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Heir of Darkness Beginners Guide and Tips

Be sure to know the basics before you dive deep into the dark dungeons!

Heir of Darkness offers an epic RPG experience on mobile which makes the players take a journey deep into the dungeons where darkness has taken its toll. It is the responsibility of the players to make sure that the light prevails. Just because of the options available in the game, it could be a little hard for new players to comprehend the in-game features, hence this Heir of Darkness Beginners Guide will aim to help new gamers in mastering the game.

Gameplay Overview

The whole aim of the game is for the players to fight off the darkness while forming a guild of other players and take back the light. The game offers an essential RPG experience with plenty of customization, skillsets, and dungeons to clear.

The game, Heir of Darkness as the name might suggest has a very serious nature to it, your very world where you live has been infected with evil creatures of darkness, which aim towards corrupting and killing your world slowly but surely. The game offers action at every turn, wherever you will go you are sure to find enemies at large. There are plenty of enemies and bosses to kill thus it accompanies you through this hack-and-slash adventure.

Explore and clear the various in-game Dungeons

The game offers a very diverse and beautiful dungeon system which is numerous the same, almost every new boss has its own dungeon in the game. You will face hordes of demons and monsters alone, kill them, or get killed.

Of course, this should be not a surprise but, the dungeons are not character friendly, the moment you will enter the enemies will be swarming around you and you will have to fight your way through the horde to fight off the main boss in the end. It is worth mentioning that clearing the dungeons will award the players with great rewards for the players after they will defeat the final boss.

Battle out bosses as your progress with the story

The game, Heir of Darkness offers many new bosses to battle out, while playing the game you will always have new bosses and enemies to battle out while progressing further in the story. This adds a variety of bosses always present at your disposal to battle with adding numerous combat sequences in the game.

Face the legendary darkness boss head-on, use your skills smartly to defeat it, and become the strongest guardian. The game will challenge the players to their core and the strongest would be the ones standing when the dust clears out. Of course, more bosses mean more loot and treasure for players to get as you will progress further into the storyline the level of bosses would increase and thus will offer more rewards in general.

Customize your character in any way you see fit

When it comes to customization the game offers many options with in-game costumes for each and every character you get in the game. For the record, you get Swordsman, Archer, or Prophet as the three character choices in the game. With each character, you get two options in choosing the gender male or female. When it comes to skillsets each character has their own, skill tree which can be further upgraded according to the progression of the game.

Keep collecting loot in the game. Equip legendary weapons, armor, and wings to unlock gorgeous cosmetic effects, The way you look is up to you. The game offers various other cosmetic effects for the game as well, which include legendary weapons, epic armor sets for players with costumes specifically designed for each character varying with gender, and wing sets to add up to the looks of the essence.

Heir of Darkness Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going through the game and playing it for multiple hours following are the tips we have come across for the game Heir of Darkness

1. Level up faster by Fighting in the Palace trial

Heir of Darkness Beginners Guide, Heir of Darkness
Image via Starlight Game

Palace Trial offers a great way for players to level up faster via fighting PvE battles which offer more experience points for players. This helps a lot in the later stages of the game where leveling up is an issue. As you will cross level 90, they will slow down a little bit, and leveling up will be a bit harder than before, hence Palace Trials come very handy in those circumstances.

2. Utilise your Pets to assist you in battles

Pets in the game, Heir of Darkness offer very devastating attacking statistics that can complement the players well in the game. Pets can come in three different types, DPS-maximized pets, Special ability pets, and lastly the support class pets.

Heir of Darkness Beginners Guide, Heir of Darkness
Image via Starlight Game

Of course, with DPS-maximum pets players can just charge in the game without thinking much, with special class pets players can adjust their gameplay, focus where they want to, and exploit the weakness of the opponent. With support class players can get a boost for their specific ability or health, in general, depending on the pets.

3. Enhance your Equipment via the furnace

Heir of Darkness Beginners Guide, Heir of Darkness
Image via Starlight Game

Your equipment in the game can directly increase the combat player of your character in the game, hence improving your gear in the game can go a long way, given you have the resources to do it. New gear can also be purchased or received as part of rewards from quests. However, the best way to go about would be to keep upgrading your gear on a regular basis, you can also enchant your gear with precious gems in the game.

4. Use mounts to add agility to your player’s abilities

Heir of Darkness Beginners Guide, Heir of Darkness
Image via Starlight Game

Mounts can be used to add agility to the game when players are traveling within the map and having powerful mounts also adds certain power points to your overall combat power which decides how powerful your attacking blow is. There are different types of mounts in the game which can be acquired by completing certain quests or through shops. Each mount has different features and can be used for varying purposes.

5. Join a Guild as soon as possible

Guilds bring different players in the game together for a sole purpose, which is to assist and progress further together, there are different various sorts of quests that are guild specific and have great rewards at the end, along with this you also get to share resources from the faction treasury hence it is a win-win situation in for everyone in the game.

Final Thoughts

The game, Heir of Darkness offers many choices and player cosmetics in the game which not only increases the customization choices but also increases the complexity of the game. This Heir of Darkness Beginners guide aims towards decreasing this complexity for new players and simplifying things for players. Be sure to refer to this guide in the future if the need arises.

Did you find this Heir of Darkness Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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