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Genshin Impact Dehya Pre-Farm Guide: Character Ascension, Talent Level-up materials, and more

Complete Resource Guide for Dehya!

Dehya is a 5-star Pyro Claymore wielder in Genshin Impact, making her debut in the first phase of the version 3.5 update. Dehya is a tall woman with light brown skin, sky-yellowish blue eyes, and blonde black hair. Her in-game profile description says, “A member of the Eremites, a mercenary organization that roams the sands of Sumeru. Valiant and powerful, she enjoys great fame amongst her fellow Eremites.” In this Genshin Impact guide, we will discuss all the pre-farm materials required to level up the character of Dehya to its max potential.

Ascension Materials for Dehya in Genshin Impact

In this section of the guide, we will discuss the different materials required for the character ascension of Dehya in Genshin Impact. The materials needed to ascend Dehya from Level 1 to Level 90 are as follows :

Ascension LevelAgnidus AgateBoss MaterialsLocal MaterialsCommon MaterialsMora
Level 1Agnidus Agate Silver x1Sand Grease Pupa x3Faded Red Satin x320,000
Level 2Agnidus Agate Fragment x3Light Guided Tetrahedron x2Sand Grease Pupa x10Faded Red Satin x1540,000
Level 3Agnidus Agate Fragment x6Light Guided Tetrahedron x4Sand Grease Pupa x20Trimmed Red Silk x 1260,000
Level 4Agnidus Agate Chunk x3Light Guided Tetrahedron x8Sand Grease Pupa x30Trimmed Red Silk x1880,000
Level 5Agnidus Agate Chunk x6Light Guided Tetrahedron x12Sand Grease Pupa x45Rich Red Brocade x12100,000
Level 6Agnidus Agate Gemstone x6Light Guided Tetrahedron x 20Sand Grease Pupa x60Rich Red Brocade x 24120,000
  • Total mora required to level up from 1 to 90: 1673400
  • Total Level up Materials required: 414 Hero’s wit, 13 Adventurer’s Exp and 22 Wanderer’s advice

Total Materials required for Dehya

  • 1 Agnidus Agate Sliver.
  • 6 Agnidus Agate Gemstone.
  • 9 Agnidus Agate Fragment.
  • 9 Agnidus Agate Chunk.
  • 18 Faded Red Satin.
  • 30 Trimmed Red Silk.
  • 36 Rich Red Brocade.
  • 46 Light Guiding Tetrahedron.

Talent materials for Dehya in Genshin Impact

In this Genshin Impact guide, we will break down the different Talent materials for Dehya. These are the materials required for leveling up skill talents.

Talent LevelMaterials RequiredMora Required
2Teaching of Praxis x3, Faded red Satin x312,500
3Guide to Praxis x2,  Trimmed Red Silk x217,500
4Guide to Praxis x4, Trimmed Red Silk x425,000
5Guide to Praxis x6, Trimmed Red Silk x630,000
6Guide to Praxis x9, Trimmed Red Silk x937,500
7Philosophies of Praxis x4, Rich Red Brocade x4, Puppet Strings x1120,000
8Philosophies of Praxis x6, Rich Red Brocade x6, Puppet Strings x1260,000
9Philosophies of Praxis x12, Rich Red Brocade x9, Puppet Strings x2450,000
10Philosophies of Praxis x16, Rich Red Brocade x 12, Puppet Strings x2, Crown of Insight x1700,000

These are the total materials required to level up Dahya

These are the total materials required for leveling up skill talents of Dehya:

  • 9 Teaching of Praxis
  • 63 Guide to Praxis
  • 119 Philosophies of Praxis
  • 18 Faded Red Satin
  • 66 Trimmed Red Silk
  • 93 Rich Red Brocade
  • 18 Puppet Strings
  • 3 Crown of Insight
  • 4,957,000 Mora

Ascension and Talent Material Sources for Dehya

Genshin Impact Dehya Pre-farm guide
Image via HoYoverse

Here are the Ascension and Talent Materials Sources for Dehya:

Agnidus AgateDropped by Pyro Regisvine, Pyro HypostasisPyro Regisvine : is found near the mountains of Liyue, nestled right between Tainque Valley and Luhua Pool   Pyro Hypostasis : is found in Kannazuka Island, Inazuma near the top left of Kujou Encampment
Faded Red Satin, Red Silk and Red BrocadeDropped by EremitesThese are dropped by Eremites which can be found all over Sumeru
Sand Greased PupaFound in the Deserts of Sumeru
Light Guided TetrahedronDropped by Algorithm of semi Intransient MatrixThis world boss can be found in Sumeru Deserts near the Dune of Elusion
Puppet StringsWeekly Boss Joururi WorkshopFound near Sumeru City at Chinvat Ravine
Teaching of Praxis, Guide of Praxis and Philosophies of PraxisSteeple of Ignorance DomainFound in the Steeple of Ignorance Domain near Chatrakam Cave

Final Thoughts

Dehya in Genshin Impact is a 5-star Pyro Claymore wielder. She made her debut in the first phase of the version 3.5 update. With the help of this guide, players would be able to pre-farm all the materials required for Dehya.

What are your thoughts on the Dehya Pre-farm guide in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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