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Genshin Impact Nahida 2nd Story Quest Guide and Tips

Tips to complete the 2nd story quest of Nahida!

In the latest version 3.6 update in Genshin Impact, the five-star catalyst character Nahida finally got her very first re-run banner along with another Story Quest. Nahida is the current Dendro Archon of Sumeru and is currently the fourth Archon that the players encounter in the game’s Archon quest line. She has generated a mass amount of hype around her due to the introduction of Dendro and her broken kit which made players anticipate her banner to obtain her and her Constellations and/or Weapon. In this guide, we will talk about the ways to complete the Nahida 2nd Story Quest in Genshin Impact.

We will also be helping you navigate through Nahida’s 2nd Story Quest: ‘Homecoming’ (Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter: Act II) with a thorough walkthrough and also share special insight and thoughts about her story quest in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock the Nahida’s Story Quest: Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter – ACT II ‘Homecoming’ in Genshin Impact

To unlock and play Nahida’s 2nd Story Quest, players must:

Genshin Impact Nahida 2nd Story Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse
  • Be at Adventure Rank (AR) 40 and above
  • Complete the prerequisite requirements of completing the Sumeru Archon Quest ACT V ‘Kasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises’ and Nahida’s first Story Quest ‘Lingering Warmth’ (Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter: Act I)Have at least one Story Key, which can be obtained by completing Daily Commissions 8 times.

Genshin Impact Nahida Second Story Quest Guide: Quest Walkthrough

The Nahida Story Quest in Genshin Impact is divided into 2 different parts, with rewards attached to it.

Part One: Where Lies the Path Home

Genshin Impact Nahida 2nd Story Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse


One day, the traveler and Paimon run into an old friend at Sumeru’s city gates.

  • Go to the entrance of Sumeru City by following the navigation path. You will encounter Nahida and her Story Quest begins.
  • After talking to Nahida you will encounter some strange Fungus who beckons you all to follow them. Follow the strangely behaving Fungus
  • Speak with the strangely behaving Fungus and follow them till it leads you, Paimon, and Nahida to 2 more Fungus where one of them is shown to be injured. 
  • Continue talking with the Fungus. The Fungus will then lead you to a place near Lokapata Jungle. 
  • Head to the place where the “end” awaits and follow the elemental life-form onwards. 
  • Defeat any opponents blocking your path and continue to speak with the elemental life forms. Nahida will conjure up a plan where you and her work separately.
  • You will then be stuck in a continuous challenge in Nahida’s POV where she disguises herself as a Fungi to navigate through the cleared area without any detection. 
  • Once Nahida safely reached her destination. The POV will shift toward you, as the Traveler. You will then have to defeat the opponents blocking your path to reach where Nahida. 
  • Follow the elemental life form again. The life-form will speak up about leading you towards their homeland to help their family. 
  • The elemental life-form will lead you to a Withering Zone. Clean up the Withering Zone and clear the surrounding area up. Make sure you have a good team to take down the enemies. 
  • Seek out the other elemental life forms once you clear up the Withering Zone. 
  • Try to infiltrate the Fungi habitat and approach from the other side to activate your Elemental Sight.
  • Once you reach the habitat, heal the elemental life form and speak with it
  • Head to the clearing and help tend to the farmland. Water the farmland using Hydro. 
  • Whopperflowers will spawn upon watering. Find and eliminate the “invading plants”
  • Talk to Nahida and she instructs that the crew return to the Withering Zone to speak to the elemental life forms.

Part One Quest Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 575
  • Mora x 38100
  • Hero’s Wit x 4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 8

Part Two: What Shape Does the Self Hold

What Shape Does the Self Hold
Image via HoYoverse


From your investigation, it seems that Apep might be terminally ill. To learn how to save it, you must make a trip to The Chasm and find a special elemental life form.

