Gacha Club: Hidden Secret Gifts and how to get them

Discover the hidden Secrets in the Gacha World!

Gacha Club is a casual simulation game from the developers, Lunime. The purpose of the game is to serve customizations for adorable chibi characters. You can view various inbuilt gacha characters for units to battle in story mode. Now, there are a lot of areas where you require to use the resources. Gacha Club contains secret locations where you can acquire in-game currencies such as skill moons, enhancement materials, gold, gems, and tickets. Our Gacha Club: Hidden Secret Gifts article helps you to swiftly discover the hidden spots throughout the game. 

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How to get free Hidden Secret Gifts in Gacha Club

Here, we list down all the secret spots where you can find numerous gifts as you progress through the game. The game allows you to claim these gifts only once:

1. Usalina at the Start Screen

When you launch the game, a title screen appears where you click on Tap Screen to start the game. After waiting for a while, a pink bunny named Usalina pops up behind the Gacha Club logo.

Gacha Club Usalina at the Start Screen
Image via Lunime

Usalina is the game’s mascot and walks you through the tutorial of the game. You must click on her to obtain the gifts. 

2. Options Section

Once you enter the Options section, you will witness a text called Options at the top right corner. You just have to tap on Options to unlock one more hidden spot and acquire your presents.

Image via Lunime

The gifts mainly include 100x gems, 2000x coins, 1x tickets, 200x bytes, and 80x material items such as moon skills, enhancement stars, and awakening records.

3. Phantom’s Left Eye in Main Story Chapter 2

After you enter the Battle section, you will see the last rectangle box reading Clear Main Story Chapter 2. The rectangle option has a character, Phantom, over it.

Image via Lunime

You must click on his left eye continuously to receive the gifts consisting of in-game currencies as mentioned in the above point. You do not need to clear Chapter 2 of the story to gain this reward.

4. Charlotte’s Ahoge in Mini Games

When you open the Mini Games section, you will focus on the last rectangle that reads Exclusive Units. The thumbnail has two character figures.

Image via Lunime

The character with the light blue hair is Charlotte. You must tap on her Ahoge, the little piece of her hair sticking up, to obtain the in-game currencies.

5. Unit Secrets

Certain units i.e. inbuilt Gacha Club characters have hidden secrets in different parts of their card. When you open the Unit section, select a character mentioned below and click on the Enhance option. Thereafter, press on the eye icon on the bottom right of their profile to fully view the characters. Tap on the respective parts of their card we hereby list down:

Gacha Club Yuni's Hair
Image via Lunime
  • Yuni – Tap on the hair sticking out from the hoodie continuously.
  • Aiai – Tap on the White Bunny in the bottom left.
  • Corrupted Cry – Tap near her nose.
  • Radd – Tap on the right shoulder.
  • Satsuna – Tap near the crystal broach on her hat.
  • Zack6XZ – Tap on the Flower eyepatch on the right eye.

Final Thoughts

Gacha Club is an interesting dress-up simulation game consisting of thousands of dresses, shirts, hairstyles, weapons, and pets. There are various game modes to experience along with 180 Gacha Club characters or units to use in battle. Locating the secret spots and acquiring gifts is an exciting concept the developers have implemented in the game. This attracts enthusiasts to this no-cost customization club even more. Thus, look into our detailed Gacha Club: Hidden Secret Gifts article to learn about the various ways you can gain rewards.

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