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Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity event: Best Custom Domains to try

Challenge and conquer custom domains in Divine Ingenuity!

Divine Ingenuity is a new event in Genshin Impact that allows players to design custom domains of their liking. This limited event comes with all the materials needed to make stunning and creative domains as simple as a target course to a full-fledged obstacle course.

The event has started for a while now, and already, there are a lot of fun and complex custom domains that other players have made that you can try to challenge. Once made, these domains can be published and presented as a challenge to other players to try their hands on it. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

Best Custom Domains for Divine Ingenuity event

1. Squid Game Glass Challenge Domain

Domain ID: 17992613959

Genshin Impact divine ingenuity custom domain
Image via miHoYo

Content Creator genshashin has made a custom domain that closely follows Squid Game‘s theme. The first level has a pathway of timed platforms which disappears after a fixed interval and under these fatal spikes, which means one misstep and the result is death. The domain is relatively difficult, so if you are up for the challenge, do give it a whirl, but make sure not to fall to your death. Do keep in mind, that this domain ID will only work for Asia region accounts.

2. The Jump King Domain

Domain ID: 22278234177

Genshin Impact Jump King Domain
Image via miHoYo

As the name probably suggests, this domain involves a lot of jumping like a lot. Content creator Memorii created this domain, and it is a daunting course. To clear it, you will have to perfectly time your jumps while avoiding the elemental auras that will constantly disrupt your run and move forward. Similar to the previous domain, this domain ID also will only work for Asia region accounts.

3. Hard Obstacle Course

Domain ID: 9394860100

Genshin Impact divine ingenuity custom domain
Image via miHoYo

jdoy11 has made a custom domain that seems very balanced with a good enough mix of traps and platforms, but it’s quite difficult as players will only have three lives and restricted character skills on top of the already long course. The routes for the course are somewhat predictable, which makes this even more fun. Note that the domain is available for the Asia region only.

4. Narrow Walls Course

Domain ID: 13718352505

Genshin Impact divine ingenuity Narrow Walls Course
Image via miHoYo

Unlike the custom domain, where the playing field has a huge breathing area for the players, Itian has made his unique domain as narrow as he could with restricted walls and vision, which makes this a tough domain to conquer for anyone. Before giving a spin, do remember that this domain is also, only available for the Asia region only.

What is your opinion on the Custom Domains in Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity? Mention your thoughts in the comment section below!

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