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Infinite MagicRaid Beginners Guide and Tips

Embark on the journey from the Sword Harbor to defeat the evil god, Lihem and battle through the divided Lowes!

As evident from the game title itself, Infinite MagicRaid revolves around adventures of raiding a battlefield with a troop, or in the game’s terms: a team of a maximum of 5 units. Infinite Magicraid is a turn-based role-playing game that adds to immersive battle experiences in the Land of Loess, as the mission and aim are to restore the power of heroes and defeat the evil God Lihem in the Sword Harbour. The game revolves around interesting plot development and storytelling, with evil secrets being revealed step by step. With more than 300 pieces of equipment at your disposal and 130+ unique heroes to fight with, here is our Infinite Magicraid Beginners Guide along with a few tips and tricks to level up your combat skills and go above your friends in gaming parameters.

Gameplay Overview

The game begins with a map being unfurled to the gamers gradually, revealing the Campaign Stages with places like Sword Harbour, Miracle Castle, and Chaos Town. Silvermoon Forest and so on. The AI assistant for the initial stages after downloading indicates to choose Sword Harbour, which is perhaps given the serial number 1.

Gameplay overview Infinite MagicRaid Beginners Guide
Image via Infinite Magicraid

It is also the only unlocked campaign stage and one needs to finish all 30 stages of it before advancing to other campaign cities. Before each battle, both the fronts of the fight are to put forward their battle lineup with lineups having a maximum of 5 units out of every available at your disposal.

Marks on attacking troops

Each attacker in the game is labeled with a tag, which in terms of the game is referred to as the Tower of Mark. These are 4 symbols that represent each of them: The Red mark, the Blue mark, the Green mark, and the Force mark.

attacking troops
Image via Infinite Magicraid

The marks too have direct relations to themselves in terms of power, the Red Mark is strong than the Blue Mark. The Blue Mark is strong against the Green Mark. The Green Mark is strong against the Red Mark. The force mark is in the middle of things as it is equally responsive to all other three marks. The attacking Units can also be subdivided according to their ranks and powers, into five tiers:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Elite
  • Epic
  • Legend

A total of four talents are available to both Legendary and Epic troops. The majority of troops have three active skills and one passive, although some may only have two active abilities and two passives.

attacking troops Infinite MagicRaid Beginners Guide
Image via Infinite Magicraid

The game mainly deals with abbreviated forms for referring to the terms, so some of the abbreviations used in the game are listed below for the ease of beginners:

  • AP: Action Point
  • ATK: Attack
  • CD: Cooldown
  • Crit: Critical Strike
  • DEF: Defense
  • DMG: Damage
  • DMG AMP: Damage Amplifier
  • DMG RES: Damage Resistance
  • DoT: Damage over Time

Weapons and equipment

Once you start playing Infinite Magicraid, you will have to select and use whatever best is available in the beginning. The first two units you can select once you start off with the game are Kristian and Firewater, and the first unit earned through victory is Arella.

All three of these characters, or in the game’s terminology Units, are equipped with the basic equipment with +15% ATK strength and +20% defensive strength. Kristian is the only of the three initially with a 4-star equipment rating while the other two are rated 3 stars.

Weapons and equipments Infinite MagicRaid Beginners Guide
Image via Infinite Magicraid

The equipment gets advanced with progression in the game, the immediate next being the Effective Hit set with +20% ATK and +30% Tenacity Set. Some other available equipment and gears in the game are the Slay Set with +15% ATK and +20% Critical damage, Wild Set with +15% Critical Damage and +8% ATK, Fearless Set with +15% critical damage, 10% Leech and +20% Mastery and finally the Bloodthirsty Set with +10% Leech and +8% ATK.

Gamers in the Emblem Challenge underworld can level up all of these stats to 3. Your unit gains a significant boost in stats as well as an upgrade or, in some circumstances, extra effects to their present abilities when you feed clones of the same character.

Infinite Magicraid Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Infinite MagicRaid Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Joining a Guild joining

There are five levels of guild available in the game. Ensuring that you join a guild in the game is one of the best tips one can give about the game. The Guilds provide daily rewards which are an effective and simple way to gain important skill scrolls. These daily rewards often consist of gems and stamina, with even the Epic and Legendary skill scrolls.

2. Purchasing from the Market

Image via Infinite Magicraid

Avoid investing coins in buying gears and experience from the market, as they are obtainable from outside the market. Instead, invest in buying shards, which come in handy in the game’s progression.

3. Follow the tower of marks hierarchy while in a battle

finite Magicraid Beginners Guide
Image via Infinite Magicraid

Long tap on an opposition character to know more details about the unit, and then keep track of which tower of mark it belongs to. If it is a Red mark, attack it more with your Green marked unit. Similarly, if it is a Blue marked unit, attack it with Red marked counters from your side. (For the initial duo, Kristian is a Blue marked unit and Firewater is a Red marked unit. Arella is one of the units with the green mark of the tower).

4. Team Composition

It is an integral thing in Infinite Magic Raid. Although the ordering of the units does not matter and you can place any unit on any serial number, having 3 DPS and 2 Supporters is an excellent team composition according to experts. Depending on your account’s status, try to invest in units rated Great or Good. You can even get through most, if not all, of the main campaign using only Epic units and a little imagination.

5. Dungeons

Team composition Infinite MagicRaid Beginners Guide
Image via Infinite Magicraid

As far as the Dungeons are concerned, there are three primary dungeons: Lava destroyer, Vine Lasher and Rock Guard. All three of these drop equipment sets and therefore drop off the same gear sets dropped from the story. According to expert opinions, these are not worthy of investing stamina in and are only to be used in extreme need for gear. The only Dungeons worth shooting your shots are the ones with artifacts as their characteristic: The Lord of Void, Lord of Flames, and Lord of Frost, subject to unlocking.

Final Thoughts

The advanced quests get reset every 10 days and are an intriguing way to earn blue shards, energy, and gems. Not just these, the Advance Quests are also an important source for skill scrolls and Supreme wishes. If at any point, the progression of the campaign halts, it implies your DPS isn’t powerful enough or your healer isn’t skilled enough to keep up with the damage.

To overcome this situation, continue grinding with your daily activities and utilize any extra stamina in the campaign to gain more troops for your main team. The difficulty levels are thus directly proportional to the units at disposal. To summarize, the game Infinite MagicRaid requires creative thinking and is quite intriguing and catchy from the first get-go.

That’s it from this Infinite Magicraid beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Infinite Magicraid beginners guide useful. 

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