Journey of Greed Beginners Guide and Tips

Embark on an island adventure and face off against your villainous companions!

Journey of Greed is an online multiplayer strategy-based card game developed by X.D. Network. The game is played with cards where on every move you might gain some coins, health points or you may lose too. The main aim of every player is to reach the last turn and get the highest number of coins to win. Even if the player earns coins more than average then the player can win the round. There are many characters in the game with some types of cards according to their abilities which are to be used while playing. Hence, let us jump into the detailed Journey of Greed guide for beginners so that the new buds can flourish from their first hour.

Gameplay Overview

Journey of Greed is a strategy-based game played with cards. The game is a PvP game that can be played by four players at a time. The game can also be played with bots and with friends by creating a private room. All four players have cards with them and every card has different types of ability that help the players to proceed further into the game.

Players have to drag the cards to the field so that the card can activate and the player can use its ability. There is a compass present in the right bottom corner, by tapping on it the card chosen by the player gets confirmed and the game continues with the turn.

Gameplay overview
Image via XD Network

All the players play the role of pirates in the game. They can be your companion or your opponents as per their moves. The main rule of the game is to earn as many coins as possible to win. If any pirate collects more coins than the average, then that pirate will be the winner. After every round, the players are positioned and the one having the highest number of coins, stays at first.

The pirates have health points (HP) with them, if the pirate loses all the health points, then the coins of that pirate get divided between the other three pirates and the game continues further. The pirates can use the flee option to avoid danger while moving ahead to other islands. But all the coins of that pirate will be safe with them and will not be split between the others.

Gameplay overview Journey of Greed Beginners Guide
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The coins get saved as savings which can be used later by the pirates. The pirates who choose to flee actually return to their ships. After they return back in the islands, they come back with an extra health point (HP).

Understanding the in-game Cards and Islands

There are different types of cards and islands in the game. The pirates can move from one island to another by using cards at every turn. Just like other games, here also, there are cards that are ranked as per their difficulty.

Rarity of the Cards

  • There are cards present based on their rarity in the game. The legendary cards are of Orange or Yellow color, Epic cards have a Purple color, Blue is assigned for the rare cards, Neutral cards are represented with Green color and the common cards are grey in color.
  • The pirates will have only one legendary card in their deck along with other rarity cards.
  • Users can check the rarity of the cards by observing the color of ♦ this symbol is present in the middle left of the card.


  • Every island has strengths based on the rounds. This strength is represented as the level of difficulty for both the islands, Green and Red. The islands are ranked in roman numbers from 1 to 4 and can be seen in the top left corner of the card.
  • The total strength of the cards for the Green and Red islands should not differ by more than 3 points.
  • At the middle right of the card, users can see and know the round in which the card can appear.

Skill Cards

  • Skill cards are the cards that are used by different characters as per their abilities. You can check the middle right of the card and get to know about the character who uses the card.
  • All skill cards have a common icon so that you can easily distinguish them from other cards.
  • Most of the cards cost some coins for using while playing. The value of coins is shown in the upper left corner of the cards.

Mastering the in-game Characters

There are mainly five characters in the game; Alchemist, Witch Doctor, Mercenary, Trickster, and the Dancer. Every character has their own abilities and they own different types of skill cards accordingly.

1. Alchemist

Image via XD Network

The Alchemist is a scientist who uses his knowledge of portions and manipulates the field. With the help of his chemical reactions, he can flip the game upside down and take the win, so be aware.

2. Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor
Image via XD Network

Witchdoctor is a character whose powers mostly focus on gaining health points. The best part of this character is to provide the most damage and snatch out the coins from other players.

3. Mercenary

Mercenary Journey of Greed Beginners Guide
Image via XD Network

The Mercenary is a maniac who loves to fight against every sort of difficulty. This character has the best survival trait among all the others.

4. Trickster

Image via XD Network

As the name says, this character can easily manipulate others and turn the fate of the game. A trickster has the best powers to find pressure while moving and he can even steal them from his opponents.

5. Dancer

Dancer Journey of Greed Beginners Guide
Image via XD Network

The dancer is the most beautiful character in the game. She can sabotage other players with her beauty and come up with the highest coin in the game at no time. This character is best at survival traits. Remember, as a beginner you can only play Alchemist and Witchdoctor in the game.

To unlock other characters, you need to play training camps and complete daily objectives to earn coins. With the help of these coins, you can buy the locked characters and use them to play.

Upgrading your Characters

  1. Go to the Trials section present on the Home page of the game.
  2. In this section, you can see all the objectives present that you need to complete.
  3. Play matches, win them, and complete those objectives respectively which will help you level up your character.

The Ranking System

The game has a rank system that can enthusiast the players to climb up into the game and challenge other players. Players have to gather trophies which are known as “Rank Points” to level up their rank in the game. The rank system goes as:

  1. Rookie
  2. Apprentice
  3. Expert
  4. Adventurer
  5. Captain
  6. Legendary
  7. Myth
Rank system
Image via XD Network

Here, Rookie is the lowest rank and beginners will start from it. Apart from Myth, every other rank has three ranks in between them, like Rookies I, Rookie II, and Rookie III. After upgrading their ranks players will earn rewards that they can use in different sectors of the game. To reach Myth, players have to gather 10000 Rank points. You can check your rank in the Profile section present in the top left corner of the home screen.

