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Hunt Royale Beginners Guide and Tips

The hunt is on!

With the recent surge of open battlefield-style games and options for dynamic decision-making, Hunt Royale really shines with its multi-varied game mechanics. Hunt Royale allows players to get the taste of battle royale gameplay, as well as a bit of tower defense, themed gameplay including many more. In this game, you are a hunter and your objective is to hunt monsters and survive but you most efficiently utilize your attack pattern, range, abilities and choose your level-up skills wisely to survive. To prevent gamers from frying their brains out, here’s a comprehensive Hunt Royale beginners guide to help you understand the heroes, their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, etc better.

Gameplay Overview

Boombit’s Hunt Royale has implemented several concepts of several games yet they managed to uniquely combine them. Hunt Royale’s arena is themed similar to PUBG and Fortnite but with low poly graphics, whereas they infused individuality into the heroes with card-like concepts from Clash Royale. And finally, the combat mechanics comprises short to long-range attack in Archero attack style.


The game itself is not complicated, but managing the unique properties of the heroes and utilizing them to the most suitable game mode could render it to be a challenge to new and veteran players alike. If you are starting out and also looking for free in-game items, you can redeem codes.

Hunt Royale Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Game modes

First, you need to familiarize yourself with the set of game modes available. Although you will not get all the game modes unlocked right off the bat they can be gradually unlocked as you earn more and more trophies from winning already unlocked modes.

in game
Hunt Royale in-game

1.1 Hunt

You and 3 other hunters will enter the hunting ground. You will be faced with monsters spawning periodically of increasing difficulty. Hunting them down will despawn stars of varying colors and XP. You can collect that XP to level up within the game and choose abilities to equip your hero with.

Objective: Survive and kill the most monsters (to be on the #1 spot on the leaderboard) until the other 3 hunters are killed.

Tip: You will not get respawned once killed, therefore you should always heal up from the healing square once your health hits below 50%. You should not allow monsters to surround you as well, try to lure them and perform hit and runs. If your hero’s attack type is long-ranged or medium ranged, equip as much pushback ability as possible. And if your hero is short-ranged, focus on Damage and Health.

1.2 Co-op

You will be matched with another player, or you can choose to play with friends, to defend the king and kill all the incoming waves of monsters. The king has fixed health and cannot heal, but can fight if needed. But for the players, there are 3 squares: one for leveling up, one for healing, another is the co-op gold multiplier. You can kill the monsters in the co-op to earn gold, it doesn’t matter who picks it up, both players receive a shared amount of gold. You can use the gold later to level up or heal or invest for higher gold picks.

Objective: The waves of monsters will continue coming until either both of the players are killed or if the king has been killed. Your mission is to stop as many waves of monsters as possible.

Tip: This mode is extremely good for farming trophies, so if you have a friend who can co-op with you then it will become easy to farm huge amounts of trophies. The efficient way to do it is for one player to have high damage dealing hero and another hero to have a hero with an ability that affects the movement of the monsters. The plan is to push the enemy back while the other player wrecks havoc. Another suggestion is to not use the healing square unless it’s dire. The cost increment makes healing difficult since stronger monsters start appearing.

1.3 Bounty Hunter

This is one of the easiest to understand game modes of them all – Hunt or be hunted! You will be placed in an arena with 9 other hunters. There are no monsters, just hunters so this mode is purely a massive PvP. There are 4 tiles at the corners of the square battle arena that periodically spawns a heart that heals your character. Although you will respawn if you die, the enemy hunters will gain points from killing you. There is a central square that spawns a special item called tome that buffs your stats temporarily.

Objective: Kill the enemies and gather most points to stay atop the leaderboard until the time runs out.

Tip: You will often be faced with opponents with much higher attack power than you have, even if it seems cowardly you should avoid that enemy and wait for others to distract them while finishing em off from the back. You should also go after already injured enemies and finish them off as well but do that if your health is higher than theirs. The hearts that spawn can be taken even if you have full health, therefore you should take them to prevent the enemy from healing. And lastly, if your hunter has a ranged attack, it’s easy to finish off those with a shorter range.

1.4 Duel

If you find it annoying how clustered other game modes become with swarming monsters and hunters, then this mode might be the right fit for you. This mode allows you to select 3 hunters of your choice for a 3v3 turn-based face-off match. Each turn, one of your hunters will battle one hunter of your opponent in a small obstacle-ridden arena.

