KartRider Rush+ Guide: Tips and Tricks to get first place in every race

The 1st place is yours!

If you’re looking for racing games similar to Mario Kart Tour, KartRider Rush+ might be your next favourite mobile game. KartRider Rush+ was developed by Nexon, the studio behind MapleStory M, Overhit, AxE, and more. There are many different modes to check out in KartRider Rush+, such as the relaxing Time Trials, or the more conventional 8-player Speed Races, Relay Races, Item Races, and more. There is also an immersive Story Mode, with stunning cartoon-style graphics. In this article, we’re gonna guide you through some tips and tricks on how to get the first place in every race in KartRider Rush+.

Tips & Tricks to get first place in KartRider Rush+

These are few tips & tricks we found really handy for winning regularly in KartRider Rush+, and we hope these will help you in the same way.

1. Boost your racing skills in the KartRider Rush+ Training Camp

KartRider Rush+ tips and tricks training camp

When you begin your kart-racing career in KartRider Rush+, you’ll first be taken through a mandatory tutorial mode to help you grasp the basics of mobile kart racing. However, if you head into the multiplayer modes after only doing the tutorial, you will probably end up in the last place. You’ll still need to learn more skills, so head over to the Training Camp to improve on the various skills you’ll need in KartRider Rush+.

Once you’ve perfected your skills in the training camp, try to attempt some of the license tests. After you are able to pass one of the tests, you’ll have earned the license for that test, and will be able to race in new maps in Speed Race Mode. When first starting in KartRider Rush+, try to win Speed Race matches and pass all your license tests so you can compete at the highest level.

2. Adjust Racer/Pet combinations

KartRider Rush+ tips and tricks pet combinations

KartRider Rush+ is different from other kart riders because each kart, rider, and pet have their own traits that make them much better in certain situations. Before you hop into a Speed Race, check out your equipped kart, rider, and pet combinations to make sure they’re optimal for the race. 

For example, if you’re playing Item Races, you’ll want to use something like the Skelemech. If you’re playing Speed Races, the Marathon might be a better option. Make sure to use this to your advantage, and utilize the fact that you have many karts, riders, and pets that you could equip.

Sometimes, you’ll also get racers and pets temporarily, so make sure to use them before you run out of time.

3. Join a club and make some friends in KartRider Rush+

In this KartRider Rush+ guide, we’ll tell you about many social aspects in the game that can make the game much more enjoyable. By tapping on the social icon on the bottom of your screen, you can add friends and accept friend requests. You can also designate up to 3 persons as your BFF!

Another cool feature in the social menu is the Mentorship program. Once a player is at least Gold III in Ranked Mode, they can accept apprentices and become their kart racing Mentor. Or you can tap on the Mentor Me button and become an apprentice. They can help you upgrade your skills, while they will be earning various Mentorship Perks.

KartRider Rush+ tips and tricks club
Play with your BFFs in KartRider Rush+

There are also many rewards for you if you are an apprentice instead of a mentor. Finding a mentor, doing a race with a mentor, and completing two Time Trial Races are an example of some quests you will have to complete. You can later use some of these rewards to increase your Mentor Level.

Clubs are also a great social feature of KartRider Rush+. Even though you are able to create your own club, you should probably join an already existing and active club. You can see a club’s activity by looking at their Weekly Activity score. It is also recommended to find clubs in your country so it’s easier to communicate and take full advantage of all club & social features

There are many benefits to being in a club. You can earn more rewards by participating in daily club-exclusive drills and quests. With being in a club, it is also great to socialize with your fellow club members. Take part in club activities and use some of your friendship items to help out a club-mate.

4. Utilize speed boosts properly

In any racing game like KartRider Rush+, it’s always important to be going fast. There are a few different ways to boost your kart, with Tap Turbo and Nitro being the most important techniques. You can also get speed boosts from boost pads and items, but the two other options will always be available for use if you know when and how to use them. 

Tap Turbo

To activate Tap Turbo, rapidly tap on your screen. As you do, a meter will start to fill and will give a small boost when fully filled up. Tap Turbo only works when grounded and driving normally, so it won’t activate when in the air or in a drift.


To earn Nitro, you will need to do special moves like drifts to fill the meter. Once the meter is full, Nitro will replace one of your item slots, and activating it will give you a massive speed boost. Nitro is best used when going straight, as the speed boost can make it much trickier to get through a curve.

Speed boosts KR R+
Speed boosts can help you to get first when used properly

5. Complete your Quests regularly in KartRider Rush+

There are 3 different types of quests in the game: Growth, Curve, and Daily Quests. You should complete your quests regularly in KartRider Rush+, in this guide we’ll tell you why.

Growth Quests

Growth Quests are used in order to level up. You are also restricted to quests of your level. For example, if you are level 5, you will only have quests unlocked up to level 5 quests. Make sure to complete these quests in order to level up and get more rewards.

KartRider Rush+ quests

Curve Quests

Curve Quests are different because you won’t have to race against any other players to achieve them. Instead, you’ll be racing against the clock and will have to reach the finish line in a certain time limit. Make sure to complete these quests for various rewards.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests will reset once per day, and usually are tasks that you can accomplish just by playing Speed Races. You can get them done easier, though, if you take a look at what they are and try to complete it. Remember that you only have 24 hours to get these done and earn the rewards.

That’s it from today’s KartRider Rush+ tips and tricks guide to get first place in any race in the game. Did you find it useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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