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Honkai Star Rail: How to unlock all doors in the Base Zone

Your key to every locked door!

Honkai Star Rail, despite not being an open-world RPG still offers many fantastic places and mysteries for the players to uncover. However, some mysteries and treasures rest behind locked doors, while some doors unlock as the story progresses, some require access cards to be collected before they can be opened. Here in this article, we would cover in detail how players in Honkai Star Rail can unlock all doors in the base zone with the access codes scattered along the map.

There is a special door in the base zone which requires a triple authentication verification card for players to eventually unlock the door. To unlock the door, you will need to get your hands on three separate authentication cards, which are located all over the map. There are certain steps which are needed to be taken for earning the final reward from the locked doors, in this guide we will list all of them.

Tips to Unlock the Doors in the Base Zone of Honkai Star Rail

Following are the steps that one should take in order to unlock all the doors and claim the reward locked behind them-

1. Start the Road to Survival Side-Quest

Honkai Star Rail base zone doors, Honkai Star Rail
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The first locked door in the sequence is part of a side mission that players can start in the game. It is to be noted that the door can only be opened when doing the quest hence the side quest, Road to Survival is very necessary for players to get past the first door. Once through the door, players will find many challenges ahead as the map beyond is infested with Legion Abominations.

2. Complete the Formidable Foe challenge to loot the treasure chest

Once through the door, there will be a Legion guard on the door beyond which will be a formidable foe as a challenge to be defeated in order to loot the treasure that lie beyond him. Defeating the Formidable one won’t be that hard however players should make sure to trigger the battle sequence by exploiting the weakness so that the Formidable one debuffs during the start of the fight.

Honkai Star Rail base zone doors, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

As part of the quest reward for defeating the Formidable one players will get their hands on one of the access cards for the locked doors ahead. This would be the first key needed for the reward that lie ahead.

3. Interact with the Afro Man 5 times to get the second Access key card

Now here comes the trickiest part of the whole sequence, where players have to interact and initiate a conversation with a unique NPC over 5 times in a bid to secure the second card required to unlock the final obstacle. What will happen is players will be required to initiate a conversation with the Afro man over 5 times after which they will acquire the second card to the door.

Honkai Star Rail base zone doors, Honkai Star Rail
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The Afro-man can be found in the central passage, dialogue choices will have no consequence on the final reward and hence can be chosen at random. The key card thus obtained will be the second key to the final door.

4. Collect the final key by accessing the floors in the storage zone

The final piece to this puzzle can be found in the storage zone. However, it might not be as easy as it seems because players will have to work their way through managing different floor levels in their way. To get your hands on the final card, you need to make your way to the teleport waypoint of “Outside the Control Center.” 

Honkai Star Rail base zone doors, Honkai Star Rail
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Players will have to form bridges through the controller panels which would help them cross the levels in the storage zone. After forming the bridges and defeating the enemies in the way, players will finally be able to climb a ramp and obtain the final key called the Thousand Stars Access Authentication card.

5. Collect the final reward

Honkai Star Rail base zone doors, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Once all the keys are in place, players will be eligible for unlocking the final door which will be the final reward. Once you have all three authentication cards, the game will notify you that you have met the conditions to unlock the Triple Authentication Door. Once through the final door, there will be enemies to defeat and beyond them will be the final treasure which players will then be able to claim for themselves.

Final Thoughts

That was all from our side regarding the guide on how to open all doors in the base zone. We hope that the extensive list of steps mentioned above would help players in the game collect the final treasure for themselves in a very efficient manner. Players should follow the steps rigorously to collect the treasure.

What do you think about our Honkai Star Rail base zone doors Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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