Hello Neighbor: Nicky’s Diaries Beginners Guide and Tips

Reveal the secrets of your shady neighbor!

Hello Neighbour: Nicky’s Diaries is a first-person horror and adventure-based game offered by tinyBuild. In this game, you will get into the realm of unknowns and try to avoid being detected by your shady neighbor. You need to move through each room of his house to find elements, collect items, and uncover what he is hiding. Thus, follow up on our detailed Hello Neighbour Beginners Guide to comprehend the story and throw some light on the activities of your dangerous neighbor. Also, keep up until the end to get some reliable to carry on your mission secretly.

Gameplay Overview

You are the young protagonist in this horror and adventure game. Your neighbor is up to some shade business. You have been assigned to reveal his secrets to the world. After opening a box full of memories, you as Nicky, will have to move through each room in your neighbour’s house without being interpreted. 

With the help of a visual section in 3D, you will be able to see each of the elements present at the location. Whenever you come across an item, collect or engage with it for further usage. The gameplay is pretty simple and easy to catch. 

Hello Neighbor Diaries Android gameplay
Image via tinyBuild

You just have to follow the storyline and search for hints or clues in your neighbor’s home. Along with that, complete your missions to progress ahead in your mysterious adventure. For controls, use the front and back buttons on the bottom left and right corners respectively to move to sit, stand, or jump.

Tap on the D-pad to move in any direction and the action buttons to open doors, and pick up objects. You can throw stones or other resources to distract your neighbor. Furthermore, you can build gadgets useful for progressing. So, uncover the dark secrets of Mr. Peterson amidst the dangers in his house.

Introducing the Basics of Hello Neighbour: Nicky’s Diaries


The ultimate goal for you is to figure out what deadly sin your neighbor, Mr. Peterson is up to. Apart from this goal, you are given some missions that eventually add up to the biggest event of the story. The missions involve collecting pieces, taking pictures, escaping the villain, and other such activities.

Image via tinyBuild

Completing these missions can provide you with funds which in turn can be used for purchasing vital items. Thus, carefully look out for potential dangers and keep on finishing the side tasks.

Evidence Board

The Evidence Board resides inside your house. Like any other scene, the evidence board holds information about the case you are working on. The items you collected, the pictures you took, the notes you found, or any other clue or hint.

Image via tinyBuild

All these evidences are put up on the board and analyzed for a solution. The evidence board helps you to add to a conclusion for your case and solve the mystery you are seeking to disclose.


The Shop is the section from where you can purchase significant items in exchange for certain quantities of funds. You can purchase items including jump boots, X-ray glasses, EMP devices, and glue. Use X-ray glasses to see through the neighbor’s sneaky progress and Jump Boots to ascend to higher altitudes. 

Hello Neighbour Nicky's Diaries Shop
Image via tinyBuild

EMP devices can also be used to temporarily disable traps. The glue can save you from your neighbor while he’s catching you. These items lessen your chances of ending up in a dangerous situation.

Hello Neighbour Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Complete your Missions

Your motive is to uncover the mysteries of your sinister neighbor. You have also been assigned some other missions that contribute to your ultimate goal. Finishing these missions will take you ahead in the story. It will also give you insights into the shady activities your neighbor might be carrying out. Thus, make sure to complete those tasks to gain resources and put them to use in other important activities. 

2. Take Pictures whenever possible

Whenever you are on the scene and you notice any items that might come in handy, you just take pictures. You can take pictures of objects with the help of the camera icon to store them. The pictures you capture can help you further in connecting the pieces of evidence.

3. Do not get Caught at all cost

When you are carrying out a secret mission, the villain mustn’t interpret you. So, do not get caught by him more than five times. If he does sense some imposter in his house, you must use stones or other resources to distract him. This way, you wouldn’t end up in danger.

4. Do not Wake your Neighbour up

While you are searching in his house for clues during his sleeping time, do not wake him up. It is advisable to not bother or wake him up more than five times. This increases your chances of getting caught and ending up in the same situation as other children. So, be careful and silently carry out your investigations. 

5. Equip Useful Items

Equip useful items during your missions. You can buy these items from the shop. Use the Jump Boots to reach higher locations and X-ray glasses and detect the neighbor sneaking past him. You can also use EMP devices to disable traps for a limited time. These items will help you to be incognito and save you from the supposed dangers.

Final Thoughts

Hello Neighbour: Nicky’s Diaries is an outstanding horror game where you as a young protagonist set on a mission to reveal the secrets your neighbor keeps buried. This game being the sequel to the original title, inhabits a simple control system and mechanics. In addition to the unconventional idea, the game gives various elements for being avoidable amidst the dangers in your neighbor’s house. Hence, dive into our precise Hello Neighbour Beginners Guide and Tips piece to figure out what Mr. Peterson might be up to.

That’s all from us for the Hello Neighbour: Nicky’s Diaries Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Hello Neighbour: Nicky’s Diaries Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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