KartRider: Drift: The complete Drift guide and tips

Master these Drifts in no time!

KartRider: Drift is a new mobile released free-to-play multi-platform kart racer game that is also available on Console and PC. From the developer house of  Nexon, its rules are essentially just simple and adorable arcade racing, in which you simply need to outrun the other players. Users need to navigate into tricky maps against real players as their racing rivals. Besides items, it is Drifting and Tuning form the core elements of this game. Players need good Drifting skills if they are to maintain their lead or catch up to the leader. In this KartRider: Drift guide, we will discuss some special Drifts, Turns, and Moves that users must grasp so as to outplay their racing rivals in the game. First things first, let us understand what Drifting basically means.

Introducing the basics of Drifting in KartRider: Drift

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As the game’s name implies, one of its most important mechanical elements is drift. The best approach to attack corners is to drift, which will make turning through extremely tight turns effortless. Players will receive a small boost of nitro after drifting, which will greatly aid in maintaining a very high exit speed on turns that would normally be faster for non-drift turns.

Types of special Drifts and how to perform them in KartRider: Drift

Now, Drifts can be classified into different categories, each of which comes with its own utility in KartRider: Drift. Let us know how and when you need to perform them, one by one:

1. Full Drift

As the name is suggested, a Full Drift or a Long Drift is nothing but a prolonged drift. A Full Drift must be tactfully executed, failing which the player will collide with the right side of the corner.

How to perform a Full Drift

  • While going straight, steer in the direction you want to go. Adding the drift button makes your kart body drift in that direction.
  • However, if this continues, the player will run into the right corner. In order to manage the direction and prevent collisions during the drift, you must press the Counter key.
  • Additionally, you can activate the “Instant boost” by pressing the Accelerate key immediately following a Full Drift.

2. Half Drift

Contrary to a Full Drift, a Half Drift is nothing but an incomplete or a Shorter Drift. One cannot make a Booster when you just do full drift. But you can gain one easily if you make a Short Drift.

How to perform a Half Drift

  • Press the drift key and the direction key simultaneously.
  • To correct/pin the direction and prevent slipping, press the counter Direction key.

3. Short-Full Drift

In a Short-Full Drift, one makes a Short/Half Drift, immediately followed by a Full Drift. There are two major utilities of performing a Short-Full Drift:

  • When you simply do a full drift, you cannot create a booster. However, if you do a Short Drift beforehand, you can easily obtain one.
  • The Short Full one charges at a significantly faster rate. It can be used to charge a spare gauge and the following one.
KartRider Drift playing with a controller
Image via Nexon

How to perform a Short-Full Drift

One simply needs to perform a Full Drift, within 0.50 seconds of removing your fingers from the Drift button after a Short Drift has been executed. However, one must be careful with the directional keys that they are holding while performing a Short-Full Drift.

4. Optimized Drift

An Optimized Drift is a special drift to gather Boost Gauge most effectively and to reduce speed loss.
Not making two skid marks overlap. There’s no perfect optimized drift. Just knowing this concept and keeping training is best.

The skid marks are too close together while drifting normally. This significantly slows down the pace following a drift. Instead, the skid marks with Optimized Drift are far apart. This guarantees a small speed reduction.

Image via Nexon

How to perform an Optimized Drift

To do an Optimized Drift, one much press the Drift key for an even shorter period than a Half Drift. It is very difficult to perfectly execute this and can be mastered only with practice.

5. Cutting Drift

Cutting Drift is a technique that connects multiple drifts to gather Boost Gauge easily on a wide-straight road. Before the drift ends, do additional drift in the opposite direction. Too much cutting isn’t efficient, so you need to use Cute just on appropriate courses. It essentially serves the same purpose as that of a Short-Full Drift.

How to perform a Cutting Drift

  • First, face the wall diagonally.
  • Steer in the direction you want to go. Add the Drift key to start the Drift process.
  • Press Counter Key once the drift process starts.
  • Add the Drift key again for additional drift. The two drifts will be successfully linked. You need to catch proper timing to use Cut.

