Glory and Civilization Beginners Guide and Tips

Ascend to Throne!

Glory and Civilization is a strategy game that requires the player to command troops, oversee the development of resources in their towns, and bring glory to their country and army. The game offers a lot of features and lets players choose their own tactics. Here is a Glory and Civilization beginners guide to help you with the game. 

Gameplay Overview

Glory and Civilization is a strategic warfare game where the player has to lead troops, manage resource production of their cities, and lead the nation and army to glory. The game has many features and allows the player to select their own strategy. The game tutorial is long, which results in the player gaining skills, power, and unlocking features of the game while moving parallel with the tutorial.

Glory and Civilization Beginners Guide
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This can be divided into three main parts. World Map, Instances, and Town. The town is where the player will make a base and gather resources from, and Instances and World Map is where the player will use those resources to train their armies to fight and conquer enemies.

Introducing the Basics of Glory and Civilization

The game begins with a tutorial that goes around to show the player how to plate the game and what all features are there. Here the introduction to buildings like the residence is made in the beginning to depict the production units.

The first task is to upgrade the residence so that the area you are leading provides confidence to the people of the nation. The next task is to learn how to battle. Here, instructions along with a recruit are provided that would assist you in battle.

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The in-battle strategies are also taught that would help the gamer in planning their strategies accordingly to defeat the enemy. Every recruit has a different purpose. They have their own strategic capabilities and should be placed accordingly on the battlefield. After the player completes the tutorial and reaches Level 30, more features of the game unlock that are free to explore. The game revolves around four types of nations mainly.

Town and Buildings

Towns and Buildings are present as the city output system. They provide resources that can be consumed by the player to grow stronger. For instance, The residence is responsible for managing the coin output, Lumber is tasked with managing the wood output, Ore is responsible for iron output, farmland is responsible for food output, and Barracks are responsible for troop output. Once level 67 is reached, the Imperial city will also be available for the player to govern and control.


There are mainly six types of currencies used in the game. These are coins, diamonds, food, iron, coupons, and recruit tokens. Diamonds can be earned within the game and can be spent on items in the shop. The coin is used for city construction, upgrades, and purchasing equipment in the shop. Food is mainly used in the supply chain.

Where the generals supply their troops with food to regain health so they can fight again. Iron is mainly used to upgrade weapons, and unlock gems. Coupons are used for synthesizing suits, spar evolution, logistics upgrade, and more. Lastly, Recruit tokens are used by generals to supply their troops. This acts as a substitute for food. 

Understanding the Battle System

The battle system has strategic gameplay. Battles take place in instances where the player has to clear stages that provide a particular general of the region. They can then be equipped by the player and put into their lineups. These battles not only offer generals but also rich resources that can be used to rebuild the town. Each general has a special skill that can be put to use. The strategic outlook of the battle system revolves around three elements: Storm, Shield, and Raid. Here, Raid-type troops are most efficient against storm-type troops.

While Storm-type troops are most efficient against Shield-type troops. Lastly, shield-type troops are most efficient against raid-type troops. The player can select the tactical approach as per the enemy’s power. After each battle, the health of the troop and general reduces. In order to replenish it, the gamer must supply them with resources.

This option appears at the bottom of the screen after each battle ends. Each region of different nations consists of different generals and troop numbers. Initially, only two generals and their troops can be launched for attacks. Later, as the player grows further, the slot will increase, and thus the player can equip more generals.

Glory and Civilization battle gameplay
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As the generals fight in battle, they level up. However, there is another way of leveling them up. This is to equip them with upgraded weapons, armor, and accessories. The general’s capabilities can be seen in the property option. The gamer also needs to be aware of the technology aspect of the game. As the player grows stronger, more technologies will be available to the player for them to study and master it. Each technology skill has a different purpose and all contribute to the overall growth. As the player levels up, more skills unlock.

Battles can be fought mainly in two parts of the map. Instances, and World Map. The World map shows the areas of other regions like Rome and neutral regions. They can be used for capturing areas and acquiring resources. In some instances, actual stages of battle are engaged. This provides the game with the chance to acquire the generals of enemies.

Glory and Civilization Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Glory and Civilization:

  1. Keep in mind to upgrade the generals in order to defeat stronger enemies
  2. After each battle re-supply the troops with resources to achieve maximum health
  3. Keep upgrading the town and its buildings to acquire more resources in a short span of time
  4. After reaching level 30, keep going to the World Map to check for new events and battle opportunities that can provide you with rare resources and items.
  5. Be careful in selecting the troops that match the strategic layout of the game
  6. Complete Quests and always claim daily-login rewards, as they hold key items and precious resources.


Glory and civilization is a strategic game that requires patience and brains. The battle system is laid out so the players can select and manipulate strategies to defeat enemies. The game has good graphics and a neat design. It also has a good UI. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Glory and Civilization beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Glory and Civilization Beginners Guide! Did you find our Glory and Civilization Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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