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Free Fire: 10 Best gun combinations to outperform the enemies

Know about the best combos!

Free Fire has a variety of weaponry available to play, practice, and achieve victory in its large Battle Royale maps and other game modes. It has more than 50 gun combinations for players. Starting from long-range machine guns, sniper, shotguns, semi machine guns to pistols. Below we shall list the top 10 best gun combinations in Free Fire.

What are the best gun combinations in Free Fire


Snipers are used by players who have high accuracy and know about bullet drop and fast switching. There are two best combination for snipers.

1. M82B + AK

Best gun combinations in Free Fire

M82B gun was introduced in 2020 with an inbuilt special ability to shoot through gloo walls. With the help of some additional damage and a shot of m82b user can easily knock opponent. Our secondary gun should be AK. It has high rate of fire and high damage which can help in killing and eliminating opponent much faster than any other combo.

2. AWM + M14

Best gun combinations in Free Fire

AWM gun has highest body damage. This gun can easily give 150 damage to player and with extra damage that players can kill the opponent finally. If you have M14(Advanced version), you can kill in one shot. This is the best combination for player who does 1v4 or 1v2.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifle are used for long spray and damage. There are two best combinations for those who prefer assault rifle.

1. Parafal + M1887

Parafal is a gun skin which is recently added and has little to no recoil. This is the best gun for long range battle. Even without a skin this is the best for long range. Now about secondary gun, M1887. It is one of the most overpowered gun of its time and again is equally good without any skin.

2. Dragonav + MP40

Dragonav gun is the highest damage AR gun with 120 damage without skin and 130 with skin, which can easily kill opponent with 2-3 shots (any level of vest). Secondary gun should be MP40. This gun doesn’t have highest damage but has the highest rate of fire. The strategy is to give one shot of dragonav and 5 second of spray will easily eliminate enemy.


One tapper players are the ones who have to kill opponent in one shot and are best for custom room.

1. M1887 + Deagle

M1887 has the best damage and accuracy for one taps. It will be better with Winterland’s skin but is also good without skin. Deagle on same case is best without skin.

2. SKS + M1873

SKS has second highest damage amongst ARs and has perfect or nearly perfect range for one taps and can also be better for full spray. It can help in full map with the secondary gun being M1873. This gun is a hand gun with highest damage and can give one tap without any issue as it has less accuracy and can be easily dragged.

Clash squad weapons

Clash squad has a separate player base and all these players want to know which gun combination is best.

1. Vector + M1887

Best gun combinations in Free Fire

Vector is recently added to the game and clash squad. It is the second-highest rate of fire gun. This can easily shred an opponent’s vest. The secondary gun should also be short-range with good damage which is M1887.

2. M1014 + P90

Best gun combinations in Free Fire

M1014 again is a short-range gun with good damage for short and with 6 ammo per magazine which will be easy to spray fire and damage opponent easily. The secondary gun should be a mid range gun with a good rate of fire and damage. Most of the players chose P90, which has the highest damage in SMG gun and stands as the most preferred.

Miscellaneous Combination

In this category we will put some of the airdrop guns and some of the most odd ones that can be preferred

1. M79 + M82B

Best gun combinations in Free Fire

Two guns with one having the ability to shred through gloo walls and other which can shoot over the gloo wall. Seems great combination , M79 has ability to shoot over the gloo wall and M82B can shred through gloo wall.

2. Double vector

Best gun combinations in Free Fire

The best gun combination for short range, Vector is the first gun with akimbo mode and with Two vector no other short range gun can withstand.

Did you find these 10 Best gun combinations in Free Fire helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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