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Genshin Impact Nilou story quest “To The Wise” Lotos Somno chapter: Act I Guide and Tips

Get to know Nilou in this quest!

Nilou is a 5* hydro sword character released in the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.1. Her story quest was released alongside her banner, and it is permanently available. Unlock Genshin Impact Nilou story quest To The Wise Lotos Somno chapter: Act I using 1 story key to start the quest.

How to unlock and start Genshin Impact Nilou story quest Act I

You must have at least Adventure Rank 40 in order to access Nilou’s story quest, To the Wise. You must also finish Act 2 of Chapter 3 of the Archon Quest, The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings.

The Warm Rythm of the Streets

Go to the Grand Bazaar. Talk to Nilou. Follow the marker and talk to Jut the spice merchant. Follow the marker and talk to Afshin the traveling merchant. Follow the marker and talk to Hushang the toy seller.  Follow the marker and go back to the theatre.

Genshin Impact Nilou story quest Act I afshin
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After talking to Nilou, talk to the three marked NPCs: Inayah, Khasani, and Rekhar. While talking to Khasani, when he asks about art, your dialogue choice does not affect anything. After talking to the three NPCs, go back to talk to Nilou. A long cutscene will play, where the celebration is interrupted by a member of the Akademiya. After the cutscene ends, talk to Nilou again.

Show Canceled

Approach Sheikh Zubayr in front of the water fountain at the bottom of the stage. After everyone agrees to Nilou’s plan, go talk to the NPCs: Sheikh Zubayr, Khasani, and Rekhar. All three of them are around the stage, but they are not marked. 

Genshin Impact Nilou story quest Act I show canceled
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After talking to the NPCs, follow the marker and inform the audience about the show being canceled. After talking to the audience, return to the water fountain.  Follow the marker and visit an empty campsite. 

Show canceled Genshin Impact Nilou story quest Act I
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Follow the marker and fight the Rishboland tigers to save Inayah. You will be able to use Nilou as a trial character. While talking to Inayah, Nilou will enter the thought-interpretation mode, first seen in Archon quest chapter 3 act II during the Sabzeruz festival. You can click on every box to listen to it, but the correct choice is “Rekhar’s opinion.”

The Reason We Are Gathered Here

Change the time to 15:00 two days later. Go to the theatre. Nilou will debate the Akademiya researcher Sharif. She will enter the thought-interpretation mode multiple times. The correct choice for the first one is The Grand Bazaar crowd’s opinion.

Genshin Impact Grand Bazaar crowd’s opinion
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The second one, it is “Khasani’s opinion.”

Genshin Impact Khasani’s opinion
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For the third one, it is “Sheikh Zubayr’s opinion.”

Genshin Impact Sheikh Zubayr’s opinion
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For the fourth one, it is “Value of the Theatre’s Existence.”

Genshin Impact Value of the Theatre’s Existence
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For the fifth one, there are no choices. Select “Inayah’s Will.”

Genshin Impact Inayah’s Will
Image via HoYoverse

After the long cutscene with Inayah and Sharif ends, go talk to Nilou. After talking to Nilou, change the time to 20:00 two days later. A cutscene involving Nilou, Inayah, and Sharif will play, and the quest will come to an end.

Final thoughts

Overall, as far as story quests go this was a pretty satisfying one. The combat section of the Genshin Impact Nilou story quest Act I did not last long enough to showcase Nilou’s entire kit, and therefore those who did not pull for her will not be able to properly enjoy her gameplay.

However, the rest of the quest was pretty great. We got to know Nilou as a person and how she spends her everyday life. She cares a lot about her friends, as far as to imply they are like her family. She would risk anything to make sure no harm comes to her friends. She is also really good at making people comfortable since she eased Inayah into the theatre in a very short time.

Because of her rather selfless persona, the people around her also love her a lot. This includes not only the theatre members but also audience members like the merchant who stopped selling things to her at a high price by telling tall tales because it made her happy and he felt bad for deceiving her. 

What are your thoughts on our Nilou story quest Act I guide in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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