Hyper Front Guide: List of all the different game modes to play and enjoy

Let the game begin!

NetEase Games’ most recent title is a 5v5 Hero-based FPS tactical shooter, Hyper Front. The game is now available on iOS and Android globally. Players have been waiting for this game for a long time, as it is a clone of Valorant. The game offers tactical gameplay, with a lot of different game modes. In this article, we will give you a brief guide to all the available game modes in Hyper Front right now. 

List of all the different game modes in Hyper Front

1. Classic Mode

This mode features a 5v5 game where you play as an attacker and defender. The main objective of the attackers is to plant the star core or kill all the defenders. While the defenders will try to stop the attackers from planting the star core by killing them or by expiring the time limit. If the star core is planted, the defenders will need to diffuse the star core to win the round. This mode is played in a best of 14 formats. After 7 rounds, sides are flipped. The first team to win 8 rounds wins the game. 

2. Classic Mode: Ranked

This mode is the same as the Classic Mode. But in this mode, there is a win-based ranking system. If you win a game you can earn rank points, and losing a game will deduct your rank points. Players have to reach Level 10 before they can start playing this mode. 

3. Deathmatch

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This is a free-for-all game mode. Players are on their own, they can pick any weapon and fight the other players. This mode is designed to help players improve their aim and sharpen their gunplay. The first person to reach 30 kills within a certain time wins the match. Players need to reach Level 4 to unlock this game mode. 

4. Arms Race

This is also a free-for-all game mode. Players are on their own in this mode too. With every kill, players move to the next level, and their gun changes. The first player to reach the maximum level and score 3 kills within the time limit will win the match. Players will respawn randomly on the map after 3 seconds of being killed.  

5. Quick SnD

Quick SnD is a fun game mode. It is a similar mode to classic, but random weapons are given to the players. This is a best of seven game mode. After 4 rounds, the players switch sides. The first team to win 4 rounds wins the game.  All the attackers are equipped with the star core in this mode. But only a one-star core can be activated. Buff orbs are available on the battlefield in this mode. 

6. Team Mode

Hyper Front Mobile Cover
Image via NetEase Games

This model is very similar to Deathmatch. Except, players act as a team in this mode. The team to score 50 kills first will win the match. Players will respawn after every time they get killed. 

7. Vs Bots Mode

This mode has the same gameplay as the classic mode. The only exception is that players will be playing against AI bots in this mode. This mode is used for improving the aim and map knowledge of the players.

These are all the available game modes in the game right now. So don’t be late and start playing your favorite game mode. It is still not clear if there will be more game modes released in the future. Keep an eye on this article, for any further updates regarding Hyper Front.

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