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Idle Mine RPG: List of best Ores to mine in the game

Mine only the best Ores in the game!

Ores are some of the most important things in Idle Mine RPG game. Players can get different kinds of ores by mining in the game. These ores allow players to forge new mining tools and gears. Every metal has its own variety. It can vary from 1 to 25. In this guide, we are going to discuss the best ores to mine in Idle Miner RPG.

Best Ores to do mine in Idle Mine RPG

ores to mine in Idle Mine RPG
Image via Iron Horse Games LLC
  • Copper: Copper is an early-game metal ore. When players start to play the game, they get this one. Players can make weaker shields and mining tools with this metal. Specifically, 25 leveled copper is the most efficient ore.
  • Silver: Silver is a metal that is great for medium-level weapons and armor. Players can get this metal ore from the zombie town of levels 4 to 8. Silver is efficient but it gets destroyed easily. Level 10 silver is the most useful of all.
Idle Mine RPG Titanium
Image via Iron Horse Games LLC
  • Iron: Iron is arguably the strongest metal ore in the starting phase. Players can build great armor and mining tools with Iron. The vulnerability of this metal is low, which very price efficient for the player in long term. Iron 10 is great for mining tools.
  • Ruby: Ruby is not a proper metal but a gemstone. It is one of the two gemstones available in the game. Players can mount this on armor and weapons to increase their strength and invulnerability. Players get this metal after completing level 10.
  • Titanium: Titanium is the second strongest metal ore in the game. Players start to get this metal after reaching levels 12 to 15 of the game. One thing that should be kept in mind these metals can be found on almost every map. Players can make strong armor, bombshells, and good mining tools for their minions with this metal.
Idle Mine RPG Dragon Fossil
Image via Iron Horse Games LLC
  • Dragon Fossil: As players can guess from the name, it is the fossil of the great thermo dragon, who was the guardian of the Deepmine mountain before the monster attack happened. Dragon fossil is great for making booster potions, medicines, and some armor.
  • Starstone: It is the second available gemstone in the game after Ruby. Myths say that this gemstone is the part of the giant asteroid which brought the monsters to the Deepmine mountain. Players can mount this on armor and weapons to increase their strength and invulnerability.
  • Necronite: Necronite is the strongest and ultimate metal ore of the game. Players start to mine this after completing level 25 of the game. The process of getting this metal is quite complicated due to the massive guardian at level 25. Players can build heavy weaponry and armor with this strong metal ore. Players can also use this in bomb splinters to deal more damage to the blocks.

Final Thoughts

Since the process of getting better metal ores is time-consuming, players should use the available supplies carefully. Always try to use bigger bombs, better mining tools, and higher-level miners and minions. Always start with the weaker ores and upgrade them eventually to get success easily.

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