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Genshin Impact: The complete Raiden Shogun Constellations Guide and Tips

Know everything about Constellations of Raiden Shogun!

Constellations are one way of making characters stronger in Genshin Impact. Before the release of Inazuman characters like Kazuha back in version 1.6, HoYoverse used to put the most valuable constellation at the end of the constellation tree. This was obviously to force whales into spending hundreds of dollars trying to max out the 5* character constellations. Raiden Shogun was the first character in the history of Genshin Impact where the most powerful constellations were put as early as the 2nd and 3rd ones. 

While it is true that the 2nd and 3rd constellations give Raiden a massive power spike, it must be addressed that her other constellations are not as good as the first three, and players must not feel pressured to get this. There is a general understanding in the Genshin community that the C6 version of a 5* character is the strongest version of the character, and in most cases, it is true. However, in the case of Raiden Shogun, the last three constellations are very much not going for, and this article will go over why that is the case.

The importance of Raiden Shogun’s C1-C3

C1: Ominous Inscription

Raiden’s first constellation is a rather low-impact one. It helps her gain resolve a little bit faster especially if she is paired with Electro teammates. DPS increase from C0 is 5-12% depending on the elements and burst costs of her teammates.

C2: Steelbreaker

Raiden’s second constellation is the game-changing one. During burst mode, Raiden’s attacks ignore 60% of the enemy’s DEF. This does not function the same way as DEF shred. It is taken into account after any DEF shred has been applied to the enemy. Therefore, DEF ignoring is more potent than regular DEF shred. Unlike RES shred, DEF shred does not give diminishing returns the more it is stacked. DPS increase from C1 is 43%. DPS increase from C0 is 51-61%. Very few characters have such an increase in DPS from C2 alone.

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Constellation
Image via HoYoverse

Many players, mostly free-to-play have been tempted to pull for Raiden’s second constellation, and understandably so. It is not difficult to aim for 5* constellations for free-to-plays, since the reruns are spaced out rather evenly. The second constellation is such powerful one might even tempt some free-to-plays into becoming light spenders.

C3: Shinkage Bygones

Every character’s third and fifth constellations add three levels to their elemental skill or burst. Thankfully in Raiden’s case, the third constellation adds three levels to her burst. Most of Raiden’s kit lives and dies by her burst, and three extra levels result in pure increased DMG. DPS increase is 16-18% from C2 and 76-88% from C0.

Image via HoYoverse

The third constellation is when Raiden stops gaining any more DMG. C3 Raiden is at her peak in terms of DMG potential. It is one of the most powerful third constellations in the entire game, increasing her DMG by a maximum of 88% from C0. this is the best stopping point for free-to-play and most players in general.

The underlying issues with Raiden Shogun’s C4-C6

C4: Pledge of Propriety

After Raiden’s burst mode ends, all party members excluding Raiden gain a 30% bonus ATK for 10s. The problem with this ATK buff is that Raiden’s burst is never used first in a rotation. This ATK buff could situationally be useful in the team’s second rotation. DPS increase is none.

C5: Shogun’s Descent

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Constellations
Image via HoYoverse

Adds three levels to Raiden’s elemental skill. It is pretty useless since most of her DMG does not come from her skill. DPS from C4 increase is 1%, and DPS increase from C0 is 78-91%. 

C6: Wishbearer

Attacking enemies during Raiden’s burst mode will reduce teammates’ burst cooldown by 1s and it can be triggered up to 5 times. The problem with this is that at this point, there is no benefit from lowering the burst cooldown. All of Raiden’s team rotations are optimized by taking their base cooldown into account and lowering the cooldown does not change much. DPS increase is none.

Final Thoughts

As we discussed in this article, constellations four to six are fairly useless for Raiden Shogun in terms of her DMG potential as well as team support utility in Genshin Impact. Most players will not benefit from getting Raiden to C6. Therefore, players are advised to spend their Primogems wisely and wish for other characters or weapons instead. 

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