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Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion Returnee Event Guide

Special rewards for players coming back to Genshin!

Stellar Reunion Returnee is an event in Genshin Impact that awards players coming back to the game. The event provides a slight boost to the returnee players with resources, primogems and more. This event was available in the game for a while now, however, with the Genshin Impact 2.1 Update, it will have some changes made to it. With the 2.1 Update, there will be scheduled maintenance for this event. During the maintenance, players who have met the conditions will not be able to access the event for a short time. But the players who had activated the event beforehand, the maintenance won’t be affected at all.

Stellar Reunion Returnee Event: How to unlock

The event will be unlocked on its own, once the conditions mentioned below are met. The event will last for 14 days after it is unlocked.

Event Unlock Requirements– Have to be at least Adventure Rank 10 or above.
– At least 14 days since the last game login.
45 days have passed since the last activation of the Stellar Reunion event.
– Failed to activate the event due to maintenance.

Event Features

The event can be mainly divided into four parts where the Reunion Rewards are a one-time reward that is given to the player as soon as the event unlocks. Reunion Rewards include the likes of Primogems x100, Hero Hero’s Wit x5, Fragile Resin x1, Mora x80,000, Mystic Enhancement Ore x10.

Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion Returnee Event
Genshin Impact: Reunion Rewards

Passage of Time

This is a daily login bonus event, where players can get specific rewards each day. The day count for the event is accumulative which means missing a day or two won’t be a problem. Each reward will be unlocked after the previous one has been cleared. The rewards are as follows for this event.

Day 1Primogem x100
Day 2Fragile Resin x1 Mystic Enhancement Ore x10
Day 3Primogem x100
Day 4Hero Hero’s Wit x10
Day 5Fragile Resin x1 Mystic Enhancement Ore x10
Day 6Mora x100,000
Day 7Primogem x200

Homeward Path

In this event, players will get missions that have to be completed to gain coins. The mission will be similar to the ones that are available in the Battle Pass. They give some small rewards along with coins. Players can accumulate 700 points to get a Prototype Rancour. Only one Prototype Rancour can be claimed in the Homeward Path. Homeward Path will be only unlocked once every 4 days, which have passed since the unlocking of the event.

Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion Returnee Event
Genshin Impact: Homeward Path

Reunion Blessing

This event is the most beneficial to the players, as this Reunion’s Blessing provides players three chances each day to get Double Drops from Blossoms of Wealth, Blossoms of Revelation, and various domains. Players can get Double Drops only by using Original Resin when claiming the rewards. Condensed Resin rewards stay the same. Returnee players can use this event to strengthen up their characters or upgrade their weapons and artifacts.

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