  • Head to the deepest part of The Chasm. It is required that players finish the World Quest of unlocking the Chasm to continue with the Story Quest. 
  • Once you reach the deepest part of The Chasm, defeat the surrounding monsters and destroy the “Oozing Concretions”.
  • Speak with the new elemental life form that emerges. 
  • Follow the directions the elemental life-form instructed and head to Sumeru’s Desert Region. Make sure you unlock the ‘Desert of Hadramaveth’ sub-region to progress the story. 
  • Advance deeper into the sandstorm till you and your crew gets stopped by Apep himself.
  • Apep will then ambush you will enemies. Defeat the ambushing monsters
  • Speak with the elemental life form and try to find where Apep is located
  • A cutscene will commence where you will be teleported to Apep’s location. After the scene, you will be in Nahida’s POV. 
  • Head to the Heart of Oasis where you confirm the situation at your current location
  • Enter the central area and talk to Paimon. Nahida will then try to revive the Heart of Oasis. 
  • You will enter a Boss battle with Apep’s immune system. Save the home of the elemental life forms by defeating Apep. 
  • After the battle, talk to Apep about the situation. Then talk to Nahida afterward.  
  • Finally, go back outside Sumeru City and seek out the injured Fungi

Part Two Quest Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 425
  • Primogems x60
  • Mora x 27825
  • Hero’s Wit x 3
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6
  • Guide to Ingenuity x5

In-Depth Review and Discussion of Nahida’s Story Quest ACT II

Nahida’s Characterization and Journey

The Nahida Story Quest in Genshin Impact occurs after the Sumeru Archon quest events, allowing players to witness Nahida’s character development. Initially, Nahida is portrayed as timid and lacking in worldly experience, distinguishing her from the other Archons.

Genshin Impact Nahida 2nd Story Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse

Despite her failure to meet the expectations of the former Archon of Sumeru, Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, Nahida deeply cares for the people of Sumeru and takes proactive steps to protect them from the schemes of the Akademia and the Fatui. After many events occurring, she finally seems to act like a true Archon of Sumeru, taking initiative and helping every life-form in Sumeru even if it is at the cost of her own life. 

Story Plot

At the core of the quest lies the enigmatic figure of Apep, a respected dragon of unparalleled might who presently resides in the Desert region. Once, the world was ruled by a pantheon of dragons of various kinds, but Apep’s simmering resentment towards the Dendro Archon and the Heavenly Principles has festered over time, culminating in a vow of vengeance against them. This ancient being, having devoured the unfortunate King Deshret, has also gained access to forbidden knowledge that has plagued him with a grave ailment for many years.

2nd story plot
Image via HoYoverse

The overarching objective of the quest, then, is to save Apep from his affliction by employing the Heart of Oasis to heal him. However, Apep is an obstinate and prideful dragon, fiercely resistant to any form of assistance, especially from Nahida, the Dendro Archon. Despite his resistance, Nahida remains steadfast in her commitment to curing Apep, even to the point of being willing to sacrifice her memories and power.

As the quest unfolds, a compelling drama unfolds around the complex interplay of personal motivations, hidden agendas, and moral quandaries. Through the trials and tribulations faced by the protagonists, the story explores timeless themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the power of sacrifice. All the while, the clock ticks down to a climactic confrontation between Apep and his enemies, and the ultimate resolution of the quest’s central conflict.


The quest in question is a masterful addition to the rich lore of the realm of Teyvat, staying true to the established mythology of the Sumeru region. It is a testament to the skill of the writers that the quest manages to showcase Nahida’s character development while weaving a narrative that is both engaging and authentic.

While the quest may not be as overtly dramatic as some of the other Archon storylines, its nuanced writing is a true highlight. Every element of the quest is carefully crafted to be a worthwhile addition to the game, with each detail contributing to the overall immersive experience. One of the key highlights of the quest is the spectacular boss battle, set to an evocative and powerful score.

The immersive and challenging encounter serves to heighten the stakes of the quest, creating an unforgettable experience for the player. Beyond the gameplay mechanics, the quest also provides a wealth of information about the world of Teyvat before the Archons rose to power, illuminating the complex power dynamics at play and shedding new light on the mysterious Celestia. All in all, the quest is a masterful addition to the game that rewards players with a rich and engrossing experience that is both memorable and impactful.

What are your thoughts on the guide for the Nahida 2nd Story Quest in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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