Garena Fantasy Town Beginners Guide and Tips

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Make your dream come true and become the Lord of Fantasy Town with the game Garena Fantasy TownIt is a new game in the farming simulation genre by MOBA Games Private Ltd. This game has a unique art style with many new features distinguishing it from other similar games available like Farmville. Garena Fantasy Town contains many in-app purchases and resource bundle sales. The players can also purchase diamonds, which is the premium in-game currency, to speed up the progress. In this Garena Fantasy Town beginners guide, we will discuss the tips and tricks to build a thriving farm, completely from scratch!

Getting started

Garena Fantasy town was once a prosperous town but, after the invasion by a horde of trolls, the town is devastated. The player is now the new Mayor of the town and needs to take up the responsibility, to build the town and farm back to its former glory. The main character initially has no desire to be a mayor and even attempts to flee. Although, the main character doesn’t want to be the mayor however it turns out to be very good at it.

This game begins with a character selection screen where players need to choose between the male and female characters. Then players are introduced to the secondary character of the game name Tommy. Players need to carry out the tasks assigned by Tommy, like repairing a house and storage. Throughout the game, in-game characters provide several tasks, which have to be completed by the mayor. The main objective of the game is to plant different crops and farm animal products like milk and chicken to make different types of products. Players also need to sell the products for money. 

Garena Fantasy Town Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Manage your Inventory very efficiently

Players need to check the orders and farm the products required to complete the orders. The players can see the order by clicking the dragon. Players can also buy some products from the market island, which players can use to fulfill orders. 

2. Draw Citizens by watching ads

 Garena Fantasy Town draw citizen
Draw citizens

The players can draw citizens from the inn by watching ads. The golden crate has a high drop rate of rare and legendary citizens.

3. Manage and Enhance your Citizens well

citizen management
Citizen management

Enhance important characters by merging multiple lower-tier characters into them. The more powerful the characters are, the more S-tier rewards player can get.

4. Level up as quickly as possible

The beginning of the game is easy for any player. The gameplay becomes progressively more challenging after the player reaches level 11. Here players need more materials to get ahead and make the different buildings. As mentioned, draw as many characters as possible and keep raiding the secret mine for building resources. 

5. Complete achievements from time to time

The achievement system will help players improve the town, unlock additional recipes, and uncover more land to expand the village.

6. Gather materials strategically

The game highly focuses on multitasking. In the beginning, players will find it very casual but, as they reach level 11, they will find it similar to a strategy game where players need to prioritize all the different tasks. 

7. Don’t forget the daily login bonus

Many rewards can be unlocked by logging in daily. Players can also complete the daily bingo tasks to receive additional rewards like coins and gems.

8. Complete all your Character tasks

Completing an additional task, which is assigned by town members will help the player to get more resources.

9. Roulette

 Garena Fantasy Town Roulette

Players can spin the roulette once every day to get all kinds of rewards. Watching ads can unlock additional chances to spin the roulette.

10. Watch your Daily set of Ads for bonus resources

Ads are the basic ways to gain rewards. Watching the daily ads will provide some additional resources.

11. Plan out your Building upgrades

Players need to upgrade the buildings as the town level increases. The game notifies the players when there are enough materials to upgrade a building with the help of a speech bubble. Keep a check on the storage and prioritize upgrading it when needed.


To sum up everything, the Garena fantasy town game is a fun-interesting game, which players can play during their free time. However, this game doesn’t require all the attention players can play it just for fun. Honestly, we also liked the game features and story of building the town by doing activities like farming and harvesting the various crop to make different items, taking care of the animals, discovering the hidden areas, while playing with friends. 

An interesting part is that players have to fight against the evil trolls that want to destroy the town again. That’s all, go ahead and give it a try. If you are finding any difficulty, do not hesitate to get back to this Garena fantasy town beginners guide for tips and tricks.

Did you find our Garena Fantasy Town beginners guide helpful? Then, let us know in the comment section below!

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