Infinity Kingdom Free Codes and how to redeem them (September 2022)

Get ready to claim those freebies!

Infinity Kingdom is a real-time strategy game with millions of downloads in Google Play and Appstore. The main purpose of players of Infinity Kingdom is to develop a tiny community into an empire as dominant as possible. But this is easier said than done. Building a strong force is no easy task, and players of Infinity Kingdom will testify to how alert and dedicated they must be in the game. Players will also testify that free loot is very helpful. To get the free rewards, follow the instructions in this article and redeem Infinity Kingdom codes listed below.

How to get free codes in Infinity Kingdom

Game Codes play a major role in getting us freebies, and the developers would drop a couple of events so that we get some freebies in return. The same goes for Infinity Kingdom codes.

The good news is that the Infinity Kingdom game does have free promo codes that can get you all sorts of in-game resources such as Speedups, Gems, and Stones. To get the in-game rewards, you will need to redeem the codes which is a very easy process.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of the latest Infinity Kingdom codes, explain how the codes work and how to redeem them, along some of the free codes with their redeemable in-game rewards. 

Latest Infinity Kingdom free codes

Infinity Kingdom free codes

Please do not change the capitals into lowercase letters and vice versa as the box is case-sensitive. Use the codes below as quickly as possible. They may expire soon. 

Free CodeRewards you can redeem
kidmave1x Random Teleport, 3x Superior Resources Optional Chests, 200x Gems
mikhalyov1x Philosopher’s Stone, 1x Superior Speedup Chest, 100x Gems
zhuk 1x Philosopher’s Stone, 1x Superior Speedup Chest, 100x Gems
russik 1x Random Teleport, 3x 30m Speedups, 200x Gems
lilian311x Random Teleport, 3x Superior XP Rolls, 200x Gems
strawberry 1x Philosopher’s Stone, 1x Superior Speedup Chest, 100x Gems
returngift 1x Territorial Teleport, 1x 8h Speedup, 5x 30min Speedup, 10x Market Order, 200x Gems
duckhunter 3x 30m Speedup, 1x Random Teleport, 200x Gems
godson 3x Superior Resources Optional Chest, 5x Market Order, 200x Gems
sumsangus 500x Enchant Stones, 1x 8h Protection Barrier, 5x 15min Speedup, 3x Small AP Recovery, 3x Small SP Recovery
infinity 1x Rare Dragon Chest Key, 1x Medium Speedup Chest, 3x Medium Resource Optional Chest, 1x 4h Protection Barrier, 100x Gems

These are all the codes that are working and tested, for now. We will update this space as soon as we get to know more free redeemable codes for Infinity Kingdom.

How to redeem codes in Infinity Kingdom

Unlike other games, Infinity Kingdom has an in-game code redemption center which you can access easily within the game. Therefore, like most mobile games, you do not have to go to an external site, enter the codes, and return to the game to see if they are working.

  1. In the game, tap on the profile icon to go to Lord Info. The profile icon is on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. There is a Redeem button with an icon of a red bag full of green gems. Tap on that.
  4. Enter the Gift Code from the list of codes below.
  5. Tap on Confirm and you will get your rewards right away!

Did you find our guide to obtain and redeem the free codes in Infinity Kingdom useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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