Hyper Front: The complete Currency Guide and Tips

Acquire the different in-game currencies easily!

Hyper Front is the latest 5v5 first-person tactical shooter game from NetEase Games. The game has become quite popular since its global release on both Android on iOS devices. The game offers gameplay on mobile similar to the popular game Valorant. It is a fun shooter game where players can play in teams along with their friends and use various strategies and tactics to claim victory. Here’s a guide on the different in-game currency available in Hyper Front, and how to acquire and use them.

Introducing the in-game currency in Hyper Front

Hyper Front offers two kinds of in-game currencies in the game namely Star Coins and Star Quartz. They are comparatively easier to collect and don’t require the players to use the money to acquire them while players can not acquire Star Quartz for free. Here’s how to acquire each of them respectively.

1. Star Coins 

Players can use Star Coins to unlock more heroes in the game. These Star coins are the free currency of Hyper Front which can be acquired in the following ways:

Hyper Front Currency Guide
Image via NetEase
  • By winning matches.
  • By completing level-based missions from the Mission Centre and by upgrading to certain levels.

2. Star Quartz

This currency can only be acquired by players by top-ups. Players who are keen on investing money in the game can use this currency as they can buy quite several things in the game using Star Quartz. Here are the steps to acquire them:

  • Step 1: Open Hyper Front on your mobile devices.
How to add Friends Hyper Front
Image via NetEase
  • Step 2: Once the home screen opens, tap on the [+] sign option beside Star Quartz.
Hyper Front Currency
Image via NetEase
  • Step 3: the previous step opens the list of several top-up plans available for the player, select one of your choices and pay using Google Play Credit.
Hyper Front Currency
Image via NetEase

After following these simple steps, players will see that the number of Star Quartz they bought has been transferred to their accounts and they can buy several things like Gun Skins, Knife Skins, unlock various Heroes, buy the Season Pass, buy Rename Cards, and much more.

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