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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Hydro Traveler and Tips

Team compositions for Hydro Traveler in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact has recently released the new Version 4.0 “As Light Rain falls Without Reason” with a new Version to kick-start off comes with new Abilities for our Main Character. The Hydro Traveler is a 5* Hydro Sword character who has a variety of build options and team options to choose from depending on how you want to play with them in your party roster. They can either be a Support build that provides Hydro Application and other buffs to team-mates, a Hydro Damage dealer, or a Sub-DPS that focuses on an EM build for specific reactions. This guide will provide a detailed breakdown of Genshin Impact Hydro Traveler Team Compositions.

Genshin Impact Hydro Traveler Best Team Compositions

Before diving into the guide, we would advise that in our opinion, building the Hydro Traveler is albeit, a very lost cause as they are absolutely terrible as a Hydro unit overall and dare say, the worst Hydro unit we have currently gotten in the game.

Genshin Impact Hydro Traveler Team Compositions

Genshin Impact Hydro Traveler Team Compositions are not optimal. The teams that we will be recommending are not optimal as the Hydro Traveler can easily be replaced with better Hydro units that are miles better and are F2P friendly. You may as well use these recommended teams if you personally enjoy the Hydro Traveler and if you do not care about dishing out good damage and performing optimal team rotations.

Nilou Bloom Team

Hydro TravelerNilouNahida/YaoyaoKokomi/Barbara
Bloom Enabler/EM Support UnitSub-DPS/Bloom EnablerSupport/Dendro Applicator/Sub-DPSSupport/Healer/Buffer/Hydro Applicator

This works if Hydro Traveler is equipped with a full EM build. The Nilou/Nahida combo will enable Nilou’s Bountiful Cores while Kokomi can act as another Hydro user that can enable Support by providing Hydro application, healing, and enabling buffs of certain Artifact sets. Hydro Travelers can hold their Elemental Skill and deal Hydro DMG to any enemies on the field.

Vaporize Team

Hydro TravelerBenettXianglingZhongli
Main DPS/Sub-DPSSupport/Healer/Attack BufferSub-DPS/Pyro ApplicationSupport/Shielder/Buffer

Bennett and Xiangling are the Pyro duo that can provide Pyro application, AoE damage, dish out high amounts of Pyro damage, buff your team, and enable the Pyro Resonance of increasing Attack. Zhongli is present as a Shielder for Hydro Traveler to prevent them from getting interrupted and taking in damage on-field while they hold their Elemental Skill.

Freeze Team

Hydro TravelerRosaria/KaeyaDiona/KazuhaKokomi/Barbara
Sub-DPS/Main DPSSub-DPS/Cryo ApplicationSupport/Buffer/ShieldSupport/Healer/Buffer/Hydro Applicator

Kokomi is a busted Hydro Support that is crucial for Freeze team comps as she provides amazing Hydro Application, and Healing and can buff team members with certain Artifact sets equipped. Rosaria/Kaeya are Cryo Applicators who may also act as Sub-DPS. They can dish out damage while also consistently enabling Cryo onto enemies due to their Burst working off-field.

Diona and/or Kazuha are buffers. Using Diona can help you provide Shielding, buff team members equipping certain Artifacts, and apply Cryo. Kazuha on the other hand is an SS+ tier Support who can group enemies, provide buffs, and act as a battery for your team.

Final Thoughts

Hydro Traveler is quite an underwhelming character to use and it is obvious that the Developers have not tried to optimally make their kit as well as they did for Dendro Traveler. Aside from providing the Ousia/Pneuna mechanics that are integrated into their kit, Hydro Traveler as of now is not a great or viable unit to use in your roster.

Their Elemental Skill keeps them at a stationary position where you cannot let go of your Skill, allowing ample time for Interruption and having no Interruption Resistance. Their Hydro Application is immensely terrible and as such not viable as an alternative for a Hydro applicator. The teams we have talked about today can be used if you do not care for damage or any type of optimization and just want to utilize and play the Traveler for fun.

But we recommend not build or using Traveler at all as there are other much better and F2P options for Hydro characters to choose from. That’s all for Genshin Impact Hydro Traveler’s best Team Compositions!

What are your thoughts about our guide on Genshin Impact Hydro Traveler Team Compositions? Let us know in the comments below!

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