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Genshin Impact Guide: Best Team Compositions for Klee and Tips

Best team comps for Klee in Genshin Impact!

Klee is a 5-star pyro catalyst wielder in Genshin Impact, this is her second rerun in Version 2.8. With her ability to quickly apply loads of pyro she can be great for many team compositions. Klee has synergy with strong supports who often appear as the consistent backbone of the team compositions. In this Genshin Impact guide, players will be able to select their team compositions with Klee in the mix.

Best Team Compositions for Klee in Genshin Impact

1. Mono Pyro team comp

Genshin Impact Klee team Compositions
Image via r/Kleemains
  • Highest damage potential team so far and easy to play
  • Staking tons of debuffs and debuffs (Xiangling C1, Bennett C6)
  • High single target and AoE damage
  • Circular synergy, each party member gets benefits from one another
  • Pyro batteries Bennett and Xiangling for Klee to keep the rotation uptime maximized

Mono pyro teams Cons

  • Players may run into some shield-breaking issues due to a lack of elemental versatility
  • Players may also use Sucrose instead of Kazuha as well

2. Overload Team

Genshin Impact Klee team Compositions
Image via r/Kleemains
  • Poise breaks easily and enemies are generally unable to even attack
  • Teammates sub DPS damage is not limited by range therefore Synergies with Klee
  • Comfortable to snapshot sub DPS buffs, no strict management required

Overloaded team comp Cons

  • Enemies generally pushed away due to Overload reaction and no crowd controller unit

3. Reverse Melt Team

Genshin Impact Klee team Composition
Image via r/Kleemains
  • Strong team overall for versatile shield breaking with elemental variety
  • Grouping and strong pyro application can enable Rosaria’s AoE melts
  • Rotation cycle ease of use is significantly easier in AoE situations than single target

Reverse melt team Cons

  • No shielding that character is vulnerable to interruptions

4. Vaporize Team

Genshin Impact Klee team Composition
Image via r/Kleemains
DamageHealerSupportSub DPS
  • Klee’s version of Raiden national when Kazuha is not available is an alternative for higher single target damage than Sucrose
  • Klee batteries the team while also giving higher damage output with Xiangqi
  • Constant pyro application through multiple units allows Xingqiu to double vape
  • Diverse units to deal with elemental shields with ease

Klee national team Cons

  • This team takes some of the most important four-star units from the challenge leaving the 2nd team short of options

5. Double Hydro Team

Genshin Impact Klee team Composition
Image via r/Kleemains
DamageSupportSub DPS
  • Great for players without Kazuha or those who want to Vaporize.
  • Bennett or Zhongli is fine with the 4th space in the team i.e healer/shielder
  • Good for constant Vaporize and damage output

Double Hydro Cons

  • No crowd controller unit.
  • Playstyle required to be heavily focused on normal attacks/strict rotations.

These are some of the best Klee comps we have found to date. Tell us below which ones are your favorite.

What are your thoughts on the team compositions for Klee in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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