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Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide and Tips

Explore the world and protect the last egg!

Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD is a Strategy and Tower Defense game developed by tap4fun. This game has a background in a world that is attacked by monsters and you need to protect the last dragon egg from these monsters. You need to combine several existing units to strengthen your deployed units on the available towers. Players need to think about the right tactics so that the enemy doesn’t get past the defense and steal the egg. In this Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide, we do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the basics of Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD

Here are the basics you should know before playing the game:

Battle Mechanism

In this game, you won’t be bothered to do battle or combat directly against the enemy, because these units and heroes will automatically attack them. However, you will focus on Train and merging according to the level and each unit to increase the level of your units so that they remain at the maximum level according to your castle so that they are strong in facing monsters. Here you only need to place the unit in the towers that have been provided on each map and along with the heroes that can be placed freely.


There is a lot of content in this Kingdom, but for beginners under stage 200, only a few are unlocked. First, there is Travern which is useful for rerolling or recruiting heroes. Kingdom Guard has a Castle that is useful for increasing several levels of units, heroes, and the like.

Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide
Image via tap4fun

There is a Resource Mine that is useful for obtaining some resources such as heroes, gold, and stones. There is a Chronicle whose contents are in the form of tasks that can get quite a lot of rewards. Some barracks are useful for increasing the power and tier of units. There is also an Academy to unlock some of the available skills.


This hero is very important in terms of helping units who are fighting because heroes have a variety of unique skills and are more powerful than units and this hero doesn’t need to climb the tower. For beginners, usually, you can only deploy 2 heroes, but if you reach level 200, you can use 3 heroes provided that the 3rd skill is unlocked at the Academy.


Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide
Image via tap4fun

Alliance is a collection of various players who are on your server and will help each other. There are many advantages when you join this Alliance, one of which is that you can get lots of gifts that you can claim. Then you can take part in a series of wars where you will get rewards for 50 participants. In essence, when you are active in terms of this Alliance, there will be lots of bonuses that can be obtained.

Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Manage your Units

Manage Units
Image via tap4fun

Managing the units in the lower slots is very important for the efficiency and effectiveness of each existing slot. There are as many as 15 slots that can be filled by units that are useful for storing and merging each unit. Some ways are quite easy and efficient, one of which is to train until the slots are full, with all the units collected, you can merge immediately by paying attention to the level and units that are the same.

2. Use the Auto Merge feature

This auto-merge feature is very useful if you are lazy to do the merge manually because this feature can automate the merging processes/operations in each unit. So all you have to do is tap train, then all units with the same level will automatically merge quickly. This feature can be used 1x per day, but when it expires, you can watch an ad to get it again

3. Place the unit in the proper position

Each of these units has a different type of attack. An example is the Flame Mage which has an area of ​​effect type attack, this can be placed at the start of the enemy’s spawn, as well as Goblins but not as big as the Flame Mage’s area of ​​effect. Then there are Ice wizards and Archers who are of the single target type and can be placed behind or close to the dragon egg as finishing because all of the enemy’s HP should have died because they were hit by AoE attacks from Flame Mage and Goblin.

4. Upgrade your Castle

Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide
Image via tap4fun

This castle plays a very important role in terms of the strength that exists in your kingdom because by upgrading the castle, the level of this merged unit will be higher, then when you Train the level of the unit will also increase, then the limit of the hero level and attackable monster level will increase as well. However, make sure you have enough resources to upgrade the castle.

5. Upgrade your hero and units

Heroes and units are the main factors to win at each stage. Therefore, don’t forget to always upgrade, especially heroes who have unique skills. You can upgrade by consuming hero cards. One way to get these hero cards for free is through the Resource Mine in the Kingdom.

Then if you want to upgrade a unit, you can go to the Barracks in the Kingdom, then there you can choose which unit you want to upgrade. To upgrade, you will need EXP Books and also gold. That way your units will be stronger in terms of power.

6. Take advantage of Free Rewards

Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide
Image via tap4fun

When you need some resources to upgrade or something like that, these free rewards are very useful because you can get things like gold, gems, chests, EXP books, and runes. But you need to watch the ads first. Even so, this is quite worth the rewards are given, especially for free-to-play players. You can get this through the Free Rewards in the gift icon on the top right, then you can slide right to the end

Final Thoughts

Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD is a game that focuses on heroes and units because to be able to climb each stage, you have to defend against monster attacks so you don’t get the dragon eggs. Besides that, the castle is also an important factor to make it easier for you in terms of leveling up your troops.

That’s all from us for Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide! Did you find our Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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