcastle in the next 5 weeks, including a top 6 side, West Ham, and an improving Villa. Furthermore, the starting XI has been plagued with injuries and suspensions as well. They were without a huge portion of their squad last time out in GW18. To make matters worse, it is not COVID-related either, so chances of another postponed match are unlikely. Although some players may return for GW19, it’s likely to still be a difficult runout away at Anfield.

Only 5 teams are on the list of those without a potential double gameweek, one of them being Leeds. Yet another reason against picking up these assets, since there are so many better options available.

FPL Leeds FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 18-22 2021/22
FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22: Leeds United

Whilst Raphinha (6.6 million) is still rumored to be available, a lot of his teammates will not be in the squad alongside him. Especially with the fixtures looking really tough for the Peacocks, it is best to part ways with Raphinha at the earliest, and use the funds to bring in another midfielder.

2. Brentford

Brentford is another one of the many teams without a fixture in GW18, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look too great for the following that as well. After having missed 2 gameweeks already, Brentford will have to travel away to Brighton, then face Manchester City, Villa, Liverpool, and then Wolves, which is not appealing in the slightest. The lack of match fitness from having missed GW17 and GW18 will cause problems to the players, and so it will be difficult for them to pick up a result.

Although Brentford is potentially going to have two double game-weeks in both GW21 and GW22, the latter seems more of a drawback. Though the GW21 setup looks decent, with Aston Villa and Southampton in the line-up, GW22 could see the Bees face both Liverpool and United, back-to-back.

, FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23 2021/22: Brentford

The most owned player from the Bees is Ivan Toney (6.6 million) who has had a very rocky campaign. His 55 points have not lived up to expectations, and have included random dips in form in between as well. There are better options than Toney in attack, and it is advised to make this a high-priority transfer.

3. Leicester City

Leicester has been unable to play in GW17 and didn’t play again in GW18 as well. If all goes to plan, the Foxes will make their return in GW19, but it won’t be an appealing one, as they will be pit straight up against the top 2 in the league back to back. An away trip to Manchester City and another game against Liverpool is almost as worse as it gets and is not something convincing at all. However, things do brighten up after that, as Leicester is given a chance to build form against Norwich, Burnley, and Brighton after that.

Leicester has a good set-up ahead of the double gameweek, as they may be enjoying two doubles in two weeks. They could be facing Norwich and Tottenham in GW21, followed by Burnley and Everton in GW22. Though the Foxes aren’t ones you’d want to start in GW19 and GW20, it is advised to plan for them eventually.

FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 18-22 2021/22
FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 19-23, 2021/22: Leicester City

Jamie Vardy (10.6 million) has failed to return since GW13 and is one of the top priorities to transfer out in the coming weeks. A large amount of cash put into owning Vardy is simply not worth it. However, it is worth keeping a tab on him after selling, alongside other players like Maddison and Barnes. The fixtures do improve after GW21 for Leicester.

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