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Genshin Impact: Good Stuff, Terrible Taste World Quest guide

Tips to do the following Fontaine Quest!

Good Stuff, But Terrible Taste World Quest is a Genshin Impact quest in Fontaine that doesn’t involve Melusines. Instead, players will be interacting with a young artist called Salsa. While exploring the Land of Justice, players will come across five canvases in the open world, that indicate the location of the quest. Completing the tasks in all locations will unlock the final spot which will eventually grant a Genshin Impact achievement. Here are all the locations required to complete the Good Stuff, But Terrible Taste quest in Genshin Impact.

The Good Stuff, But Terrible Taste World Quest is a hidden quest in Genshin Impact that rewards players with Primogems and Viewpoints upon completion. The quest involves completing six mini-quests with Salsa and unlocking the final spot to obtain the Aesthetics of Ugliness achievement worth five Primogems.

Genshin Impact Good stuff Terrible Taste world quest: List of locations

Location 1

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Teleport to Beryl Region Statue of the Seven in Genshin Impact, then head south to a house to find a Crystal Mechanism surrounded by Hilichurls and the first Salsa Canvas. Activate the device and walk through the platform. Hit the Crystal with a bow character each time there’s no more place to walk on. After completing the challenge, open the Chest that spawns to trigger the Good Stuff, But Terrible Taste quest in Genshin Impact. Finish the conversation with Salsa and shift the Crystal Mechanism on top of a stone fence, then move on to the next area.

Location 2

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Go to the Waypoint in the middle of Beryl Region (northwest of the Statue of the Seven), then glide west to the road or take the Waypoint a little to the south and go north to find the next Salsa Canvas. Move the two Water Volume Detection Crystals to the middle, then activate them using Miraculous Hydrograna. Open the Genshin Impact Exquisite Chest to summon Salsa. Next, move the Mechanism in the middle of the road to the side.

Location 3

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Head to shore west of Crab Boss (Emperor of Fire and Iron) for the third Canvas location. Grab purple Ousia blocks to attack Pneumousia Relay and turn them all green, then open Chest to start the quest with Salsa. Shift the Relay on the left side of the road so that there are two Relays on each side.

Location 4

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Use Teleport Waypoint west of Court of Fontaine and head north until you see several Windmill Mechanisms. Interact with them to reveal the location of the next Salsa Canvas.

Location 5

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The fifth location is a small island near the Court of Fontaine Teleport Waypoint. Interact with Ousia blocks to attack the Pneumousia Relay and turn them all green. This will unlock the Chest that contains the next Salsa Canvas.

Location 6

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The final location is also a small island near the Court of Fontaine Teleport Waypoint. Interact with the buried Hydro monument to complete the puzzle. This will trigger another cutscene, and a new NPC will appear along with Salsa to conclude Good Stuff but Terrible Taste World Quest.


Accumulated rewards upon quest completion:

  • Primogems x120
  • Mora x159,000
  • After Completing the quest, players will also unlock the Aesthetics of Ugliness achievement.

That’s all for the Good stuff terrible taste world quest in Genshin Impact!

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