Hexonia Guide: 10 best tips, tricks and strategies to be the master of the game

Hexonia is a turn-based conquer and strategy game. Here you need to constantly keep track of your strategy, resources, enemies, next moves, and upgrades. Here in this Hexonia guide, we have given 10 tips and tricks to dominate every match in this game.

1. Keep track of your resources

This is essential in any management task you might do in RTS, MOBA, or any fighting games. In Hexonia, you gain gold from the levels and rewards of your cities. You need to spend them to make units and technological researches. Should you recklessly use your gold or lose track of your next steps by clicking icons that you thought were pretty, deep trouble will come.

Keep a keen eye on yourself and your enemies. Think if you need to spend gold on a city that may not be so close to upgrading. Don’t forget that your main objective will be to conquer. For that, try to always have a strategy that saves money for you to build units rather than spend it all on enhancements. It is very often better to defend your city with three simple means than to lose all the glory of your scientific empire because you have no means to invest in units.

2. Every movement is key

Unlike other RTS that has a constant march on which you may be suddenly destroyed by a faster enemy who can do 10 tasks per second, Hexonia follows the Civilization type of turn-based game. With that in mind, you should be extremely cautious about where and when you are going to move your units, as well as investing in mobility and vision.

Hexonia Guide

One thing you must remember. You will have to keep moving to win the game but bear in mind that once you misclick your unit backward, all there is left will be the atrocious bloodbath on your city as you watch it being invaded with low to no chance of defense. Units have variable movements per turn, so be sure to take that in consideration, since sometimes you can wipe 3 units with one specific type of unit rather than redirecting your other 1 movement units to help.

3. Build a stable economy to continue your quest

Next up in this Hexonia Guide is your strategy regarding the economy you possess. You start the game with the technology given to your tribe along with 5 golds, a basic unit, and a special unit from the tribe of your choice. With every turn, you will receive a predetermined amount of gold based on the level and upgrades of each city you conquered. Being so, try to conquer abandoned villages around the map to build more currency. Also defend the ones you have, to not lose this currency.

4. Strategy in mind, but do not forget to listen to your heart

It is good to start the game knowing beforehand what you plan to do. You need to check how many upgrades you plan to do before starting to attack. Also, if you are going to build a great economy and then march into your enemy or if you should just catch him while he has 2 units and is trying to build his economy. Avoid losing yourself on unnecessary upgrades, mainly on the early game since it’s when gold is most scarce. Stay alert to know if you can just throw the blueprints away and do exactly the opposite of what your opponents expect.

5. Don’t underestimate the power of turning the tides by using them

Depending on the map you encounter yourself, you may be gifted with great access to the sea. By focusing your units on amphibious ones you may be able to move and attack 2 to even 3 times per turn while exploring. For this, you have to deal with high damage from a distance while keeping your units healthy.

6. Positioning and Fighting is important

Hexonia Guide

On Hexonia, if your unit kills the enemy, it takes its place. So, units that can attack more than once may zip through the backline like a Draught piece. Combat priority is always for him who is attacking, making it very rewarding to build a unit like that, and using it to defeat weak enemies. Also, positioning is essential to control vision once you have control of high ground and so.

7. Know yourself and the enemy well

Knowing the strong and weak spots from your tribe and your rivals’ is essential. This can help to adapt your strategy and come up with something to capitalize upon their weaknesses. That is especially important if you commit too much on a village next to an enemy but he wouldn’t fight for it anyways. This is also a good tip if you want to bait your enemies into thinking they can just advance into your territory because you wouldn’t want that piece of land and turn the tables.

8. Use the hidden forces within you

In Hexonia, the player has some special abilities that may come in handy a lot of times. If you find yourself cornered for a player that played opposite of what you predicted, be sure to check your spells.

Hexonia Guide

But be careful, different from the rest of the mechanics from the game, using a spell will take a charge. This charge can only be refilled outside the game by daily rewards or gifting.

9. Your city is your friend

You can win the game with your units and conquering other villages. But at the same time, your capital and its development are essential to both have access to more money and get strong powerups. At each level you are able to choose from 2 different perks, stopping at level 6 where at any subsequent level you will get a Special Guardian.

Hexonia Guide

This is the best unit in our opinion. It has great stats and special abilities depending on the tribe you are playing with. The first tribe you are able to use has a Stone Golem, and it displaces the enemies it hits, often not giving a chance to them counterattack.

10. Sting like a bee and fly like a bird

With the previous 9 tips in this Hexonia Guide, you can win always faster and in more efficient ways. There are great rewards for each $ you earn with each tribe, so you should try to always refine and improve the gameplay. So once they launch multiplayer mode you can march your way to the top of the leaderboards.

That’s it for today’s Hexonia guide on how to dominate your position in this game.

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