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Genshin Impact Guide: How to beat Geo Hypostasis with Tips

How to beat one of the toughest bosses in the game?

Geo Hypostasis is a boss-type monster in Genshin Impact. Hypostases are accumulated elemental energies creating a core of pure elemental energy. A solid shell forms around the core of hypostases protecting its more fragile parts.  A Geo Hypostasis or, otherwise known as Gimel, is a high-purity Geo entity. It is one of the four Hypostases, the other three naming Aleph the Electro Hypostasis, Daleth the Cryo Hypostasis, and Beth the Anemo Hypostasis. Beating the Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact is although a bit tough, but it proves to be a very useful move in the game.  Here, we will guide you to beat Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact.

Beat Geo Hypostasis to earn in-game element-specific materials

Geo Hypostasis is a tough boss to clear, farming will require specific tools/characters. Before defeating Geo Hypostasis, the player should ask themselves what materials they need from the boss. Geo Hypostasis generally drops different artifacts, however, the main loot that most people need from the Geo Hypostasis, or any Hypostasis in that matter is their element-specific ascension materials. The ascension stone dropped by the Geo Hypostasis is the prithivia topaz and basalt pillar. The most probable reason for players to need these materials is when leveling up Geo characters like Zhongli, Noelle, and such.

How to defeat Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Clearing Geo Hypostasis is not an easy task, but if you are determined to get the ascension materials that it drops, here are some tips for you to make your boss clear easier.

Genshin Impact beat Geo Hypostasis
Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

1. Dodge the Attacks from the Geo Hypostasis

To easily defeat the Geo hypostasis, the players would need to learn how to dodge its attacks. Geo Hypostasis has 8 different types of attack that the players should be wary of namely:


Rapidly flies close to the player, forming a big wall that folds in a “clapping” action, doing damage in an area in front of the wall. To avoid being hit, do a sideways dash.

Summon Pillars

The Geo Hypostasis summons four pillars in a large triangle formation around the arena, on which it will sit and teleport from one to the other.

Stone Pellets

Flying into the air, the Geo Hypostasis builds a rhombus with its shell fragments before absorbing all of them and using them to discharge a constant stream of stone pellets that can be readily dodged by moving around.


Before firing a single shockwave, it floats through the air, briefly channeling energy into the pillar it is hovering on. There is no follow-up attack for the shockwave, which causes moderate damage.


Teleports next to the player and assembles its shell pieces into a massive hammer, which smashes into the ground, sending a shockwave in front of it. This attack can only be used after all of the Hypostasis’ pillars have been destroyed.


Spirals into the air, channeling energy into its pillar, causing all pillars to generate continuous shockwaves during the attack. This attack is lethal and causes a lot of damage. To stop the shockwaves, attack the concentrated Geo energy around the Hypostasis’s pillar. While inside that forcefield, attacking the pillar in which the Geo Hypostasis is on will knock it back down to ground level.

Rain of Rocks

Shell chucks and Geo pellets are constantly showering down in various areas of the arena. This assault will be carried out only while the Hypostasis is on the ground, and it only appears to operate the first time it is used.

Terra Resurgence

When the Hypostasis’s HP drops below 5%, it teleports to the center of the arena and produces three pillars that channel Geo energy. After 15 seconds, the pillars are absorbed to repair 15% / 35% / 50% of its HP every 1/2/3 pillars absorbed. Destroy all pillars to kill the Hypostasis immediately; once a pillar is destroyed, it will not respawn the next time Terra Resurgence is invoked. If this motion is successful, the Hypostasis will use Summon Pillars.

2. Strategize your gameplay according to the conditions

The Geo Hypostasis is a condensed elemental embodiment of the Geo Element. It will create stone pillars, which can mostly be damaged by Claymore users and other Geo attacks. For this fight, it would be vital to bring characters of either the Geo element or Claymore users. Diluc, Noelle, Razor, Zhongli, and Eula perform especially well in this fight.

Genshin Impact beat Geo Hypostasis
Razor attacking the exposed core of Geo Hypostasis

The Geo Hypostasis will not take any damage until its core is exposed. The only way to expose the core of the Geo Hypostasis would be to destroy the basalt pillar on which it is perched upon. The general strategy would be to try to weaken all the pillars as much as possible and destroy them whenever the Hypostasis is on top of the pillar.

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