King of the West Beginners Guide and Tips

There is no law for an outlaw!

King of the West is an open-world action-packed MMO strategy game, developed by Games Hub Hong Kong Limited. The game takes the players on a unique journey in the era of the wild west, where the law is struggling to keep order and chaos is the only way to move forward. This King of the West Beginners Guide will aim to provide the players with essential tips and tricks necessary to master the game in the early stages.

Gameplay Overview

The outlaws roam the countryside at large and make chaos as they like. The game offers a classic Wild West world and exciting gameplay, with plenty of unique bosses and of course the classic west standoffs. The game allows the player to play as a brave lone ranger trying to establish a town of their own, defeat varmints, put together a posse, hire Heroes, rescue people in need, and fight bandits.

King of the West Beginners Guide, King of the West
Image via Games Hub Hong Kong Limited

King of the West offers base-building and strategy warfare sort of gameplay too, where players can form their own gang in the game and let them protect their town. The game also lets the players develop and expand their classic Wild West town, with abundant resources for them to exploit. You can either collect resources yourself via exploring the in-game environment or can send the gang members to do the bidding.

Introducing the Basics of King of the West

The game offers a very unique experience on mobile devices which not many games tend to offer and that is the cowboy-themed gameplay on phones. The customization of the character is available as per the theme too, with guns and other weapons also from that era, this adds a bit of authentic feeling to the game and sets the whole environment for the game.

King of the West Beginners Guide, King of the West
Image via Games Hub Hong Kong Limited

Players can Ride across the plains of the Wild West, tour mountain ranges, and work large pastures. Investigate your hometown, experience life in a Saloon, view realistic buildings, and enjoy a vintage style that brings you back to when cowboys roamed the land. The bosses and missions in the game are also very west-inspired ones, with many ending in the ultimate one-on-one side-off.

Operate your gang to keep the feds at bay

Strategy is a key part of the game when it will come to the game. The game requires players to recruit and maintain an experienced roster for the gang, remember everyone in your is an outlaw, not a criminal. There is a difference, even when not following the law the outlaws have morals and follow their own codes. It will be up to the players to decide how the gang would operate overall and thus it will decide the future of the group.

King of the West Beginners Guide, King of the West
Image via Games Hub Hong Kong Limited

Feds are your enemies along with the other outlaws and other gangs, the more heist and robberies you will pull off the more heat you will draw to yourself and your gang. You can lead talented heroes and experience exhilarating battles. Challenge enemies in the wilderness, and send your troops to battle real players. Every aspect is covered in the game to give the players a true cowboy experience.

King of the West Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going through the game and playing it for multiple hours following are the tips we have come across for the game King of the West.

1. Tap the Fire icon repeatedly to shoot bullets faster

King of the West Beginners Guide, King of the West
Image via Games Hub Hong Kong Limited

The game while being majorly a strategy MMO game offers a little RPG sort of combat where you can control the combat system in the game, there are two approaches to the game, one where the players can use the AFK system and let the computer do the battle or players can control the game and fight themselves, in the AFK system the rate of fire for the character drastically decreases which can be improved when the fight is done manually because then you can tap the bullet icon yourself.

2. Upgrade the Characters regularly

Players can upgrade the characters to improve their stats in the game and get some additional assistance and ease in completing the in-game quests. Upgrading the characters also add damage points to the special abilities of the character and adds points to the overall gang’s damage as well.

King of the West Beginners Guide, King of the West
Image via Games Hub Hong Kong Limited

When you progress deep in the storyline the overall level of enemies will also eventually scale up and at a time it will become very hard for players to survive in the game, hence upgrades for the characters should come side by side as the players progress further in the story.

3. Time the Standoffs right

As is the culture of the wild west most boss fights are settled by a standoff, even when you will start the game you will have to complete a standoff in the epilogue. Standoffs are all about timing and standoffs become very hard when the level of the boss is higher than the players.

King of the West Beginners Guide, King of the West
Image via Games Hub Hong Kong Limited

All the players have to do is tap on the screen as the cursor is in the red section of the bar as shown in the image provided, for bosses who are on the player’s level, even if the players would miss the red spot the boss will die but for bosses of a higher level headshot is necessary and landing the cursor perfectly in the red spot is very important.

4. Tap on the Character’s icon to use the Special Ability

Each character as stated before offers something special for the players to utilize, you can mix up your gang and utilize these abilities at the right time, some of these abilities work best when teamed up with the other abilities of some other players, this makes the squad selection process a real issue.

King of the West Beginners Guide, King of the West
Image via Games Hub Hong Kong Limited

You can use the special abilities once they are charged up, players will have to pick up certain kill points, obtained after killing an enemy, after which the abilities are ready to be used by the players.

5. Complete the Objectives to progress faster in the game

To progress faster in the game and not get diverted from the main storyline be sure to keep close tabs on the objectives flashing in the top left corner of the screen. This makes sure that the players keep on progressing with the main storyline and get valuable experience points in the game more quickly.

King of the West Beginners Guide, King of the West
Image via Games Hub Hong Kong Limited

This is very valuable when in the early stages because there are some characters in the game that can only be unlocked once you reach a certain level in the game.

Final Thoughts

The game like most MMO strategy games can be a little hard to navigate sometimes due to the sheer amount of options available in the game, be it the customizations, or the characters, however with this King of the West beginners guide we hope that we were able to help out the new players in the game get some insights as to how they can improve their chances of success in the game.

Did you find this King of the West Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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