Objective: Of 3 matches, you must win at least 2 of the matches to ensure victory.

Tip: Unlike other modes, your enemy will not be distracted by other players or monsters, therefore, making it challenging to win easily with cheap shots. That’s why you should take full advantage of your hunter’s ability and the obstacles in the arena. You should pick hunters with stealth or invisibility abilities such as Crow or Renderman who also have an attack buff during invisibility. This will easily let you dish out enemies. You can also pick hunters with huge AoE attacks such as Rocky, Boom Boom, etc so that you can still damage the enemy even if they’re on the run.

1.5 Boss Hunt

This mode gets unlocked when you have accumulated 1000 trophies. This is the stage where you and 3 others are initially made to fight a number of fodder monsters primarily to level up your hunter before taking on the boss. The boss is a huge black dragon at the end of the map awaiting challengers.

Objective: Your objective is to deal the highest damage to the boss.

Tip: Kill as many fodder monsters as possible to gain XP and level up your hunter. Your level-up skills should focus on attack damage and speed to ensure your hunter deals high damage. Leveling your hunter to level 20 faster is the optimum level to face the boss. Certain hunters are better suited for the boss battle than others, for example, Vlad and Life stealer’s abilities would allow you to tank the dragon’s fire breath attack directly by vigorously healing and dealing damage. Also, hunters with high attack speed such as Ninja would also be useful in getting the damage percentage up quickly. But no matter how good your hunter is, time is of the essence so you should head towards the boss no later than 1.5 mins remaining.

A tome appears periodically allowing its users to temporarily gain stat buff so try reaching that before others. If your hunter doesn’t have the ability to heal, make good use of the obstacles to dodge the dragon’s breath attack.

2. Hunters and Abilities

Each hunter in Hunt Royale is unique in their attack style and abilities, making them more suitable for different modes of the game. First and foremost, let’s observe the types of Attack Ranges available in the game. Very short, short, medium, long, very longthey are the attack ranges that the hunters have.

Below, you’ll find a list of hunters according to their range:

  • Very short: Raging Orc.
  • Short: Dragon Knight, Barbarian, Crow, Berserker, Minotaur, Ape Lord.
  • Medium: Wizard, Axe Master, Life Stealer, Gorgon, Angel, Phantom, Pirate, Engineer, Gentleman, Vlad, Ancient One, King
  • Long: Elf Archer, Frost Queen, Druid, Hammerdin, Rocky, Captain Hook, Voodoo, Spider Queen, Imp Master, Boom Boom, Ninja, Renderman, Mad Doctor, Zeus, Efreet, Huntalisk, Protector, Gray Wolf, Roller,
  • Very Long: Sniper.

Hunters with short or medium ranges are more prone to get hit by enemies due to their attack’s nature. If you have a shorter or medium ranged hunter, be aware of your surroundings to not let yourself get cornered by your enemies.

Even though their ranges matter a lot in terms of combat, their abilities should be used wisely while making use of their ranges. There are around 39 obtainable hunters currently available, each with unique abilities, so once you unlock a hunter make sure to read their ability descriptions and the skills available to them. The better you understand your hunter’s strengths and weaknesses, the better you will be able to maneuver them.

3. Monsters and attack patterns

There are very limited variations of monsters in the game and their attack patterns are also quite easy to get familiarized with. But that doesn’t make the game easy, as you have to deal with them attacking you from every direction in large crowds. The hunt arena is separated into several biomes, each with its unique monsters.

Forest biome

Forest biome is crawling with:

  • Woody: Not much of a threat, they have very short attack range and are easy to beat.
  • Crow: These are flying meanaces with a bit faster movement, but short attack range.
  • Hungry Plant: They deal AoE damage from a longer distance.
  • Treant Griffin: They have slow mobility but good health.
  • Worm Queen: Terrifying monster with high health, fast movement and summons small worms to damage.

Desert biome

Desert biome is sandied with:

  • Cactus: They shoot needles from a distance and have a high attack speed.
  • Snake: They are short ranged with weak damage.
  • Scorpion: They have high health and quite the high damage.
  • Big Cactus: They’re Cactus, but bigger and badder.
  • Lizard: High health and high persistent damage, difficult to pushback.
  • Dragon: The most terrifying in this list with very high damage and health with medium range of fire breath attack.

