Kloot Arena Beginners Guide and Tips 

Battle your way to the top!

Kloot Arena is a great action, adventure game with some great features for all the players over the globe. The game revolves around a great gameplay system that sparks competitiveness inside every player. This game also has amazing game modes and some great features that make the players more enthusiastic about this masterpiece. Players might observe the number of features to be less, but the amount of joy this game provides makes up everything. Thus let us now get deep into a detailed Kloot Arena beginners guide piece to understand all about the basics of this masterpiece. 

Gameplay Overview

Kloot Arena sets up a very easy way of gameplay format for all the players. As a newcomer, players won’t hesitate a bit to learn about the basics of controls and then they can directly jump into the matches. The first thing to discuss is the main game mode.

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Kloot Arena is a game where opponents represent themselves with a Powerball, and to differentiate each other the game has some amazing sets of battle masks. These battle masks are one of the most important aspects of the game as the rare the battle masks players use, the more powerful they will be. 

Secondly, players can also differentiate by color, the game provides blue and red power balls for both players. The one playing will have blue power balls, and the opponent will have red ones. Then comes the gameplay settings, players get to see two set-off buttons only. One is the joystick, which allows players to move their battle-masked powerball. The other one helps to generate power for the power balls and then comes up with a power hit to destroy the opponent’s balls. 

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The main rule of the game is, both the players will have a proper match just like a football match. There will be half-time after 3 turns given to both the players. Players need to destroy the enemy power balls with all the turns they have. Every Powerball will have 200 health points. The one who destroys more power balls by the end of all 6 turns including both the half times, wins the match. 

Introducing the basics of Kloot Arena 

Game modes 

Kloot Arena has some of the best sets of game modes in the game, and thus here is the entire list:

  • League Battles: The League Battle matches correspond to all those matches where the players get to play along with real players. A win helps the players to gather 25 league points and hence, players can easily level up their league and earn amazing resources in the form of rewards.
  • Practice Battles: The Practice Battle matches help in practicing all the strategies players have planned with the bots and thus play a match to nurture their skills.
  • Friendly Fight: Friendly Fight is yet another interesting place, where the players can easily play matches against other players but there won’t be any sort of increase or decrease in league points. 
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  • Casual Battle: Casual Challenge is also the same as the Friendly Fight only so players can thus follow up without any further issue.
  • Mask Challenge: In Mask Challenge, players get to play matches and can earn lots of Mask Shards that help in earning a lot of powerful and rare masks in the game.
  • Boss Challenge: For the Boss Challenge, players get to fight against a single Powerball and this helps players to earn some extra resources that help in progressing. 


Quest is the section where the players get some assigned tasks and thus completing them will help the players to earn lots of resources in the form of rewards. Resources such as Gems, Gold, and Shards, these resources help progress a lot of aspects such as battle masks, unlocking battle masks, and many more. 


The League section is the area where the players can get to see their leagues and also collect rewards after acquiring a certain league point under a certain league. The game brings up five leagues:

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  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Except for Diamond, all the leagues have 3 sub leagues under theme and hence players need to collect 100 league points to move to the next sub-league or the next league. After every 25 league points, players get to receive rewards from there.

Kloot Characters 

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The Kloot Character section is the place where the players can easily check out all of their battle masks, and even get the way of selecting the two battle masks they want to use while playing the game. Here, players can also check out all the other battle masks present in the game and also check for the rarity, and then know the best ones as well.

Kloot Arena Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Play more Online matches

Players need to play more online matches, against real players. This will help the players to progress more in the game and earn lots of resources as well. Online matches are mainly provided over the game modes such as Friendly Fight and League Matches. So go for this game mode and enjoy the power hits. 

2. Target Winning more matches 

Play wisely and try to win every match you play. Winning matches helps the players to earn lots of resources, and most importantly, Shards. By collecting shards, players can unlock rare battle masks and hence they can easily get some great advantages while playing with them. 

3. Upgrade your League 

By playing league matches, try to win more league matches and upgrade your league. Upgrading the league will help them to gain much experience and players can later get to fight against powerful opponents that will help them nurture their skills only. 

4. Unlock more and more Battle Masks 

Battle masks are quite important in the game and hence players need to save more shards and unlock more battle masks. Every battle mask has some special features in them, thus utilizing them properly by unlocking the right battle mask will help the players with their progression. 

5. Play more Strategically

Players need to focus more on the ways by which they play the matches. Players need to check out for those power balls that are present in a very easy-to-kill place or have fewer health points, thus target them and shoot the power hit to kill them in an instance. Thus, by following such strategies players can easily pull off the match and claim the victory. 

Final Thoughts 

Kloot Arena is thus a great game and hence has fewer, but amazing features and game modes. As beginners, players need to go through our detailed Kloot Arena beginners guide piece and understand all the basics regarding the game and flourish well with the best sets of battle masks.

That’s all from us for Kloot Arena Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Kloot Arena Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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