Introducing the Game Modes and Daily Quests

1. Lightroom Mode

In this mode, players can create public or private rooms and play online matches with other players and bots. This mode will not affect the Rank points if the player has achieved 10000 Rank points. In this mode, If you are playing against real players, then every turn lasts up to 32 seconds.

The game modes Journey of Greed Beginners Guide
Image via XD Network

2. Adventure Mode

The Adventure mode also follows the same rule just like Lightroom mode. This mode can also be played with bots and other players in a private or public room. The Rank points will not be hampered after the player has reached up to 10000 Rank points. The duration between turns is of 32 seconds in those matches which are played with real players.

3. Arena Mode

Arena mode is pretty different from the above modes. The players get to use cards of both pirates while playing. Playing in Arena mode will not affect the Rank points of the players and players can earn rewards after they win the match.

Daily Quests

The Quest shows the Journey of the in-game pass and the daily objectives which must be completed by the players to achieve XP. Players can complete the season pass objectives and earn many rewards as they complete each level.

Journey of Greed Quests
Image via XD Network

Players have to earn 500 XP to complete every level and then proceed to the next level. Through these rewards, players can receive coins and pearls which are the in-game currencies that will help them unlock the rest of the characters and enjoy with them. There are daily quests and season quests which get refreshed on a regular basis.

The Decks

The-decks-1024x461-1 Journey of Greed Beginners Guide
Image via XD Network

Players can choose the set of cards with which they want to play their matches. The players can also know about the difficulties and abilities of all the cards which are present in the game. On the right side of the screen, you can see Island and Skill options that separates the Island cards and the skill card so that the players can easily differentiate and manage them accordingly. Every player can select up to 10 island cards and 15-25 skill cards in their deck as per their choices.

Open Barrels

Here, the players can open Barrels and get rarity cards as rewards. The barrels have a time limit after which they can be opened. Every rarity card has there own probability of occurrence such as:

Open barrels
Image via XD Network
  • Every barrel has the probability to come up with at least 1 Rare or higher-quality card.
  • Every time a player opens the barrel, he or she will have a probability of 15% to grab an Epic card.
  • Legendary cards have the probability of 8% coming out of the barrel. The best part is, that once you own a legendary card you will not get a duplicate of that same card.

Other in-game Features


Store Journey of Greed Beginners Guide
Image via XD Network

This is the in-game store where you can buy various items and even make real money purchases to have in-game currencies.

Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove
Image via XD Network

Here, players can change their avatars and buy the appearance of islands. You can also get to see all the emojis and quick chat options present in the game which can be used while playing online.

Training camp

Training camp Journey of Greed Beginners Guide
Image via XD Network

Characters are upgraded in the training camp and thus players can win rewards in the form of skill cards and coins after upgrading each level.


The friend’s section gives you access to check out the profile of your friends. You can invite them for playing as well.

Match history

Players can see the stats of their previously played matches and get to know how many points did they win.

Journey of Greed Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After playing the game for so many hours, here are some of the best tips in our Journey of Greed beginners guide that can help them play the game wisely.

1. Think wisely

Before every turn, check the color of the islands and then choose the cards wisely. At times of hurdles, try to choose Shelter more than Venture or Fight to avoid high damage. Focus on collecting more coins with patience. If you get confused between cards then go for the green or grey colored cards as they are the common cards that neither give huge rewards nor come up with great damage.

2. Don’t miss out on the objectives

Complete daily objectives which are being added up. Keep an eye on the Quest and the Trials so that you can get to know about all your missions for the day. by completing all the missions, you can gather XP points that can help you get to level up and win rewards. This will also help you to upgrade your character.

3. Choose the best Deck

Read about the abilities of all the cards in the Deck and then prepare the best sets of cards that can help you become a maestro over the seven seas. Have a properly balanced deck where you can get an advantage, sabotage other pirates and also have a decent amount of defense and health points to protect yourself.

4. Control your Greed

Be patient! Greed can lead to the loss of all the health points and this will be a great opportunity for the other three pirates as they will get all your coins divided in themselves. So, be calm and play the game with patience, study every island, and then go with the best shot in the respective turn to earn maximum coins and grab the victory.

5. Nobody is a Companion

This is one of the most important points for a beginner to keep in mind. Don’t think about any other players even if they are your real friends. Focus on yourself and play wisely. Avoid damage by choosing the right option, you can also go for the flee option to avoid hurdles and move further in the game with ease. At times, be an imposter and use such cards that can reduce the health points (HP) of other players. Also, try to earn as many coins as possible to win the game.

Final Thoughts

Journey of Greed is an amazing game for those individuals who love to play strategy-based games. The game requires high-order thinking and patience while playing. This will actually help the players to build up a good decision-making character in their life. Remember, not to greed much and play wisely. The game can only be accessed through the internet so that no user can go for unfair means of play.

Play wisely and earn coins to win every round. Try to unlock every character and get to know the best one of the five. We hope, this Journey of Greed beginners guide will help you to play the game and make the best move on your first attempt.

That’s all from us for the Journey of Greed Beginners Guide! Did you find our Journey of Greed beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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