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Free Fire Incubator Guide: Everything you need to know

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular games around the globe, with over 500 Million+ downloads across all the platforms. One of the prime features of the game, the age-old incubator is still confusing to many players. This Free Fire Incubator guide will tell you what it is and what you can do in it. It is a premium-based Luck Royale as it is quite expensive to get the items required.

What is the Incubator in Free Fire?

Free Fire Incubator Guide

Every 60 days i.e. 2 months, the prize theme of the incubator changes. You can spin to win weapon skins or bundles. Every rotation once it has been decided if there’s going to be weapon skin or bundle, the theme of that skin will match with the other skins which will be color variants and have different effects if it is a gun skin rotation.

How do you win an item in the Incubator?

To redeem a prize, you will need 2 objects – the Evolution Stone and the Blueprint. The minimum of these you will need is 3 Evolution Stones and 1 Blueprint, and then the prize ascends per color in a random order which is chosen by Garena. here the most expensive is 7 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints.

What is an easy way to get Evolution Stones and Blueprints?

Free Fire Incubator Guide
Evolution Stone
Free Fire Incubator Guide
Older Blueprint

Getting Evolutions stones is much easier than Blueprints but here is how can you get them. You can get Evolution Stones by buying the Elite Pass. This will cost you 180 badges where there will be an Evolution stone waiting for you. Sometimes you can also get them for free in events but this is very rare.

Also, you can get Blueprints by top-up events easily. Though it is expensive but it is guaranteed that you will get a blueprint. But keep in mind that unless you spin for more Blueprints, you will only be able to get the lowest tier item. The amount of diamonds you need to top-up for a blueprint depends on the server. In the EU server, it is usually 2000 diamonds but in other servers, it can be 1000 diamonds or even 500 diamonds. But do remember that not all top-up events give Blueprints away.

What should you do if you only have Blueprints and no Evolution Stones?

If you have no Evolution Stones not much can be done other than the methods explained. But if you have more than 3 Blueprints, you can wait for the next rotation and convert the previous Blueprints to the new ones. Every 3 Blueprints from the previous rotation converts to 1 new Blueprint. You can also hold on to the Blueprints as sometimes Incubators have been known to return to previous rotations.

That’s all about the Free Fire Incubator guide.

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