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Frontline Hero: Epic war games Hero Tier List for December 2023

Create your squad using the most powerful and awesome Heroes!

Frontline Hero: Epic war games, a Tower Defense RPG game. Frontline Hero offers a game featuring a unique blend of tower defense, RPG, and gacha gameplay. In this war-torn, futuristic landscape, you will need to defend your base from waves of relentless enemies using your strategic prowess. To help you choose the best Heroes for your team, we’ve compiled a Hero Tier List for Frontline Hero: Epic war games

Frontline Hero: Epic war games Hero Tier List for December 2023

In this Tier List, we assess and rank the top Hero in Frontline Hero: Epic war games. We’ve split Heros into four categories: Overpowered (S+)Strong (S), Good (A), and Fair (B) to make it easy for gamers to understand each Hero’s benefits and strengths.

Overpowered (S+)RaijinLian, HuliRuzzLumiChiaki, Sulla
Strong (S)FengCharon, VesperMagnus, MarsLily, AliciaPiper, Natalya, Veronica
Good (A)BrigitRing, EdithMaeve, Hazel
Fair (B)Ember, Tris

Best Meta Heros in Frontline Hero: Epic war games for December 2023

Attacker – Raijin

Raijin is the top-notch Attacker in Frontline Hero. He has a cool move called Judgement Cut that lets him vanish for a bit and slice up random enemies up to 12 times. Each slice really packs a punch, dealing 120% damage based on his attack power, and some of those hits might even be critical.

Frontline Hero Epic war games Hero Tier List
Image via Fansipan Limited

Plus, his passive skill, Sharpen, makes it more likely for him to land critical hits by boosting his critical chance by 30%.

Caster – Lian

In Frontline Hero, Lian is a top-tier Caster. Her special move, Aquatic Maelstrom, creates a swirl of water in a brief area of the battlefield. This stuns enemies while also doing 150% of attack damage to them. Then it slows them down for 2 seconds, making their movements 50% slower.

Frontline Hero Epic war games Hero Tier List
Image via Fansipan Limited

God Water, her passive ability, increases her mana regeneration by 2 with each hit. This allows her to use her special moves more frequently.

Caster – Huli

Huli is a powerful Caster in Frontline Hero. One of her moves, called Aquatic Prison, captures up to three enemies in water balls, lifting them in the air for a couple of seconds. Then, she slams them down, creating a water blast that hurts both the captured enemies and those nearby.

Frontline Hero Epic war games Hero Tier List
Image via Fansipan Limited

This blast deals damage equal to 320% of her attack power. Additionally, her passive ability, Slowdown, lets her slow down the movement of enemies by 40% for one second with each of her attacks.

Defender – Ruzz

Ruzz is an excellent Defender Hero, despite being an R-rarity Hero. Her special ability, Regenerative Cell, repairs 50% of her health in 5 seconds, making her excellent at absorbing damage for her teammates.

Frontline Hero
Image via Fansipan Limited

Furthermore, her natural strength is boosted by her passive ability, Vitality, which increases her health by 200% of her attack power, making her considerably tougher.

Support – Lumi

Lumi is an amazing Support Hero, despite being an R-rarity Hero. Her special move, Blizzard, makes a big snowstorm near the nearest enemy. Allies in the snowy area get a shield that’s 450% as strong as Lumi’s attack, and enemies in the storm move 40% slower.

Frontline Hero
Image via Fansipan Limited

Her passive ability, Blessed Shield, boosts the attack power of allies with Lumi’s shield by 10%.

Ranger – Chiaki

Chiaki is the top-tier Ranger Hero in Frontline Hero. Her special move, Shuriken!, throws three shurikens that each deal 300% ATK damage to all enemies they hit. What makes her really stand out is her passive skill, Spread’em.

Frontline Hero Epic war games Hero Tier List
Image via Fansipan Limited

When she attacks normally, her shots split into three, hitting different targets. Each of these shots deals 100% damage. If there’s only one enemy around, she’ll fire just one shot.

Ranger – Sulla

Sulla is a really good Frontline Hero in the Ranger category, even though she’s just an R-rarity Hero. One of her special moves, Surging Whip, makes her regular attacks stronger for 4 seconds, dealing damage equal to 120% of her Attack stat.

Frontline Hero
Image via Fansipan Limited

Plus, it lets her push enemies back with the Moveback ability. This move has two levels of force. On top of that, her passive skill, Hydraulic, boosts her Attack speed by 10%.

Final Thoughts

We’ve completed our Tier list of the best heroes in Frontline Hero: Epic War Games, but it’s not final. We’ll be adding additional heroes as they become available. Remember that this list is based on our opinions and experiences, thus it is not an absolute conclusion about how strong or weak a hero is. Instead, we’d like to give you a sense of which heroes are good in certain scenarios and roles, so you may have a handy guide for the ever-changing world of Frontline Heroes.

What are your thoughts on our Frontline Hero: Epic war games Hero Tier List? Let us know in the comments below!

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