Jurassic Dinosaur Beginners Guide and Tips

Roam around in your zoo of dinosaurs!

Jurassic Dinosaur is a great simulation zoo-building game that has recently come up in the gaming community. The game focuses on the dinosaurs and thus allows players to make a zoo that comes up with various types of Dinosaurs around every corner of the park. The game also has some great features in the game and sums up the enthusiasm of the players and thus makes them interested in the game.  Thus, let us hop into the journey and come up with a detailed Jurassic Dinosaur beginners guide for the players. 

Gameplay Overview 

Jurassic Dinosaur is a simulation-based game where the player is assigned a zoological park at the start of the game itself. The players then have to build several required buildings such as food courts, toilets, employee lounges, and many more. Players must also set up the park by buying the building with Cash, which is an in-game currency.

Then after it is bought, players have to drag the building to a definite location inside the park. Players can also buy out dinosaurs and thus after buying, a certain limit is set there. After the time limit counts down, a chopper comes and delivers the dinosaur inside its boundary in the park. There is also a food center. 

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Every dinosaur must be fed with vegetables and meats so that they do not fall ill. Players will get rewarded. In the form of a reward, players get Cash. players thus get leveled up after they complete some tasks and assigned quests. This leads to progress in their profile and thus players can easily get forward in the ladder of the game. Players have to also make pathways in the park so that they can make it easy for the tourists to walk from one amenity to another. Players can even invest some Cash and expand the park if they need more space around the island. 

Introducing the basics of Jurassic Dinosaur


Facilities are the section where the players can check out all the types of buildings that are required in the park. These buildings help out players to earn and complete other work and fulfill them in the park. The buildings are again further divided into two types:

Jurassic Dinosaur Beginners Guide
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  • Regular 
  • Special 

 Regular buildings are the buildings that serve the public and help them out with all types of refreshments such as food, toiletry, and other enthusiastic events. The regular set of buildings includes 49 buildings under it. Then comes the Special type of buildings, these types of buildings serve the players and the visitors on a large scale and help out more in progression. 


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Animals are the section where players can check out all the dinosaurs they have unlocked while leveling up. They can thus come to this section, select the dinosaur, but with the help of some Cash and thus deliver in the allotted place to make their park more attractive. The game comes up with around 34 dinosaurs that unlock over 50 profile levels for the player. 

Card Packs

Card packs are the area where players can check out for certain card packs and thus by opening the packs players will get some animal cards and collect them to pile up in the Collection section. 


The collection section is the area where players showcase all the collections of cards they have. These collections mainly include cards of animals.

Road Mode 

The Road Mode allows players to make and discard roads inside the path. Making roads is very important as it will help out tourists to get access to the entire park very easily. Roads also help to connect important buildings such as toilets, food spots, and many more. Even with the help of roads as well, the employee lounge buildings can easily send the workers to their places without any hurdles. 


Jurassic Dinosaur Beginners Guide
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Achievements are the section where players are assigned tasks and quests which they need to complete. Completing these tasks and quests leads the players to progress further in the game and level up their profiles as well. Players get amazing rewards such as batches, animal cards, cash, and Rare card packs as well. To get the rare card pack, players must complete 20 sets of assigned achievement tasks and thus then they can grab up the card pack and open it to get exciting rewards. 


The warehouse is the section that stores all the unused buildings, decorations, and habitats. Often as a beginner, players cannot expand their park and thus end up buying more buildings, habitats, and other resources. The warehouse helps to store all those extra spots in itself and then players allocate great locations to all those assets after expanding the park. 

Feed Mode 

Feed mode is the mode where players can check out the amount of food they have in their hands. They can also check whether the dinosaurs are hungry or not. Every dinosaur has a different set of demands for food, thus check out those required amounts and feed all the dinosaurs in your park to keep them healthy. 

Jurassic Dinosaur Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing hours in the game, here are the best tips for beginners that will help them flourish in the game:

1. Build more and more Facilities 

As a beginner, players must focus on building more facilities, as it is the main asset for their parks. Every tourist demands the best facilities in a zoological park and thus they want it to consist of the best toilets, best food stops, and other entertainment spots as well. Thus invest your Cash in facilities and make the customers happy. 

2. Keep completing your Achievements 

Jurassic Dinosaur Beginners Guide
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Players must complete the assigned jobs and tasks so that they can get great rewards in exchange for the completion of their tasks. Rewards such as Cash, animal cards, and batches are mostly earned by the players. 

3. Upgrade the Facilities 

As a beginner, players must keep upgrading the special facilities such as vegetable gardens and employee lounges. This will help out players to complete tasks and even feed more to the dinosaurs in the park. This also helps the players to earn more in-game currency and resources so that they can invest them in proper places. 

4. Utilise in-game Currency properly 

Players must use their cash properly and invest in the right place. Unnecessary usage of currency can lead to wastage of them and thus players might regret it later. 

5. Feed the Dinosaurs 

Players must feed their dinosaurs properly without fail, as they are the main attraction of the park and thus players must keep them healthy by feeding them broccoli, meat, and fish. 

Final Thoughts 

Jurassic Dinosaur is thus a great simulation game and is one of the best games to kill your leisure time. The features indeed make the game more interesting and thus players who love Jurassic Animals would love managing them as well. So, go through the beginners guide and the tips mentioned above to flourish well over the park. 

That’s all from us for Jurassic Dinosaur Beginners Guide! Did you find our Jurassic Dinosaur beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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