6. Twist Drift

Twisting Drift is the technique that is needed to fill up the extra gauge after Cutting Drift ends. For best efficiency, use Twist when the booster is turned on. It is used to fill a large amount of gauge in a really short period or being used as an alternative when you couldn’t fill up all 100% gauge with sole cut drift.

How to perform a Twist Drift

  • Normally you face straight when Cut Drift ends. In Twist, we intentionally turn more when the cut is finished. To do so, press the Drift key longer.
  • This will make the Kart-body turn more than before. Now correct the direction with extra drift. If we use this with boosters, it can charge a large amount of gauge.

7. Combo Drift

A Combo Drift is basically a combination of two drifts. One can activate “Instant boost” when the Drift is over by quickly pressing the Accelerate key.
However, if you use Drift once more first and then press the accelerate key, the first drift’s Instant boost will be activated before the second drift concludes, and this will happen before 0.5 seconds have passed.

How to perform a Combo Drift

  • Simply perform your first drift. You will have 0.50 seconds next to activate an Instant Boost. That is, You have 0.5 seconds till Instant Boost for the first IB to be dead.
  • In this situation, if you use a Drift Combo and then press the Accelerate key after the first IB is dead, IB2 is still active for another 0.5 seconds. This is the Basic Combo.

8. Tapping Drift

Drift often comes to an end with the mechanism accelerating the kart. If you gradually change the angle to make the drift continue, a certain amount of acceleration will continue to be applied to the kart. We only need to press the directional keys to complete this process. The kart keeps moving forward while being properly tapped.

Image via Nexon

How to perform a Tapping Drift

  • Simply tapping on the arrow key that corresponds to the direction of your drift is the simplest technique to conduct the tapping drift. The left arrow key should be continuously tapped in order to execute a successful tapping drift if you want to move in the left direction.
  • But before drifting in a certain direction, you need to alter the distance between your kart and the trackside in question. This will enable you to quickly and simply navigate the long turns of the racing circuit.

Note: To maintain a balanced drift while keeping the car’s speed constant, keep in mind that doing so won’t slow the automobile down.

9. U-Turn

Going by the literal meaning, a U-Turn is just a 180-degree Rotation of your kart direction. You may use a U-Turn on hairpin corners to save yourself from a crash.

How to perform a U-Turn

  • Hold the Drift key and Direction key longer on hairpin corners. The Drift key needs to be pressed longer than normal drift.
  • You must keep pressing the keys in order to get around the bend. The ideal shape is OUT-IN-OUT.
  • Simply hold the Drift key for a longer period of time, hit the Counter Direction key, and then press the Accelerate key to activate Instant Boost.

10. Spin-Turn

Spin-Turn Drift is a special move that spins your kart by 180°. The same term goes for backward either. It is an advanced version of a U-turn that ensures you do not lose acceleration, especially on hairpin corners. Normally you can use a Spin-Turn when you are crashing, to recover from a Fatal accident. Or you can just mess around with it casually.

How to perform a Spin-Turn

  • First, do a U-turn command.
  • Once you made a half turn, release all keys but the reverse key.
  • To turn it back, first press the Counter Direction key with the Reverse key.
  • Adding the Drift key makes the Kart body drift backward.
  • Correct direction now with direction keys.

Note: If you spin twice, your kart will make a round turn.

11. Swift Cut

It’s a brand-new cutting technique designed to quickly obtain small quantities of gauges.
It is comparable to typical Cut Drift but has a somewhat different detail. It seamlessly connects to Cut Drift, and the full drift procedure is completed swiftly. Here are some salient features of this new Cut:

  • A Swift Cut must be used to easily switch spare gauges and adjust direction.
  • You can charge but a large amount of gauge. The more strongly you tilt, the bigger the speed loss is.
  • It is very efficient to correct your direction

How to perform a Swift Cut

While drifting, hold 3 keys the drift and directional arrow keys, and add the Counter Key. If you are using a controller, you need to click L-stick for the entire drift process. Hold the Drift key and just tilt the L-stick quickly left and right.

That’s all for today’s KartRider: Drift guide on Special Drifts. Did you enjoy this KartRider: Drift special Drifts guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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