Cave biome

There’s also the Cave biome which houses:

  • Cyclops: Similar to Woody but found in Caves.
  • Bat: Similar to Crows but in Caves.
  • Slime: Slow movement speed, high health but low damage.
  • Rock Golem: High health, medium damage and short range.
  • Gorgon: Very high attack speed with AoE and high damage.
  • Crystal Keeper: Bigger and badder version of Rock Golem.

spooky Cemetery

While the spooky Cemetery is haunted with:

  • Ghoul: Similar to Woody.
  • Ghost: Similar to Crows
  • Skeleton Archer: Similar to Cactus.
  • Skeleton Knight: Low health but medium damage.
  • Death Knight: Stronger version of Skeleton Knight.
  • Skeleton Mage: Medium range attack, similar to Skeleton Knight.

4. Hunt Royale Resource Management Tips

There are mainly 2 currencies in Hunt Royale and those are Gold and Gems. While gold is primarily used to upgrade hunters and buy hunter cards from the Store, gems serve the purpose of buying chests, tokens, and gold.

Upgrading costs for each hunter increases as you level them up, so don’t upgrade all of your hunters and specify which ones you are comfortable using and only invest in them. Save up your gold for upgrades. This gold can be received from playing the game, opening the chests.

4.1 The Shop

The Shop is the section where you can spend your gold or gems found from chests to buy hunter cards that allow you to upgrade or boxes in exchange for gems.

Hunt Royale shop

The Daily Deals refresh every 24h but you can force refresh them once by using the Refresh button. Once you buy one item, they go out of stock, so you can’t immediately upgrade a hunter to max level.

4.2 Hunt Tasks

Hunt Royale tasks

Gems can be earned by doing Hunt Tasks. There are daily, weekly and bestiary tasks available that reward you with gems upon completion. Each task has a star on them, representing how many times you have completed each task. Upon each completion, each task will update its objective until you reach maximum stars.

4.3 Season

Hunt royale season

Each season, there will be a reward tree for both F2P players and those who bought the premium pass, with a difference in rewards of course. Upon leveling up, you will receive a reward based on the level you completed, you can increase the rewards you get by purchasing a premium pass

4.4 Clans

Hunt royale clans

You must’ve seen this game mechanic get replicated in countless games if you’re a veteran gamer. The way clans work is pretty straightforward, you join a clan or create one and interact with other players. You can also play the game modes with them and invite them for Co-op.

4.5 Events

Events are a common occurrence in games nowadays, Hunt Royale isn’t behind in this sector either. Apart from the normal game modes, you can take part in other special game modes available in the Event section. The image shows a Mounts Race event with 3 phases, with each having its previous phase as a prerequisite.

Hunt royale event reward
Event rewards

You can win amazing rewards for reaching a benchmark score in those events. It just requires some practice and effort to get all the rewards.

Best Heroes in Hunt Royale

Each hunter in Hunt Royale is best suited for different modes of the game. So we’ve come up with a tier-list of hunters for each different mode:

Hunt royale best heroes
Hunt Royale best heroes
Hunt ModeCo-Op ModeBounty Hunter ModeBoss Hunt Mode
VladGray WolfSniperAncient One
SniperMad DoctorPhantomPhantom
NinjaFrozen QueenStealerNinja
Raging OrcEngineerGray WolfSniper
KingSpider QueenEld ArcherGray Wolf
GentlemanAncient OneCrowEngineer
BerserkerZeusMinotaurAxe Master
DruidEfreet Hammerdin
Ancient OneBoom Boom  
Boom Boom   

Hunt Royale is a game that can be mastered if one gives enough time to it. It won’t take much time to build one’s reflexes and intuition to be the very best at this game. The game mechanics themselves don’t make it feel like a chore, rather a relaxing way of spending time. If a player wants to understand the game’s basic mechanics before starting out, fall back to this Hunt Royale Beginners Guide with some basic tips and tricks.

That’s all for today’s Hunt Royale beginners guide. Did you find our Hunt Royale beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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If i purchase the premium pass this season, will i need to re-purchase it next season?


Hello, yes you’ll have to re-purchase it.


If i already completed the 100 levels f2p and buy premium pass do i get the 100 levels from prenium at once or…?


Where is Skull Master and Necromancer on these lists?


And Plague Doctor. He’s one of the best to use

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