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Genshin Impact “Aqueous Tidemarks” World Quest Guide and Tips

Aqueous Tidemarks is a world quest added in Genshin Impact Version 4.0 Update. The quest is given by the NPC called Virgil, in front of the Statue of the Seven in the Court of Fontaine.

Genshin Impact “Aqueous Tidemarks” World Quest: Entering the Liliacruces Forum

After talking to Virgil, follow his directions and go swimming underwater. Collect clues that are highlighted. Then follow the quest marker till you reach a viewpoint. From here, swim downwards. Absorb the ability of the nearby Xenochromatic Fontemer Aberrant. This ability is a horizontal slash.

At the bottom of the underwater ruins, there will be a path blocked by vegetation. Players should aim at the glowing spots and use the ability. This will cut the vegetation and open up the path. Turn around, go to the right side of the ruins, and interact with a lamp to obtain an Ancient Key. This key will be used later.

Continue following the quest marker till you reach another blocked path. Here, absorb the ability of the Armored Crab and use it on the blockage. Enter and use the Ancient Key to unlock a door. Continue following the quest marker and destroy another blockage on your path to reach a room with a teleport waypoint.

Genshin Impact “Aqueous Tidemarks” World Quest: Opening The Locked Door

In this room, investigate the locked door. To unlock this door, first, swim up and move to the upper level of this room. Leave the water and talk to Virgil. On the other side of the room, they should find a Pneuma-Ousia puzzle. To solve this puzzle, simply collect and hit the Pneuma/Ousia totems with Ousia/Pneuma attacks. Opposites cancel each other out. There is one Pneuma and one Ousia block nearby. A neutralized totem will turn green.

Genshin Impact "Aqueous Tidemarks" World Quest
Image by HoYoverse

Once both totems have been neutralized, interact with the totem in the middle. This will open the door. Move to the lower level and pass through the door. Players should continue moving forward. They will briefly leave the water and dive again, this time looking for an open path to the right. Enter the room and fight the two Mekas.

Genshin Impact “Aqueous Tidemarks” World Quest: Finding Your Way Back To The Surface

They can continue down the path. At the very end of the path, there will be a square hole, jump down and interact with the mechanism at the bottom. This will increase the water level. Exit the water when the water level reaches its maximum. Continue following the quest marker till you reach another teleport waypoint. Defeat the Ruin Guard in this room and open the door. In the next room, talk to Virgil, interact with all the marked spots, and then fight the Ruin Grader. This Ruin Grader will not die, it will regain its full health. After defeating it once, break the glass on the other side of the room.

Once the glass is broken, a water current will push your character. Adjust your movement and continue along the water current. Pass through all the rings to obtain a Luxurious chest at the end. The water current will push you out of a hole where the Luxurious chest will be waiting for you. This marks the end of this quest.


With the completion of the new quest, players will be able to win 40x primogems.

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