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Heroes of Awakened Magic Beginners Guide and Tips

Master the Magic!

Heroes of Awakened Magic is a thrilling RPG adventure by Egame Limited that beckons you to explore the mystical continent of Outland. As you step into this enchanting world, this Heroes of Awakened Magic beginners guide is here to accompany you on your maiden voyage, providing essential tips and insights to set you on the path to glory. As you step into this mesmerizing world, you’ll assume the mantle of a commander entrusted with restoring harmony to a once-balanced kingdom now thrown into disa0rray by a looming shadow.

Heroes of Awakened Magic Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Mechanics

In Heroes of Awakened Magic, the battles follow an idle mechanic, and it allows you to assemble a team of six heroes for combat. Before diving into battle, you can see the enemy’s hero power and you have the flexibility to arrange the positions of your heroes strategically. This pre-battle preparation is crucial as it can impact the flow and outcome of the encounter.

Heroes of Awakened Magic battle
Image via Egame Limited

Additionally, you can see the skill range of your heroes. Knowing this range helps position your heroes well for the best moves during battles. This way, you’re not just building a strong team; you’re also placing them smartly and using their special skills wisely for a winning strategy.


In Heroes of Awakened Magic, heroes are essential for progress. They bring diverse abilities crucial for battles and quests. As you play, heroes level up, gaining skills and better gear. Deploy them wisely for success. You can get heroes from quests or in-game events.

Each hero is unique and vital, not just as a character but as a key ally driving your journey forward. Heroes can be acquired through quests or in summons, each embodying uniqueness and serving as indispensable allies propelling your journey.

Heroes of Awakened Magic hero
Image via Egame Limited

Understanding the hero factions is crucial: there are four—Savage, Chaos, Order, and Undead, and for the bosses, there is the Demon and God faction. Certain factions hold advantages over others: Savage over Chaos, Chaos over Order, Order over Undead, Undead over Savage, demon over god, and god over demon. These faction strengths affect your hero choices and strategies, shaping battles and your adventure’s progress.

Upgrading Heroes

Boosting your heroes’ levels in Heroes of Awakened Magic makes them stronger. As they level up, heroes gain better attributes like increased attack and speed, making them tougher in battles. These heroes boast five essential skills, and as they progress in levels, they acquire additional skills.

These newfound abilities expand their combat repertoire, offering a wider array of moves to unleash in battles. As they grow stronger through leveling up, heroes become better equipped to tackle tougher challenges, securing victories in your thrilling adventure.

Heroes of Awakened Magic hero upgrade
Image via Egame Limited

You can make your heroes even stronger by giving them gear. This equipment boosts their abilities, making them more powerful in battles. Choosing the right gear is like giving them a special boost—some gear makes them stronger, faster, or better in different ways. So, picking the right equipment gives your heroes an extra advantage to tackle challenges in your adventure.


The Commander also owns a set of skills and attributes that can be upgraded to enhance your abilities. Within the Commander section, you can boost attributes such as speed, HP, and attack power, amplifying your effectiveness in battles.

Heroes of Awakened Magic commander
Image via Egame Limited

During battles, the commander can equip up to four skills, which can be a mix of offensive, survival, intensify, and interference systems. These skills grant you a variety of abilities to use strategically during combat. Moreover, these skills are upgradeable, allowing you to strengthen and fine-tune your commander’s capabilities over time.

Joining Guild

Joining a guild in Heroes of Awakened Magic opens up a world of advantages. Through guild activities like Warrior attacks, you can challenge adversaries to earn equipment boxes and forge stones, crucial for gear enhancement. Utilize the guild store to purchase equipment and equipment experience, leveling up your heroes’ abilities.

Heroes of Awakened Magic guild
Image via Egame Limited

In guild battles, face off against the formidable Guild Boss to secure unique rewards that aid your heroes’ growth. And don’t miss out on the thrilling Guild Wars, where guilds clash for rewards and showcase their collective might. Joining a guild isn’t just about teamwork—it’s a strategic move unlocking resources, battles, and challenges essential for your progress in Heroes of Awakened Magic.

Heroes of Awakened Magic Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Put maximum Focus on your Hero

As you begin, focus on a few heroes to form your core team. Invest your resources, like experience points and gear, into these heroes first. Building a strong foundation with a core team allows you to progress efficiently before expanding to other heroes in your roster.

2. Strategise your Upgrades

When upgrading your heroes, think strategically. Choose skills and attributes that complement each other. For instance, if one hero specializes in defense, consider upgrading skills that support that role. Synergizing abilities within your team boosts overall effectiveness in battles.

3. Joining a Guild has multiple benefits

Joining a guild early opens doors to various benefits. Engage actively in guild activities such as Guild Wars and challenging the Guild Boss. These activities yield rewards that are incredibly helpful in advancing your heroes and strengthening your overall gameplay.

4. Equipment Enhancement is the Key

Enhancing your heroes’ gear is pivotal. Use equipment boxes and forge stones earned from battles and guild activities to regularly upgrade gear. Stronger gear significantly amplifies your heroes’ performance, making them more formidable in combat.

5. Keep Upgrading your Commander

Upgrading your commander is as crucial as improving your heroes. Ensure your commander’s attributes and skills are regularly enhanced. By strategically utilizing a mix of offensive, survival, intensify, and interference systems, you create a versatile commander ready to lead your team to victory.

Final Thoughts

As you start on your adventure in Heroes of Awakened Magic try focusing on the basics: build a strong team, upgrade wisely, and join a guild for better rewards. Equip your heroes well, boost your commander, and strategize smartly in battles. This guide is your compass in this magical world. But remember, the real magic happens as you explore and make your path. So, dive in, team up, and forge your legend in Heroes of Awakened Magic!

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