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Idle Mine RPG: List of best Dwarfs to do mining in the game

Use the best Dwarfs to do mining with in the game!

Idle Mine RPG is one of the most interesting and popular idle RPG games in recent times. The game is based on mining ores and collecting gold from time mines while fighting against ferocious monsters guarding the mine cave. In this guide, we are going to discuss the best Dwarfs available to do mining in Idle Mine RPG.

The main objective of Idle Mine RPG is collecting gold, and mining rare ores while fighting with guardian monsters. Every player starts the game with a cart, two miners, and one dwarf to fight the monsters. Miners are one of the most important characters in Idle Mine RPG.

Best Dwarfs to do mining in Idle Mine RPG

Each miner different class. Every class has its own advantages and features. Players can find this dwarf section by clicking the pickaxe sign on the screen. There, they will be able to choose the miner according to their needs.

Idle Mine RPG Dwarfs mining
Image via Iron Horse Games LLC
  • Human Miner: It is the basic starting miner which uses a pickaxe to mine ores and blocks. It is the common miner of the game.
  • Charger Miner: Charge miner is a lookalike of the famous Barbarians. It also has a helmet with horns, which gives it a terrific look. It uses its special skill called a bull rush to smash through multiple blocks.
  • Berserker Miner: Berserker is very much fond of its hairstyle and mustache, that’s why he takes so much care of them. In the game, the berserker fierce warrior who never puts one step backward. It is a miner with heavy damage. It also increases the attack speed while damaging other blocks.
  • Wizard Miner: Players can guess the mechanism and mysterious ability of this dwarf miner from its name. It is a magical character. It deals damage to blocks in an area.
  • Mole Miner: It is a totally different kind of miner. It is literally a mole that takes part in daily encounters. It is a tunneling miner. Mole damage blocks from underground and explodes up at the destination. The digging rate is arguably explosive.

Final Thoughts

Players should keep in the mind that higher the dwarf level, the greater the power. So always try to upgrade the dwarfs. Every dwarf level goes to level 5, which is the highest. There are also some other premium dwarf characters available too, those are Fire Miner, Gold Miner, Thunder Miner, and a dwarf called Valkyrie. It is the arguably most powerful miner in the game.

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