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Idle Awakening: The Complete Reroll Guide and Tips

Acquire the best characters easily through this reroll guide!

Idle Awakening is an all-new idle battle RPG that was created by Mark Douglas Spunner. Characters from some of our favorite anime, including Attack on Titan, Bleach, One Piece, and even Bofuri, may be acquired through the game. They are used to battle against other opponents in the game, which also happens to be playable anime characters also. In this guide, we will examine how exactly the players can reroll for better characters in Idle Awakening and determine whether or not it is worthwhile to go to the trouble.

How to reroll efficiently in Idle Awakening

The game gives players a ton of pulls early on and gives them a chance to see early what pull they would get for their level 18 milestone, thus the game makers wasted no time in trying to thwart their player base’s potential rerolling efforts. Access to the gacha mechanic can be obtained by simply finishing the quick introduction stage in its entirety, and getting there will only take a little bit longer than five minutes of gaming.

Idle Awakening reroll guide

It’s strongly recommended to try rerolling if you’re looking for incredibly OP characters because you’ll receive roughly 40 pulls and 5-star guarantees. If you choose to reroll, there are two methods you can employ to make the process less complicated. The first is erasing the game’s root folder, and the second is merely switching accounts frequently.

Idle Awakening reroll for Android Devices

  • For the first method, the player’s phone may need to be rooted, but it may also work for non-rooted devices. To continue, follow these steps:
  • After starting the game, the player may log in as a guest.
  • Next up is for the players to be able to finish the early part of the game which may only take 5 minutes to unlock rolling
  • Roll the free pull that gives the characters of the game that can be claimed when leveling to 18.
  • If you do not receive the desired pull, go to your Android settings.
  • Remove app data and re-enter the game then re-do all the steps above until you receive your preferred character
Idle Awakening reroll iOS

As for the second method, you will require a lot of Gmail accounts which will be used for continuous accounts to get a fresh start each time.

  • Start the game with a logged-in account or a guest account; it doesn’t matter whichever you start with. Play through the tutorial, and roll, if it was a failure to reroll, then, switch the account.
  • The account can be switched from the main menu, press the settings, then account, here you will find the option to switch the active account.

Idle Awakening reroll for iOS devices

Due to restrictions on iOS software, other than logging in as a guest and then deleting and reinstalling the game when not getting the desired pull, there is no other viable solution.

How to reroll on an Emulator in Idle Awakening

Emulators are always the best tools for rerolling, you can use BlueStacks, LD player, Memu, or any other emulator. All the modern emulators have all the necessary features to make the rerolling process very smooth and easy. If you get stuck at any point, read the official documentation, or do a simple web search, any queries should be easily available on the web.

To start with rerolling on Emulators, follow these steps:

  • Install the game on any one instance, preferably on a 64-bit instance installation because they provide better performance and stability for most modern games.
  • Open the game after installation and complete the full download for the game; once that is done, simply close the game.
  • Make clones for the game from the Manager menu of the emulator, the number of clones that can be made depends on the computer’s specifications.
  • Start the reroll process on the cloned instances, and after a bad reroll just delete the cloned instance and again make clones from the main instance. You can also opt to reset accounts each time instead of deleting them, go with your preferred reroll method.
  • Once you get the perfect account with desired characters, bind the account from Account Settings.
  • Roll on the banner that has the character you want, if you get the characters, then bind the account with Google or another Third-Party account, if not, then continue from the start.

How to reset the current account

Try to find the root folder of the game in the phone’s Main Storage / Android / Data. Due to Android 11 restrictions, it is somewhat tough to access those folders and track them. Once the game’s folder is found, delete that folder, when you start the game again, you should have a fresh start.

How to bind a game account in Idle Awakening

Idle Awakening bind account

To bind an account in Idle awakening the players will just have to go through a simple step of clicking the profile banner on the upper left side of the screen, then clicking the setting which will then have the account binding button in the straight middle of the screen. Clicking this will let the players bind their accounts into the game. Additionally, the game will even reward players that will be binding their account in-game with a free pull and 300 diamonds.

What are your thoughts on our Idle Awakening Reroll guide? Let us know in the comment section below!

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