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Free Fire Discount Event: Everything you need to know

Who loves a good discount?

Discounts are always so fascinating in Free Fire. We are all drawn towards Discount sales and all in every aspect. If you get a discount on the game, what else do you need! That too where you can get the latest elite pass, character, fashion bundles, and many more. None of the previous discount events came with such great rewards. So here is all you need to know about the Free Fire Discount event coming up this month.

What is in store for the players in Free Fire Discount event?

1. Buy 1 Get 2 Free

How does the Buy 1 Get 2 event work? Gamers have to buy one reward from the left side and then will get 2 chances to spin the wheel on the right side of the event page. It has many rare bundles, gun crates, gloo skin, badges etc. These items can be obtained one by one.

In this event, many rare bundles from the previous events and various catchy emote will be claimable. The red warrior bundle can be obtained free by buying any one of the items on the left side. A rare emote named Rose Emote can be bought directly from the left side of the event section. With that, there are 2 more bundles and 1 gun crate which can appear at random. On the right side, there are M1887 Tropical Parrot Skin’s crate with gloo wall skin, Astro Dino bundles, and many more.

Free Fire Discount event

These are all possible rare and catchy items which can be obtained by Buy 1 Get 2 Free event, starting from Rose emote, Nuclear shelter gloo skin , I heart U emote , etc. Some items which can be bought are Elite pass and Yellow warrior bundle (Female). This event is expected to start on 20th October.

2. Supermarket 8.0

Free Fire Discount event

How Supermarket 8.0 will work? Players have to select items from the top part of the event page, there is a total of 8 items in all. The discount works according to the number of items purchased. Buying one item will lead to 50℅ discount, buying 2 items will lead to 60℅ and after buying 3 items this leads to 90℅ discount. This event will be arriving on the 25th of October.

3. The Red Warrior Bundle

Red warrior bundle is mostly bought by famous youtubers and is famous because of its white bun which gives it a horrifying as well as  cool looking effect along with animations on red area of bundle. This bundle will have Yellow background which depicts that this bundle is rare to found.

4. I Heart U Emote

Free Fire Discount event

This emote is rare as its first appearance came in 1k diamond top up event. At that time very few players had money to top up that amount of diamonds and this emote is legendary too. This emote can give good competition to the rose emote.

We hope you find this Free Fire Discount event article helpful. Also, don’t forget to drop your opinions in the comments!

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