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Genshin Impact Thoma Guide: Best weapons, artifact sets, and materials required for ascension

All you need to know about Thoma, and the ways to unleash his maximum potential.

Genshin Impact is an adventure RPG released by miHoyo in 2020. In a short period, the game has become one of the most successful adventures RPG titles ever to have been released. Thoma is a playable Pyro Character in Genshin Impact. Thoma’s official title in the Kamisato Clan is that of a housekeeper and is responsible for matters such as cleaning and cooking. This guide will be looking into one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact, Thoma, and the best weapons, artifacts, and materials required for his ascension.

Thoma: Playstyle and skillset of the character

Genshin Impact Thoma Guide
Genshin Impact Thoma

Whenever he appeared at the Yashiro Commission, Thoma is almost always busy with such work. He is able to get everything done well, and even Furuta, the butler of the Kamisato Clan, is full of praise for his housekeeping skills. However, most of the time, Thoma does not stay in the Yashiro Commission but goes elsewhere to deal with some special matters discreetly. Thoma is a 4* Pyro Polearm wielding character and his constellation is Rubeum Scutum. In this Genshin Impact Thoma guide, we will tell you everything about his talent, Constellation, passive skills, best weapons, best artifact’s and materials required for Ascension.

Swiftshatter SpearNormal Attack
Performs up to four consecutive spear strikes.  
Swiftshatter Spear Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way
Swiftshatter Spear Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Blazing BlessingElemental Skill
Thoma vaults forward with his polearm and delivers a flame-filled flying kick that deals AoE Pyro DMG, while also summoning a defensive Blazing Barrier. At the moment of casting, Thoma’s Elemental Skill applies Pyro to himself. The DMG Absorption of the Blazing Barrier scales off Thoma’s Max HP. The Blazing Barrier has the following traits: Absorbs Pyro DMG 250% more effectively.
When a new Blazing Barrier is obtained, the remaining DMG Absorption of an existing Blazing Barrier will stack and its duration will be refreshed. The maximum DMG Absorption of the Blazing Barrier will not exceed a certain percentage of Thoma’s Max HP.  
Crimson OoyoroiElemental Burst
Thoma spins his polearm, slicing at his foes with roaring flames that deal AoE Pyro DMG and weave themselves into a Scorching Ooyoroi. Scorching Ooyoroi While Scorching Ooyoroi is in effect, the active character’s Normal Attacks will trigger Fiery Collapse, dealing AoE Pyro DMG and summoning a Blazing Barrier. Fiery Collapse can be triggered once every 1s. Except for the amount of DMG they can absorb, the Blazing Barriers created in this way are identical to those created by Thoma’s Elemental Skill, Blazing Blessing: Absorbs Pyro DMG 250% more effectively.
When a new Blazing Barrier is obtained, the remaining DMG Absorption of an existing Blazing Barrier will stack and its duration will be refreshed. The maximum DMG Absorption of the Blazing Barrier will not exceed a certain percentage of Thoma’s Max HP. If Thoma falls, the effects of Scorching Ooyoroi will be cleared.

Thoma’s Passive

1st Ascension Passive – Imbricated Armor

  • When your current active character obtains or refreshes a Blazing Barrier, this character’s Shield Strength will increase by 5% for 6s.
  • This effect can be triggered once every 0.3 seconds. Max 5 stacks.

4th Ascension Passive – Flaming Assault

  • DMG dealt by Crimson Ooyoroi’s Fiery Collapse is increased by 2.2% of Thoma’s Max HP.

Utility Passive – Snap and Swing

  • When you fish successfully in Inazuma, Thoma’s help grants a 20% chance of scoring a double catch.

Priority Talent Upgrade – ES>AA>EB

Thoma’s Constellations

1A Comrade’s DutyWhen a character protected by Thoma’s own Blazing Barrier (Thoma excluded) is attacked, Thoma’s own Blazing Blessing CD is decreased by 3s, while his own Crimson Ooyoroi’s CD is decreased by 3s. This effect can be triggered once every 20s.
2A Subordinate’s SkillsCrimson Ooyoroi’s duration is increased by 3s.
3Fortified ResolveIncreases the Level of Blazing Blessing by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
4Long-Term PlanningAfter using Crimson Ooyoroi, 15 Energy will be restored to Thoma.
5Raging WildfireIncreases the Level of Crimson Ooyoroi by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
6Burning HeartWhen a Blazing Barrier is obtained or refreshed, the DMG dealt by all party members’ Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks is increased by 15% for 6s.

Special Dish

Miso Soup
Miso Soup

Each character in the Genshin Impact game will have a special Dish. Thoma’s specialty dish is Miso Soup. The intricate appearance of this dish belies the simple ingredients used. But take a sip, and Thoma’s sunshine smile comes straight to mind. Perhaps this is his special ability: warming the hearts of others using the simplest of ingredients.

Sets to farm for Thoma in Genshin Impact

  • 4 Emblem Set with HP%, Pyro%, CRIT% for Damage Build
  • 2 Emblem 2 Tenacity HP%, HP%, HP% for Barrier Build
  • ER% Weapon Ideally
  • 4 Tenacity won’t work on Thoma as it requires constant damage from E ability to maintain the 3s buff whereas Thoma E only hit once

Stats to look on artifacts

ArtifactMain StatSub Stat
GobletPyro Damage BonusCR>CD>ATK%>EM>ER

Try to keep the CR to CD ratio 1:2 for the best results possible.

Materials required for ascension of Thoma

Material required to ascend Thoma from level 1 to level 90 is as

1 xAgnidus Agate Silver
168 xFluorescent Fungus
18 xTreasure Hoarder Insignia
30 xSilver Raven Insignia
36 xGolden Raven Insignia
46 xSmoldering pearl
9 xAgnidus Agate Fragment
9 xAgnidus Agate Chunks
6 xAgnidus Agate Gemstones
Experience414 Hero’s wit, 13 Adventurer’s XP, 22 Wanderers advice and 1,672,000 Mora

Talent Upgrade Materials for Thoma

The following Materials are required for upgrading talents from level 1 to 10. Multiply everything by 3 as we are providing materials required for 1 talent and there are a total of 3 talents.

3 xTeachings of Transience
21 xGuide to Transience
38 xPhilosophies of Transience
6 xTreasure Hoarder Insignia
22 xSilver Raven Insignia
31 XGolden Raven Insignia
6 xHellfire Butterfly
1 xCrown of Insight

Best weapons for Thoma in Genshin Impact

  1. Any 5* is better
  2. Engulfing Lightning
  3. Staff of homa
  4. Skyward Spine
  5. Wavebreaker’s fin
  6. Deathmatch
  7. Blackcliff pole
  8. Prototype starglitter
  9. Favonius lance
  10. Dragon’s bane
  11. The catch
  12. Black tassel

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