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Honkai Star Rail: 5 Best Tips to level up quickly

Level up faster with these tips!

Honkai Star Rail is the latest release by HoYoverse, the game promises to take the players on a space journey through Astral Express. Throughout the journey, players are bound to tackle many obstacles, find many treasures, and fight countless enemies. These enemies have progressive scaling, the level of difficulty keeps on increasing as you move forward in the game. Hence it is necessary for players to also keep a tab on their current level and keep upgrading their trailblazer in the game. In this Honkai Star Rail character level-up guide we will list the necessary tips to make it happen.

How to get the Trailblaze experience in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail awards the players with Trailblaze experience by doing different quests and challenges in the game. These events and challenges award players with Trailblaze experience points which can be beneficial for leveling up the character fast.

There are Calyx, Daily, and Regular missions which could be done to earn those Trailblaze experiences in a timely manner and boost the progress of your character in the game. Here in this Level guide, we will break down these components in detail to make sure that every newcomer to the game could level up their character faster.

How to level up fast in Honkai Star Rail

After investing multiple hours in the game, the following are the tips we would like to share for helping the new players progress faster with their character in the game.

1. Complete Story Missions to collect Trailblaze experience faster

Story Missions are probably the best way to bank in on some trailblaze experience however it comes with a catch, as a specific account level is needed to even continue with some missions. Hence only up to a certain level of trailblaze experience can be obtained from these quests. Once the level is not sufficient to carry on, players should look for some side quests in the game to make sure that their progress is on track.

Honkai Star Rail level up, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

New side missions keep on unlocking with every story mission completed in the game. Hence the game will always have some additional content for the fans looking to level up their character.

2. Complete Calyx missions to obtain extra Trailblaze experience

Calyx Challenges are the best way to increase your Trailblaze Level quickly. They are completed based on the Trailblaze power which is a replenishable currency used to compete in the missions. Calyx missions have waves of enemies through which players have to keep on fighting, with each wave surviving the rewards keep on increasing.

The best way to get the most out of these missions is to make sure that auto-battle is used and the character advance by itself. The same process can be repeated till the resources last.

Honkai Star Rail level up, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Calyx challenges can be completed regularly to make sure that there is enough trailblaze experience available at every moment for players to level up their character in the game. Through these missions higher ranked story missions can also be accessed.

3. Finish off Daily training missions to earn extra EXP daily

Daily missions are like self-replenishing versions of trailblazing experience points which can be utilized by players. These daily missions can help the players in achieving the trailblaze experience prerequisites which are set on certain quests.

However one should note that these quests are marked by quantity and not quality, hence they don’t provide gigantic addition to the Trailblaze experience but are available daily so can boost the frequency of additions to the main experience.

Honkai Star Rail level up, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Daily missions as the name suggest may suggest, are reset daily and provide an addition to the experience on a daily basis, hence should be checked daily.

4. Operation Briefing can provide short one-time experience opportunities

You can get 100 Trailblaze EXP each time you finish an Operation Briefing task. These are very small activities that can lead to some small scaled addition to the experience. However, they should not be overlooked as they can also help in boosting the trailblaze experience of the character. These are short and easy-to-do assignments and should net you some quick EXP.

Honkai Star Rail level up, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Operation Briefing missions can range from opening treasure boxes in the game to defeating a certain class of enemies. However, all these small quests do amount to great addition in the collective future and hence should not be ignored.

5. Hunt for Chests and complete miscellaneous Quests to get some extra experience

Opening chests in the game also results in players getting extra trailblaze experience in the game but is very low compared to the other measures listed above. Hence this should not be the primary source for players but still, petty addition to the experience points can be fulfilled with the help of chests.

Apart from this miscellaneous quests are also there which can be accessed via the mobile section of the game, these quests are very long and require great commitment but when completed can prove to be very generous.

Honkai Star Rail level up, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

In terms of rewards, miscellaneous quests are very rewarding given someone can actually complete them, with them being very time-consuming. Both these measures, chests, and miscellaneous quests should not be the first choice for the players but can be a good addition to the experience in the longer term.

Final Thoughts

The game has many challenges in place for the players to tackle and advance in the story. Hence it becomes an absolute necessity for players to keep on leveling up the character. We hope that with this Honkai Star Rail character level-up guide, we were able to identify the best possible ways of leveling up the character from the rest. Make sure to follow them closely to keep on progressing in the game.

What do you think about our Honkai Star Rail level-up Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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