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Genshin Impact Hypostasis Symphony Event Guide and Tips

Complete the event easily!

Hypostasis Symphony is a reoccurring event in Genshin Impact which was first introduced in update version 1.2. Battle against various Hypostasis of a wide range of difficulties to get rewards like primogems, mora, talent level-up materials, etc.

How to unlock the Hypostasis Symphony Event in Genshin Impact

To participate in this event players must have an Adventure rank of 20 or above. After the event begins, a new stage will be unlocked every 2 days. Each stage will have two modes: Standard Scoring and Intense Scoring. Complete the former to unlock the latter. 

In Standard Scoring : Players must complete 4 combat stages consecutively, and in the 4th, players shall face a corresponding Elemental Hypostasis. During Intense Scoring: players can choose their challenge difficulty level freely and directly challenge the Hypostases, Complete a challenge on Fearless difficulty to unlock Extreme Difficulty. Keep in mind that completing Extreme Difficulty does not grant players any further rewards.

Genshin Impact Hypostasis Symphony Event: Gameplay details

During Hypostatic Symphony: Dissonant Verse, you can use Dissonance to defeat opponents even faster. The amount of Dissonance you can use in each challenge is limited, so use them wisely. At the same time, there will be changes to the number of Dissonance uses based on the different difficulty levels of Intense Scoring challenges.

Shattered Phenocryst

Genshin Impact Shattered Phenocryst
Image via HoYoverse

A mysterious crystalline substance that you obtained after defeating the mighty Hypostases within a heretofore undiscovered Domain. Its lovely colors are like the remnant light of the elements as they are scattered. Can be used to exchange for valuable resources in the event “Hypostatic Symphony : Dissonant Verse” a.k.a the event shop

Genshin Impact Hypostasis Symphony Event Shop and Rewards

Genshin Impact Hypostasis Symphony event shop
Image via HoYoverse

The Hypostatic Symphony: Dissonant Verse is the event exclusive shop for the Hypostatic Symphony Event. Use the Shattered Phenocryst you obtained from the challenge in exchange for rewards. After completing the challenge players will get around a total of 420x Primogems, mora, Mystic Enhancement ores, level-up materials, etc.

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